Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


11. The gifts

Ok saying yes to Nate wasn't a bad thing at all. He started loving on me a little more and he started caring even more. Even though I thought it was a bad Idea like 3 days ago its actually not that bad. To me I already like him, well a lot. It's like he owns me in a way and he knows what Im thinking, feeling, loving, understanding, saying, and whatever things he think of. After the day ended on the first day of highschool, he asked me something that was really weird. Well a lot weird.


( Flashback )



Can I ask you something?


Whats…..Whats your bra size?

Uhhh why the hell would I tell you

It's a turn on

You wished it was


   We kept talking but something way different than bras. Anyways Dylans in my biology class that I'm in right now and he sits all the way in the back. Everytime I turned around to get something out of my bag, I see him look at me and quickly look away.

“ Ok class before you leave let me just say what your project is. “ Mr. Kj says. Everyone groans loudly. 4rth day and we already have a project. Great I wonder what we got.

“ Quit your groaning and listen to this. Since your all highschoolers, your project is due in one month! I will be assigning partners. So here we go “ I wait and wait until I hear my name.

Judi and Matthew

Toni and Pj

Caroline and Dylan

   I stopped and interrupted him and jump up. I could see Dylan's eyes lit just like mine.


“Caroline sit down and stop yelling! Yes you two are partners like it or not deal with it! “ Kj continued 9 more people. We have 32 people in our class and I was picked to be with Dylan. Why me!

“ Ok everyone has their partners. Ok so your project is about LOVE. You and your partner has to write 3 paragraphs about love and bond with each other or share stories. You don't know maybe you and your partner will go out after this project. But everyone needs to write 3 paragraphs. I also want a booklet, and a presentation for you to complete this project and present to the class next month. Good luck everyone and have fun. And NO SEX! “   Me and Dylan stare at each other. Love, oh kill me, why this, why me? The bell rang and I gather my stuff. I over heard Dylan asking Mr. Kj if he can have another partner but Kj says no and try to figure it out with me.  

“ Haha whatever...Sucks I have to be with you. “ He says coming from behind touching my ass.

“ You know what this project is gonna be great because the title will be called...Dylan the fucking manwhore. And I like that name too. “ I slap his hand off of me and leave. I hear him chuckle and mumble something. I leave out of class and go to my locker. Just before I leave Nate swings and lands his hand on my locker door.

“ Hey beautiful “ He reaches in and gives me a kiss.

“ Hey “ I say happily.

" Whats wrong? " I ask nervously. 

“ Nothing but I did….” I drifted away Nates words when I saw Dylan staring straight at me. I couldn't tell what he was feeling but just then Tori came around and they kissed, not just once.

“ Uh huh thats nice Nate. “ He looked at me confused and smiled.

“ You ok bubble cheeks you look….Confused. “ Bubble cheeks? Since when did he….? I dont know just forget it.

“ Uh yea Im fine. “ He gave me one more kiss. And had to go use the restroom. I wait for him but Dylan and Tori just stop and stare at me. I see Dylan stopping Tori from coming towards me. Tori whispered something to Dylan and she went to the bathroom. Dylan comes and stands next to me. We didn't say anything for a long time.

“ Wow...It's been a long time I've actually stood next to you. “ Dylan says.

“ Yep… But no worries doesn't bother me. “  He looks at me and looks down.

“ No worries? “

“ Yea you know the part where I don't care anymore… You know that right? “ He doesn't say anything for a long time.

“ Yea…. I hope you know I still care even if we're not friends anymore. “

“ Haha I don't. Ha! I don't care anymore Dylan. Ok you hurt me to the core. I literally cried for so long and you insulted me in front of Tori. Why does it matter anymore. I've had enough I didn't want this. But you led it into this...But you know it just doesn't matter anymore. “ Before Dylan could say anything Nate comes out of the bathroom and takes my hand and stares at Dylan.

“ Come on babe...We gotta go. “ I say tugging on him. All day I've been pretty irritated even when school was done.


  I finally got home when my best friend Lucy dropped me off. Nate couldn't take me a ride home because he had to go to work right away. I wave goodbye and walk into my house. Im the first one who comes home and I'm alone for an hour. Thats all I need. Michael has football and gets home at 5 and mom and dad don't get off work till 5:30 pm. I run upstairs and throw my bag on the floor. I get to my bed when I see a box and flowers with ribbon everywhere. It was from Nate. I open the box, and there was a picture in a frame of me and Nate. It was so cool looking I almost teared. I go to the flowers and there was a note.

To the best girlfriend I ever had! I love you baby!

Hanging the picture frame on my wall, I notice something deep down in the box. I tear away the confetti paper and I see another note taped to a polka dotted pink bra. The bra that I lost 2 days ago in the gym lockers.

 Sorry but Lucy told me to give your bra to you, she saw it drop out of your bag when you were leaving from gym! Haha cute ;)

I get embarrassed quick and threw the bra in my laundry basket. I wasn't expecting that moment but it kinda scared me. I smile embarrassed but the thought he gave me those gifts made my heart warm.

Except the bra.

    A/N  Hahahah what can life do without bras? 

Peace and love the bra bitches xDD

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