Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


5. The drive

Dylan texted me short after, wandering if I would like to go to a party tonight with him. I said I would love to but I would have to ask my mom. Going to the kitchen and seeing mom drinking coffee even though it was 6pm.

“ Mom Dylan wants to take me to a party tonight at 8 is that ok? “

“ A better be a virgin when you come back at 12 am ok. “

“ Uh….quite weird to say but ok.” I laughed when I went upstairs because that was really funny. I put on a cute tank top that had a sleeve on the side of my arm. I wore a skirt but it wasn't to short where it would show my ass. I sprayed some perfume on and ironed my hair straight.


Me : You picking me up?

Motherfucker pervert : Sure am in 5 mins

Me : Ok meet you there

Motherfucker pervert : Make sure your ass comes too!


He can be such a prick. But I knows he's only playing. But him kissing me the other day….he wasn't playing. Him kissing me...shocked me alot. But his warm gentle kisses and his soft lips made me want more. Just then my brother, Michael, comes out of his room and looks at me.

“ Where the fuck is your ass going?”

“ Up your ass and around the corner, thats where its going,” I laughed.

Michaels 17 and he still pushes me around like i'm a 2 year old.

He looks at me and smiles.

“ Well have fun with that...just bring perfume though...make my ass smell fresh, “ He dies laughing

“ Go take a fucking shower hobo...maybe you’ll get more girls. “

Michaels really cute but that comeback was funny!  

“ Shut up you little….” Just then I hear a car door. I shove Michael and look out the window...Dylan. That pervert actually had the nerve to pick me up.

“ Hey Dylan , you ready? “ I ask while opening the door.

“ If I wasnt I wouldnt be here right now, “ He sneered.

“ BYE MOM! “ I walk out the door and go inside Dylans car.

“ Ok lets go we got one hour and it's a long drive it's 6:32 and the party starts at 8, “ I nod my head and watch the road past by.


Were almost to the party and I have to hear Dylan sing a song and he sounds like a cat that just got murdered by another rhino.

“ You know what, your teeth reminds me of a song…” I said smiling

“ Haha really which one? “

“ BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW. “ Even though there white. He looks at me and sticks up his middle finger…..Bastard.

“ Why are you so fat Caroline? “ What the hell i'm not fat! Im just thick but not fat or chubby!

“ It runs in the family...I guess, “ I knew if I said i'm not fat he would have said something mean.

“ Babe no one RUNS in your family, “ He dies laughing.

“ Well obviously no one brushes their teeth at your house,” He looks at me and looks back and didn't say anything.

“ ...Bitch. “ He mumbles. Even though we play a lot with each other, we don't mean it.

“ So whens your “ act “ project due? “ I ask out of the blue.

“ How about right now..” He smiles and turns on a road with alot of trees….looks like we were going into the woods.

“ Huh? “ I had no clue what the fuck he meant by that. He turns another corner and parks , but it wasn't the party, we were just parked on a deserted field that had flowers everywhere.

“ Why… this the party? “ He nods his head no.

“ Nope just follow me.” He gets out and so do I. Still confused what the hell is going on. He takes my arm and starts to run.

“ Dylan slow down! “ He kept going.

“ Get on my back “

“ What?! “

“ Just hop on my back “ I did. He walked down a hill and went through a tree cave and stopped when we saw a cliff.

“ Look down “ He says. I get off his back and look down. It was so beautiful. A huge waterfall on the other side of us and beautiful blue water with lily pads and flowers. It was gorgeous, nature green trees hovered the water kinda where no one can find it except really close.

“ No one could find this place. They always heard water but didn't know where “

“ Well then how did you find it? “

“ As a smart person I followed the sound of the water “ I was shocked to see such beauty.

“ Well I really want to dive in there! “ I take off my shirt and skirt. Yes I was showing my bra and underwear and yes Dylan was shocked.

“ Well go for it, ill be right there “ I run back and run off the cliff and dive into the water.

“ WOOOOO CAROLINE! “ I hear Dylan screaming and the water wasnt too cold or too hot. Then I hear a big splash. I swim up and Dylan was in the water.

“ Glad you could make it “ I announced.

“ Glad I was invited “ He splashes water on me. I smile and swam to him hugging him. We were so close to each other our heads were 4 inches away. The water was pretty deep but perfect. He lays his hands on my waist and I lay mine on his shoulder.

“ Dont let me fall “ I smiled.

“ Haha I won't “ He pulls me closer. His body heat was connecting into mine. And the water was helping a lot because the more I looked at him the more it was romantic.  He slowly moves his hands downward, and I can feel him touching my ass. I touch his face and pull his head towards mine and our lips connected. We kept kissing and he started to kiss my neck. I wrap my legs around him making me get closer to him. He swims under the waterfall and we met a cave. Still holding onto him he gently places my back against the chill cave wall. I could hear the waterfall coming down onto the water and I just love that sound. He touches my thighs and kisses my neck. I could feel his teeth against my skin meaning he must be sucking my neck.  I moan a little but not to hard. The cave does echo loudly. He slowly touches my chest and squeezes. And again I moan but not too loud. We heard a big boom and looked outside and didnt see anything.

“ What time is it? “

“ Like around 7:23 “

“ Dylan we need to go “ He lifts me up and we both go into the water. He pulls me close and starts to take off my bra.

“ No Dylan we need to go “

“ Alright alright “ We head back up the cliff put our clothes on after we were trying to dry off and headed to the car and drove off. Thats what you call romantic. Sorta.

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