Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


1. The beach

“ WAIT CAROLINE WAIT UP! “ Screamed Dylan trying to catch his breath from running after me.

“ Haha see I told you im way faster than you! “ I giggled.

“ Yea a girl like you, skinny but has an ass and some medium cute thick thighs can run pretty fast, “ He grimaced.

“ Woah now your looking at my ass, how much of a perv can you be?” I asked while picking up rocks and throwing at his feet.

“ Ow and most of the time when I look at you but it's also hard to run on sand since it slows you down, “ He spotted.

“ Oh quit being a baby I could beat you on concrete any day, and most of the time you mean 24/7, I mean come on just one look of a lollipop and you have something dirty in your mind, ” I laughed.

“ Hahaha thats only on special occasions when I see you eating one and then look at your ass, “ He died laughing.

“ Well at least my world is bigger than my ass, “ I smirked.

“ I wish your ass was bigger than your world, “ He smiled.

“ I wish your throat was bigger than your d*** so I can shove it down your mouth and then guess who would be eating your food, THIS GUY! “ I point to him and died laughing. He looks at me and picks me up.

“ Dylan drop me now! “ He carries me while walking through water.

“ Drop you? “ He asked.

“ Wait.. wait!” I shrieked

“ Your wishes as I command.” He drops me in the water and all I feel is sudden rush of needles going through my skin. The water was so cold you could have left over frozen ice for dessert.

I swim up and breath frantically.

“ Dy...Dyl….DYLAN! “ I scream. He laughs so hard I could see his veins pop out of forehead and looks like he was gonna explode. I swim towards and dunk him in the water.

For a minute there wasn't bubbles.. or water movement...worse thing of all no Dylan.

“ Oh my gosh! DYLAN OH MY GOSH!! “ I desperately dive underwater and open my eyes but all I could see was blur. I swim back up.

“ DYLAN! “ Then I heard something behind me.

“ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN YOUR FACE!!! HAHA THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! “ I suddenly feel tears bolt out my eyes and full face of anger. I swim out and ran away from his direction. I bend over and and cry to myself. 1 minute later Dylan found me.

“ Caroline Im sorry I was just…” I interrupt him.


“ I was so scared, “ I mumbled.

“ Aww Caroline im right here haha I cant leave your big ass behind, “ I chuckle

“ Oh god if you weren't a perv, “ I smile. We both hugged.

We both went in the water and splashed each other.

“ Dylan i'm really cold and mom says I have to be home at 10 pm and its 6 pm, “ Im 16 and I still have a curfew when I need to be home.

“ Rules but hey we still have a lot of time, “ He eagerly told me.

“ Ok I can drive to my place and you can take a shower and Ill dry your clothes….is that a deal?” Speaking that im his best friend and he would do that made me realize I feel like his girlfriend.

“ Sounds perfect but just hurry im really cold. “

“ Haha ok ill hurry but first…” He picked me up and swung me around and hugged me.

“ I dont think that helped..” I chuckled.

“ Ha you're not even heavy,” He declared.

“ Then carry me brave strong man, I want a piggy back ride,” He smiles.

“ Yes your highness.” I jumped on his back and he carried me to his car.

“ Here you go we made it,” He said kindly.

“ Surprisingly and thanks maybe i'll make it much more fun,” I winked at him. He looked at me and blushed. He gets in the car and starts the heater up.

“ Ok beautiful here we house.”

“ Oh god,” I mumbled.


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