Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


2. The act

We arrive at Dylans house and damn its HUGE! ( Note to self: That's what she said )

“ Well here we are...My house, “ He announced. I nod and he turns off the car and gets out and opens my door. I stare at him and smile.

“ Well get your big ass out before you  break my car seat, “ I look at him.

“ Oh you're such a…” I smile and get out. He shows me around his house and told me where the bathroom was.

“ Ok so just strip and open the door a little and then hand me your clothes so I can dry them.” I nod and close the door. I take off my flip flops and  I take off my shirt and unzip my pants and pull them down. I unclipped my bra and pulled down my underwear. And wrap a towel around me and call for Dylan.

“ Here make sure you don't over do it,” He looks at me and his eyes go big

“ Uh..yea yea just give them to me, “ He leaves. I turn on the water and go in.


“ Hows your shower? “ Dylan asked as I walked down the stairs.

“ Clean...thanks”

“ Haha no problem” I sit next to him on the living room couch and he was watching spongebob.

“ Fascinating show, “ I laughed.

“ Sure is,” He smiled. I've known Dylan for 6 years and he always watched spongebob. But damn he really hot and has a wonderful personality. I stretch and lay my legs on his lap.

“ Woah haha damn,” He looks at me and rubs them. I quickly move them away from him.

“ That WOAH sounded like you saw something new.”

“ Sure did, there so shiny.”

“ Perv moment.” I laugh and he laughs.

“ Hey I got a project and I have to act out a roll i made up to a girl in front of class, would you mind being that girl? “ I thought for a moment.

“ Yea sure.” I get up and he gets up and acts his role.

“ Jelly you're so delicious and good with peanut butter and put two breads you made a bed…” I interrupt him by laughing my head off! I almost fall but Dylan catches me and we both fell on the couch while he was on top of me. I blush hard and are lips are 4 centimeters away. He touches my thighs and his eyes twinkle. He rubs my thighs even more. I breath a little heavy.

“ Uh Dylan you're on top of me,” I blush even harder

“ I know, “ I could hear him breathing heavy. He gets closer to my neck.

“ Dylan…” He looks at me and smiles. He gets off and helps me up

“ Just seeing what you would do.” I blush. He slaps my ass.

“ Although I did enjoy it.” He says putting his hands on my waist bringing me closer to him.

“ Why wouldn't you perv, you just want my ass.”

“ No I want you…” He says while touching my ass.

“ Always haved ever since we were little,” He says while putting my legs on his waist. He pushes me up and presses me against a wall. He leans in and tries to kiss me.

“ Dylan real funny, trying to trick a girl,” I said laughing.

“ No...I mean it, If I was tricking you would a guy do this?” He leans in and kisses me. I blush hard. He leans in and kisses me again. Still on the wall and he's holding me. He goes in for the neck.

“ No guy loves you as much as I do,” He whispered.

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