Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


4. Texts


Dylan : Guess what im doing on fall break

Me : Eating ur ass

Dylan : No I do that in winter

Me : No wander your mouth is so big

Dylan : Quit being a MEANIE!

Me : Quit being a perv

Dylan : Yea I cant do that

Me : Tell your “ Friend “ to stop perving everyone

Dylan : He only masterbates on Sundays

Me : Lol xD

Dylan : Love you...

Me :  Love you too...friend

Dylan : I meant your didnt send all of it

~ Message not complete ~

Me : She prefers thick meat

Dylan : FUck you

Me : Who

Dylan : Your ass

Me : ~ New contact name….Motherfucker pervert ~

Motherfucker pervert : Ok I got you

Motherfucker pervert : ~ New contact number… Bitch ~

Me : I was born like that baby

Motherfucker pervert : I I gtg but ill text you back

Me : Bye perv

Motherfucker pervert : Bye bitch

      A/N The first 3 texts where Dylan says Guess what Im doing this fall break....hahah I was talking to shayna and she said the stuff that Dylan said and I said the stuff what Caroline said. But just the 3 texts.    LOVE YOU ALL!!! EAT ASS! lol jk xD

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