Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


18. Stop

( Dylan's pov )

 “ Dylan, honey what's wrong you seem upset? “ We were all eating dinner. My mom was talking to my dad but she probably noticed me. Jim, who's my dad. Noticed me too. I call Jim by his name because he left me and my mom for 3 whole years and 3 whole years it's been great without him. We would visit every 5 months. Jim talked to mom asking if he could come back home with us. He left us because him and mom wanted space. Anyways my mom said yes and she said she missed him, but the way she acted when he was gone sure didn't seem like she missed him.

“ Yea. I'm fine. “ I usually don't talk a full conversation with my parents but when Jim's gone. I talk a lot to my mom.  Me and Jim don't go well. We have arguments a lot and sometimes even fights where I just wanna leave the house.

“ So this Tori girl. Where she at? Have you made a bond with her? “ I just look at him. He got me upset. I put my fork down and pushed my plate aside.

“ Bond. Sure sounds familiar. How about you just stay out of my business for once. It's getting annoying how you want to connect to my social life now. “ He stops eating and I could see he didn't like what I said.

“ Dylan! How dare you say that to your father! “ My mom shouts. I get up.

“ No. He's not my father. Not anymore. What father leaves your family for 3 damn years for fucking space. And never ask what's up or hows things going. I finally gave up on him. He needs to get a life! “ I go to my room and slam it shut. I don't care what they say. I'm done.


It's 5:45 pm and I'm thinking I need to go outside and walk round. I get my jacket because it's a bit cold in October. I pass my backpack which I forgot I had homework to do from Mrs Jones class this afternoon. I skip my homework and head towards the door.

“ Where do you think your going? “ I could hear mom in the background while I have my hand on the knob.

“ Park. “ I turn the knob and open the door.

“ Be careful and we need to talk when you get back. No later than 11. “ Like I care. I can stay as long as I like. My parents are starting to piss me off a bit. Especially Jim. I get out of the house and go to my car and drive. I didn't go to the park. Instead I went to me and Caroline’s waterfall. I get out of the car and just sat on the cliff, watching the waterfall.  I thought I heard a car door. And I panicked and I slid and fell in the water. The water was so cold felt like 100 needles going through your body. The waterfall had to be around 83 feet deep. Like an actual ocean but with clean water. I finally get my legs working as best as I could. But the cold was hurting every nerve in my body I could move. My body felt like it was gonna shut down. I quickly start to kick my legs as fast as I could. It hurt but I did it. I swam to the cave and curled in a ball. My hands were purple and numb and my arms were numb. I couldn't feel anything. I just curled like a ball.

“ Dylan? There you are. Your mom said you would be at the park but you weren't there. So I figured you would be here. “ It was Tori. She eventually found me in the cave and sat beside me.

“ Your cold…. Here. “ She hands me her jacket. I refuse. I just have to bare with the cold. She gets on top of me trying to snuggle.

“ I'm trying to keep you warm. “ I smile.

“ I know babe. “ She kisses me and I kiss her back.

“ Your lips are cold. Want me to warm them up? “

“ No it's fine. “ She looks at me upset.

“ But you can catch a cold. “ I just annoyed at the fact she wanted to make an excuse for kissing me.

“ Ok fine. “ She kisses me for a long time. She bites my bottom lip and tries to french kiss me. A bit of a turn on.

“ Ok Tori stop. “ I get up and I feel kinda warm.

“ Your kisses don't feel the same… Like there's no emotion to them. “

“ Im sorry im just a bit cold. “ She looks at me with her beady eyes.

“ So are you and Caroline good friends? “ She shocked me.

“ I don't know I want to be. I mean I don't think she doesn't want to tho. I wished. “ Tori looked pissed.

“ You love her? “ Ok that got me upset.

“ No. I don't love her anymore i'm done with that. I love you what the hell why are you asking these questions? “ She comes to me.

“ I loved you first. And I always will. “ She kisses me. I could feel the edge of the cave and hear the water.

“ Dylan it's me or her and I love you more than anything! “ I got mad.

“ Tori! I…” Just then I felt my feet slip and I fall in the water. The water shocking my body. I couldn't feel anything. Felt like my body was gonna explode. I just close my eyes.



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