Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


23. She needs to learn

( Caroline's mom’s pov )


“ Yea. I know Daniel but she doesn't understand how dangerous it is to wander off in the middle of the dark. And also she's not fucking listening. Like her highlights and her contacts. And she's grounded and I still catch her in the middle of the night. She just doesn't care. “ Daniel stares at me like I was talking crazy.

“ Ok Emilie, she's a teen what do you expect? Candy squirting out of her ass or sugarcanes shoving down her throat? No matter what your gonna do or say she's gonna disobey. You just don't get it I know the highlights were a problem but Michael said that he put the highlights in her hair because she put honey in his shampoo bottle. Anyways she's a teen start living the life. Welcome to teen age. “

“ Well I don't like this new “ life “ of hers. She needs to start listening if not i'm sending her to Aunt Linda. “

“ So you're gonna send her to Aunt Linda? Sounds like you don't love her. Even if you were mad at your family you don't kick them out. “ He turns off the tv in the living room and faces my direction.

“ I do love her for your information but Aunt Linda is tough and she can finally learn some senses. And I don't like the guy shes hanging out with. Nate? Or was it Dylan? I don't know, I think it was Dylan. “

“ Ok one i'm not letting you send our daughter to Aunt Linda, it may go worse. Second these boys she's hanging out worry me too. I mean one did go to a hospital for being a maniac. And another one is her boyfriend but I have a feeling he's trouble too. “ I look into his eyes. I know he's hiding something.

“ You think i'm a little child again? You think you have a right to say who I hang out and who I don't? And you're thinking of sending me to Aunt Linda? Exactly who do you think you are? The queen and the king? You have no right because this is my life! No! Nate isn't a bad boy as you want him to be! NO! DYLAN ISN'T A MANIAC OK he has feelings too! He only went to the hospital because he accidentally overdosed on pills! Judge my friends again and you’ll see what will happen! “ Caroline comes out in the shadow behind the bookcase. I stand up and so does Daniel. I think I was going berserk but Caroline's hair was starting to change color. Brown to red. Her eyes were also red, even her nails. Daniel was calm he was calm and seemed like this didn't bother him.

“ Caro….Carolin….e “

“ Your hair, eyes, nails. They're red. “ Just then it hit me, she has one of those changeable highlights. She's roleplaying.

“ Wait, Daniel see she's wearing those highlights and contacts! And yes I am sending you to Aunt Linda, like it or not! “

“ I like to see you try….” She stares at me but her hair is getting more red.   

“ Watch me little girl. And you're having a haircut before you go! “ She looks at me and keeps staring at me. I started getting chest pain. It was hurting it felt like I was gonna die. She stops and goes upstairs. My chest pain suddenly stops. What the hell just happened.

“ Maybe you should see Caroline's point of her story. She doesn't have a paradise life you know. “ Daniel leaves and goes to our room. Where is my Caroline? I miss her.


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