Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


26. Plot twist.


( Caroline's pov )

  “ Eggs or seafood? “ Michael ask while i'm sitting on a couch in the living room. It's 9:45 pm and were talking about food.

“ Eww I don't like seafood. So eggs. “ That got me dumbstruck.

“ Dumbass you eat fish. “ He looks at me and goes in the kitchen and comes back with a plate full of fish. I grab one and smash it in his face. I run upstairs and lock my door in my room. I go to my bed and see a note.

Hey Caroline, meet me at the cliff by the ocean i got to show you something. Come at 10.

 What the hell. Who is this from? And how did it get to my room? I look over and my windows wide open and I just stand there frozen alittle. Ok then. If they want me to come at 10 I guess I will. And why the cliff? It's now 9:47pm I guess I should head over there. I head downstairs and Michael is still eating fish.

“ Where you going? “ I look at him before I head out.

“ Come with me we're gonna go out for a bit. “ He shrugs and heads out with me. It's a bit cold but not that bad.

“ So where we going? “

“ I got a note saying I need to go to the cliff. “ He looks at me and grabs my hand.

“ No, it's a trap. “ I make him let go.

“ Don't be ridiculous it's gonna be ok. “ He comes with me and stays with me.

“ I got you. “ I look at him because he sounded like Dylan. Just then I hear a familiar voice.

“ Caroline! Michael! “ It was Dylan.

“ Oh hey bro what's up? “ They do some weird hand shank but Dylan looks at me.

“ Hey. Wheres Tori? “ He looks at me.

“ That doesn't matter what are you guys up to? “

“ Pfft i'm taking my sister to the cliff because she's scared to go alone. “ I got upset because that was a lie.

“ Um excuse me that's a lie because I wanted you to come so I didn't have to be bored dumbass. “ I walk off.

“ Where you going? “

“ To the cliff by myself I don't need you guys. “ I hear them saying she gets mad easily but Dylan laughs and says how cool I am. I over hear them saying maybe they should walk to the cafe that's 2 blocks down. I finally get to the cliff and just look around.

“ Hello? “ I don't see Dylan or Michael so they are far behind. I just stand acting like an idiot. I suddenly feel a hand around my stomach and my body pulling back.

“ Hey baby. “ It was Nate.

“ Nate, dammit you scared me! “ He kisses my neck from behind. I turn and kiss him back and then I hug him.

“ Babe were you the one who sent me this note? “ He nods and takes it from my hand.

“ Well what is it. “ He drags me to this ugly tree but in a way it was beautiful. The moon light was hitting the leaves and it made it beautiful. The moon probably thought it was king because how it was centered in the middle of the ocean. The cliff, which I was on, is about 45 feet deep so If I threw a rock I probably wouldn't be able to see it. Nate pushes my body against the tree and just stares.

“ Did you come alone? “ He says while looking at me.

“ Well I overheard Dylan and my brother saying they're going to the cafe. But why? “ He stares at me and smiles.

“ Just wanted to know. “ He lifts my shirt up and kisses my stomach. He puts his hands on my ass and pushes me forward.

“ Is this what you wanted to do. “ I felt kinda offended because he probably only wanted to have sex, but I don't want it. Not now at least….I'm not ready.

“ Actually no. I just missed you all day. “ He gets up and hugs me. I felt something poking my thigh and look down and there's something in his hand. I step away and try to get a better image. He quickly hides the object behind his back and smiles.

“ What do you have?! “ He smiles but doesn't barely say anything.

“ Baby look how cool this is. I got to show you how far it can shoot. And the best thing is there's a distance tracker. “ He pulls out this gun but it's not a rifle I would say like a shotgun but more complex. I stand back and just stare at him with fear. I kick my instinx something wasn't right. I kinda already knew that when he hugged me.

“ Thats cool but put it down so you don't hurt anyone. “ He doesn't put it down, instead he aims where the moon is directed at over the see, by the edge of the cliff.

“ Baby I really want to show you something. “ I just stare at him. Sudden rushes of screams go to my head.

“ What is it? “

“ Go by the cliff and stand there and face and direct the moon. “ I just stare at him and shake my head no.

“ Baby i'm not gonna shoot you I swear! “ I slowly make my way to make him happy. I get to the edge of the cliff and stare at Nate not the moon. Nate aims but does not aim anymore and comes to me.

“ Baby hold this. “ He hands me something huge but I have no clue what the hell it was.

“ Hold it beside you and act like it's your friend.  “

“ What the hell is it? And i'm scared what if you hit me? “

“ Baby I'm not so sure if I will but in the dark I'm kinda good, but not as good but I'm pretty sure I won't hit you. “  He walks off and goes where his position is. I was screaming inside. I face the moon and look at this weird ass thing he told me to sit it beside me. I could hear Nate's aiming thing ready and 3 secs of a shotgun firing. Not 1 times. 4 times.


( Dylan's pov )

“ What the! “ Me and Michael are just walking on the side street and then I hear a shotgun.

“ What the fuck! “ Michael hollars. I look at him.

“ CAROLINE! “ I quickly run as fast as I ever ran before I run up this hill and see the cliff. Michael catches up. I hear the fourth shot. And I see a body with a girly waved hair sinking down to the ocean. Her arms fluttering up and gasping for help.

“ CAROLINE!!! “ I run off the hill and try my best to get to the cliff. I keep running and I feel a side stitch on the right side of my rib. I keep running and I can hear Michael right beside me. We finally get to the cliff and stop. I runover to the edge and look down. I don't see her anywhere. I stand up and about to jump to go after her. But a heavy body sprains me down to the ground.

“ Woah what the hell are you doing you're gonna jump?! “ Michael was pinning me down.

“ CAROLINE'S DOWN THERE! “ He gets off but he shows my face at two people. They walk to me. Caroline and Nate. Nate had the shotgun and Caroline was holding his hand. I could tell she was scared and frighten just by her hair color.

“ I should've known it was you! “ I begin to come to Nate about to punch but Michael grabs me and pins my arms together.

“ Dylan calm down. “ Michael whispers. Caroline's looking at me but isn't saying anything.

“ Now why the hell was there shot gun sounds? “ Michael asks calmly. Nate steps up with the shotgun and gives it to Caro.

“ I was just showing how cool it can be in the dark. “ Me and Michael gave him a look.

“ Why did you send a note saying you wanted to see her for a gun show and not just tell her in person? “ He didn't answer that.

“ And why did I see someone getting shot and sinking down that cliff! “ Nate looks at him.

“ It was dummy. It was fake and it happened to be a girl so I could show Caroline what it could do. I have a laser on my shotgun and when I point the laser to the dummy a heart appears and when I shoot the heart it splits and the dummy falls. That's why I didn't shoot Caroline because I knew it wasn't her. I wouldn't make Caroline do it if I wasn't sure. “ He seemed so calm.

“ That's the only reason. and it could only be done in the dark because the heart doesn't show in the morning. “

“ Thanks. Caroline? “ Caroline looks at Michael.

“ Come were gonna go home. “ Caroline refuses.

“ No I'm gonna stay with him tonight but take Dylan home. “ Michael nods and drags me down the hill.

“ Be Careful Caro and bitch you hurt her in any way that shotgun is going through your head. Then down your throat and we'll be seeing your body in the damn ocean and hoping the sharks will eat your head off. “ We both head down the cliff.

“ Let go of me! “ He lets go and we both just head home. Without saying a word.

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