Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


13. Nate

Waiting and waiting in the patient room in the hospital. I might of said I didn't care but actually I do. I care a lot and if he's in the hospital I get worried. I look down and for 1 year I still have that gem necklace Dylan gave me for a promise wish. Tori was 2 seats down from me crying. A doctor comes out of the room and talks to Dylan’s parents. I rush to see what was going on.

“ Dylan's fine. There were no serious injuries or concussion. Is heart rate was fine but he was just having serious chest pain. He took 3 pills and that also may have caused the overdose. He said it all started when he was thinking about someone and got depressed and started to tear his heart and for a fact mixed emotions does mess with your mind, heart, and body. He's in recovery but he can be sent home today with a little bit of prescriptions. Pain and chest relievers but he can only take one. Anyways i'm glad it wasn't a heart attack and were still wondering why he vomited and blacked out, with a bit of dizziness. Anyways he's ready to come home and if anyone would like to come see him go ahead. “

Dylan's parents were still talking to the doctor but instead I went in Dylan's room. He was sitting in the bed looking down. He finally saw me when I made a noise on purpose.

“ Caroline! “ He looked really shocked. And I ran to him hugging him. I stopped hugging him.

“ Hey I heard what happened and I was really worried and…” Tori came busting in and screamed and jumped on Dylan.

“ Hey baby. “ Dylan and Tori kiss.

“ Oh my god are you ok… And wait why the hell are you here? “  She looked at me with a snarl look.

“ Yea I am now and leave her alone. “ They began kissing more and I just left the room. I text Nate to come and pick me up.


Me: Ok babe i'm ready

Baby: Ok babe i'll be there in a minute.

Me: Ok i'll be in the main lobby

Baby: Love you <3

Me: Love you too <3333

I get to the main lobby and get to the elevator. I press main lobby and just then Dylan runs in but Tori wasnt behind.

“ Hey sorry Tori and I are having a race. But why did you leave? “

“ I left because you were busy. So why would I want to bother you? “

“ I don't know thought you would stay longer. “ He scratches his head and gets closer to me. I back up and hit the corner wall. He gets closer and puts his hand next to my neck. He trapped me where I couldn't move.


“ Haha just wondering what you were gonna do. “ He leaves the corner and sits down.

“ it's been a long day. And i'm tired. “ He complains. The elevator opens and I walk out and so does he. I walk towards the main doors before leaving.

“ Wait Caroline. “ I look back.

“ Yea? “

“ Why did you come? Like to see me if I was ok. “ I start to walk more to the main doors and I saw Tori saying dammit you won.

“ Because I care. “ I leave and left him with Tori.


Nate picks me up and he parks the car in front of a gas station. He kisses me. And kisses me and puts his hand on my chest.

“ I'll be back babe just gotta go get something ok? “  I nod happily and he gets out and goes inside. I hum a song that I knew. When my momma always used to sing when she was happy, and that was everyday. I know longer hear her sing it or hum it but it was a soft tune. I can see Nate through the window store but couldn't figure out what he was gonna buy. He gets out of the store and has what looks like 3 cases of beer. He gets in the car and puts his stuff in the back of the seat.

“ What's that? “ He smiles and kisses me.

” Just beer don't worry its for a friend. “ I look at him weirdly and just look at the window. He faces me towards him.

“ Baby please, we're gonna go to a party ok? “ I nod and kisses me for a minute. I enjoyed it alot. He drives us to this place that was small but cool looking. We get out and go inside.

“ Nate I gotta pee i'll be back “ He gets the beer and nods and joins a gang of boys.

I got to the bathroom but just look at my phone.


Me: Are we still going to the cafe?

( Dylan ) Broken hearted bitch: Yea

Me: K bye

Broken hearted bitch: Bye


I walk out and see Nate kissing a girl. Tears were in my eyes I came to them and broke them apart. But when I finally saw the guy's face it wasn't Nate.

“ Oh i'm sooo sorry… I thought.”  The guys face expression was “ What the hell “ look. I backed up and bumped into someone. I turned and it was Nate.

“ Babe what's wrong? “

“ Nothing sorry. “ He took my hand and introduced me to his group of friends.

“ Hey guys this is my girlfriend Caroline. “ Everyone waved.

“ I'll be back I gotta take her somewhere. “ Everyone stared and smiled and so did Nate. He takes me to a room and locks it. It was pretty dark and I couldn't see anything. Nate turns on the light and the room had a bed and some other things. He puts his arms around my waist.

“ MMMMmmmm You smell nice. “ He kisses my neck. I smile.

“ Not weird at all. “ I laugh. He kisses me more and I could feel his tongue a little.

“ Nate. “ I smelled a bit of alcohol. He bites my neck.

“ Nate…. Were you drinking? “ He turns me over and pushes me on the bed and gets on top.

“ No why? “ He pulls down my pants.

“ Wait Nate no please I…” He shushed me and licked my belly.

“ Nate please stop. “ I was trying to struggle free but he locked my hands down. He started to touch my inner thighs.

“ NATE please! “ I didn't like this. It was kinda pushing it. I'm not ready for sex. He slowly starts to take off my underwear.

“ NATE FUCKING STOP DAMMIT! “ I kicked him away. He stopped and I quickly put on my pants.

“ Babe what the hell! “ I looked at him and slapped him.

“ WHEN I SAY STOP THEN STOP! I cried out twice and you didn't stop! Fucking bitch! “ He looks at me and kisses me.

“ I'm sorry baby...I…” I kiss him back. He smiles and we leave the room. I love him but I think he was drinking. I went to the bathroom and there was a basket full of tampons and pads. I took a tampon and used it. I didnt want sex because I was on my period. I wash my hands and I see someone behind me from the mirror. I turn around and a girl was standing there.

“ Looking for a blowjob towards Nate huh? “

“ What the fuck no! “

“ Well I would watch out. “ She smiles and goes in the bathroom stall. Quickly running out I see Nate drinking alcohol. I run to him.

“ Why are you drinking you have to drive me home? “ Everyone stops and laughs at me.

“ Baby we're staying here till midnight. “

“ No were not. I gotta leave pretty soon it's almost 11. “ He gets up and whispers to me.

“ Baby we’ll leave ok but I really want to kiss you…..So deeply. “ He touches my ass.

“ Mmmm I know you like that. “ He kisses my neck. I see everyone staring. I push him away and go outside and call My parents. 5 minutes later no call. Lucy.....No call. Michael......No call. Only person is Dylan.

I hear laughing and screaming. My phone was finally calling. I hear girls shouting Nates name. I want this night to be over. I love Nate a lot but I don't like it when he's drunk.

" Hello? " Dylan says confusingly. 

“ Dylan! PLEASE HELP ME! “


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