Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


19. My one chance

( Tori’s pov )


   No no no. Ok so let me get this straight. Red eyeliner with black hair? Ew totally gross. Like what the hell was she thinking? Whatever she just needs adjusting. Sitting in Mrs burgers classroom stinks like I can't be in here any longer or i'll just die. I can't stand her, she's so mean and so not anyone guys type. Her math class sucks. I rather go to hell then be in her math class. I get out my nail filer and file my nails. Hmm perfect on each texter. Blue and pink. Like cotton candy. I plop some gum in my mouth that I had in my bookbag and started working on my nails again. I spot Dylan in the back of the room. All perfect and hot and gorgeous. Just sitting there bored out of his mind. 4 days ago he slipped and fell in ice cold water and I literally had to save his life but he's upset with me for no damn reason. I saved his ass and he's upset with me. Ugh I just don't want that bitch Caroline in the way of me and his relationship. Seems like that's all he thinks about is Caroline. No I'm gonna make it us one day. Where he’ll always remember. I get one chance for him to actually see what's going on in our relationship. Just one!

“ Ok class bell is about to ring in 2 minutes for dismissal. I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow on Friday. “ She sits on her chair reading papers. What a boring ass teacher. Who sits and reads papers all day? She's not reading a book, she's reading papers. Like copy printed papers from walmart magazines, probably looking for food. Ok i'm not gonna be that mean, but at least she needs to try to gain some weight or at least wear some fashion in her clothing. Anyways the bell rings and I wait for Dylan. He gathers his stuff and I grab his hand to lead me out the door.

“ Hey baby. Bored? “ I ask. Although he seemed pretty pissed at me still.

“ Yea, it was pretty boring. “ I see Caroline in the background with Nate. My partner for my project. She took my crush. Well I took hers. Caroline's too gorgeous, I can't stand it. I wish one day guys would stop gawking at her and gawk at me for once. I love it when I get the attention. But when her ass shows the attention is all on her. I was pretty cut off for a moment but I didn't realize Dylan was talking to me until he kissed me on my soft tender lips.

“ I love you baby. “ I say reaching in for a kiss. We kissed for a while but teachers saw and shooed us away. I make him follow me and I lock each other in a closet.

“ Why are we in here? “ Dylan sometimes just don't need to ask too many questions. His beautiful face will explode and no more Dylan.

“ Will you come to my house tonight at 6 for dinner? “

“ Yea but what was the reason for being in a closet. “

“ wait so u’ll come? Even if you're mad? “

“ Yes, yes. Now why are we in here? “ I make my move I kiss him on his neck.

“ Wanna make out? “ He doesn't seem amused.

“ No? “

“ Nah i'm good. I'm not really in the mood. I'm just hot you know? “ We get out of the closet and walk down to the double doors. We kiss each other goodbye when we get there.

“ Remember 6pm “ He nods.

“ Yea yea. “ Ok Caroline let's see who wins!


“ That one cute boy that came over here before for his bag? “ My sister asks. My sister, Kacie, won't shut up about Dylan. I know she likes him but she just won't admit it.

“ Yes! Dammit him. Don't embarrass me you understand? “ Shes 15 im 16 such a charm. I'm older and much bossier. So if she annoys me I shove her in a pit.

“ Yea whatever, quit holding your tail. “ I hate that girl sometimes. Sometimes I even wonder why she's my sister. I help mom with our dinner.

“ All set? “ I ask mom. I don't have a dad. He cheated on mom and decided to go to Washington for desert sledding. whatever that is. I don't wish him luck.

“ Yea. Just get your sister. “ Again. Where the hell did that twat go? I have no time for this. I should be waiting for Dylan. Just then I hear a car door. It must be Dylan. Yes! I open the door and there he is.

“ Any gifts? “ I ask him so cheerfully.

“ No sorry. I don't spoil my girlfriend. Only when I think they should. “ I kiss him and he walks in. Where's my kiss?

“ Hey Dylan. Its nice seeing you again. “ My mom and Dylan have this bond and they're always happy to see each other.

“ TORIIII! “ I here Kacie running with a squirt gun and sprays me all over my face. I'm soaked. Fucking bitch. I just look at her with mad eyes.

“ Haha that's what you get. Hey Dylan. “ I see Dylan staring at me and waving at Kacie. She's completely ruining my night for me and Dylan. Like always! Everyone sits and eats.

“ So Dylan what have you and Tori been up to? “ My sister knows better to ask questions about me and Dylan’s relationship!

“ Haha were doing qu….Ow! “ I nudge him on the side. Everyone stops and stares at me. I give them the ‘ What ‘ look.

“ Dylan hows school been doing for you? “ My mom ask kindly. I get nervous and fidget with my hands when mom ask him stuff. Im scared shes gonna ask him something embarrassing or something that spills out our secrets.

“ Actually it's going great I might get a scholarship in college. So i'm happy about that. “ My mom smiles. We're halfway done with our food. 5 minutes later passed.

“ So….Dylan when are you gonna take away Tori’s virginity? “ My sister got me mad. Not mad. Angry!. Everyone stops and stares at her. I stand up and go to my room, slamming my door. I cant believe she fucking said that! Just then Dylan comes in closing the door behind him.

“ Your mom took care of that. “ I didn't say anything.

“ Does it matter she embarrassed me! “ He sat next to me. But didn't do anything. He leans in and kisses me but gets up. I thought for sure we would make love tonight but that didn't happen.

“ Tori….” I look up.

“ Yes? “ He looked upset.

“ I'm gonna go. “ He kisses my cheek.

“ I'll see you later. “ He says. He opens my door and closes it after he leaves. I just sit there, while tears were in my eyes. Your dead Kacie.


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