Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


17. I love you

“ Nate. “ I say while his arms are wrapped behind me.

“ Yes baby. “ He's kissing my neck and collarbone. I look down I'm skinnier than ever. Still have thick thighs and an ass but still skinny.

“ Do you hate me? “ He stops and looks in my eyes. Straight in my eyes. No hesitation of looking away.

“ No, why would you say that? “ He looked shocked and he sat down on his bed. I turn around and look at him and sat on his lap. His beautiful sexy eyes connect to mine. His soft gentle hands on my thighs. His cheeks rosy red. His soft lips gentle when they kiss. But Dylan's even more gorgeous.

“ Because you told your friends to pin me down and stick a needle which I found out they put a vaccine in me called Androdix. “ He just stares at me and I could see tears in his eyes.

“ I didn't mean to Caro. I wasn't thinking. I was angry. I swear I'll never drink ever again. That's the worse mistake ever. “

“ Promise me you’ll keep me safe. And won't go bad and harm me? “

“ I promise baby. “ I saw a tear splash on my arm. I kissed him and he kinda pushes away.

“ No Caro. I don't deserve your kisses. Your love. Everything from you. I just don't deserve you. “ I can't believe he said that.

“ No. Your wrong you do deserve me. I need you more than anything. I love you. “ I kiss him.

“ I need you more than anything too and I love you too baby girl. “ He kisses me more. But I could feel that he still feels sorry. He rolls on top of me and I scoot up on his bed and he follows. He kisses my neck. And I roll on top of him and lay beside him, laying my head on his chest.

“ When will Androdix end for me? “ It was a long pause before he said anything.

“ I don't know baby. I don't know. “ I snuggle in with him even more and begin to fall asleep. I could feel his hands on my thighs.

All my life I always thought love is a game. But it's not it's a part in your heart you truly care and appreciate. I love Nate so much he makes my heart hurt. I begin to fall asleep a little. Laying my hands on his chest. I close my eyes and I heard Nate say something.

“ I love you. “

  A/N I know its short but ill make it up ^^  Peace and love the bitches XD
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