Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


7. Hurting


 It was 11:45pm and I was home and were just sitting here in the driveway. I can see Michael's room lit, and my parents room dark, which means they’re probably sleeping.

“ Well thanks for coming Caroline, and i'm so sorry about everything. “ He looked pretty down and seemed kinda hurt.

“ Thanks for letting me come...It was worth it since I was with you. “ I smile and he smiles.

“Hey I need you to come somewhere with me tomorrow….I gotta tell you something…” He looks down and doesn't say anything.

“ Ok well, what time do you know? “

“ Around 8 am in the morning, if you dont mind, “

“ Haha I don't. “

“ Bye Caroline, “

“ Bye perv. “ Before I got out of the car, he grabs my hand and I stumble and our lips touch. I can feel his hand on the back of my head. My hand was landed on his arm. He stopped kissing me and let me go.

“ Ok you can go bitch “ I laugh.

“ Desperate perv “ I watch him leave my driveway. I get my keys and open the door. Everything was dark except the light under Michael's room, which is upstairs. My parents room is also upstairs and so is mine. I race upstairs and open my door. The smell of vanilla once you walk in. I plop down on my bed and close my eyes. My eyes suddenly open when Michael knocks on my door.

“ WHAT! “ He opens my door and turns on the light.

“ Just wondering if you were here...damn take a chill pill…”

“ Whatever get out. “

“ Bye bitch….night “ He turns out my light and closes my door.

“ Night….asshole “ I say while falling asleep.


( Dylans pov )

      She watches me as I drive away from her house. I'm upset because of what happened and i'm dating Tori and sooner or later I have to tell Caroline.  5 minutes later i'm at my house. I stop the engine and walk out. As I enter my house I see my parents talking to each other about some random hobo.

“ Hey sweetie how was the party with Caroline? “ I nod and go to my room and lock it. What a day.  I curl in a ball and sleep in my bed

I love you Caroline.


   I suddenly woke up when I heard a knock at my window. I get up and trip over something and landed on something that almost made me knock out. I suddenly get up when I finally get my vision working. My head was booming when I landed on something. Just then I hear 3 more knocking sounds… but it doesn't sound like knocking it sounds like someones throwing rocks at my window. I saw something that looked like a bat, so I quickly pick it up and hold it like i'm getting ready to hit. When I picked it up tho it was just my backpack arms. Next to my backpack was my bat.

“ Get it together Dylan….Damn you moron. “ I say while picking up the bat.

“ This is a bat right? “ I look at it closely and realize it's an actual bat. I go by my window and look through it. I see someone but can't tell who it is. I quickly open my window and I can see the person waving like I'm in lala land.

“ Dylan get your ass down here! “ This person’s voice sounds so familiar. I turn back and look at my clock. 3:15 am. Who the hell wakes up a lazy ass person at 3 am in the morning.

  I climb out of my window and jump down, still holding onto my bat. The person who was in front of me was running away and I ran after them. I started to lose them because my vision was kinda not clear yet. I turn a corner and hear the person's voice call for me. My vision finally clears up and I could see them. This person looked like a guy from the back.  He turns a corner, while leaving me to catch up. As I turn I feel a fist against my face really hard, and I land on my back. I couldnt see anything and my left cheek was hurting. The guy lifts me up, trying to get me to stand on my feet but instead I'm on my knees.

“ Haha well Dylan, that wasn't hard. But let me tell you something, i'm with Caroline now, if I ever see you near her again Ill fucking kick your ass. “ This guy...I finally knew who it was...Nate. I got boiled up instantly and snapped. I get up and kick him in the face. He stumbles a bit and holds his nose. I leg swipe him and drop my bat on the ground and hold his hands down.

“ NO! You! Fucking touch her...Look at her or anything to her Ill fucking break your arm off and wish you had a death list you understand bitch! “ I kick his side.

“ Dont you ever get in my way, or you’ll regret it! I love her not you! I WILL COME AFTER TO YOU IF YOU DO SOMETHING TO HER! Thats not an option it's an order!  “ I get my bat, and run while leaving him on the ground holding onto himself. I climb back up my window and throw my bat on the ground. I go to the bathroom and wash up. My cheek was swollen and red. I go back to my room and instantly fall asleep on my bed.  

You're not with Caroline….I am.


( Carolines pov )

  I suddenly woke up with a big bang. It scared me so much my heart raced. I look up and I was beside my bed. I must of fell. Just then my brother comes running in with underwear on and a sock in one hand and a small bat in the other.

“ ARE U OK CAROLINE?!? “ I laugh instantly just because he was wearing ducky underwear.

“ HAHAHA AND YOU SAY IM THE 2 YEAR OLD! “ He looks down and poses a pose like a model.

“ Shut up this is called the sexy ducky “

“ HAHAHA for your grandma! “ He walks out of my room and I hear him slam his door. Too funny to be true. Kinda funny how he actually cared to see if I was ok, with underwear! I walk downstairs and sit on the couch.


Motherfucker pervert: Hey get ready im coming

Me: Okk

Motherfucker pervert: OK* Ok onley has one “ k “

Me: Ok* only* K* …..Ok doesn't need to be in all caps, only does not have an “ E “ in it and K needs to be capsulize.

Motherfucker pervert: FUck yoU!

Me: Fuck you*

Motherfucker pervert: -.- get you’re ass ready

Me: Your* And okk

Motherfucker pervert: Bitch

Me: Asshole


  I get up and go upstairs. I get dress and grab my wallet and run back downstairs and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. I hear a car door close and I look through the window and see Dylan. I open the door.

“ Hey you ready? “ He ask while he looks down.

“ Yea, but are ok? “

“ Yea…” We walk to his car and get in. He turns on the engine but doesn't move the car and just looks down on the wheel. I see a bruise on his left cheek. I softly touch it.

“ Im fine...accidently fell on my bat last night. “ He starts to move the car. I look at him with a frown and wondering if he was lying to me. I dont say anything and just look out the window the whole time.


“ You sure don't talk much when you’re in a car “ Dylan says parking the car. We were at an ice cream shop. Robins Icey Ice Cream.

“ Haha you’re funny, but were at an ice cream shop. “

“ Yea you know dairy products that you can eat. “ He smiles and reaches in for a kiss.

“ Haha you smart ass, “ I kissed him back and we get out of the car. We walk in and it was cold inside.

“ Hey thanks for coming to Robins Icey Ice cream, what can I get you? “ This lady says talking to us for our order.  She was wearing blue shorts and a glittery shirt, with gold piercings on her face. She had a tattoo heart on her nose and she had dimples when she smiled. Her teeth were overlapping each other but they were kinda white.

Dylan hands me a menu, I see a lot of flavors but can't figure out which one I want.

“ Yea, uh I want a triple scoop of chocolate mint ice cream on a waffle cone with m&ms. “ The lady yells the order and I see the people working on the cone for Dylan.

“ Babe what do you want? “ When Dylan said that the girl’s smile instantly faded away and she just stared at me.

“ I would like …. 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream on a sprinkled waffle cone please. “ She fake smiles and yells the order. Dylan gets his cone and so do I.

“ 4.56 “ She hands us spoons incase we need them. I open my wallet up but Dylan stops me and pays the lady.

“ Uh no...Why did you? “

“ Just shh. “

“ Thanks but here “ I get 5 dollars out of my wallet and put it in his back pocket.

“ No caroline...Wait! “ I walk out and sit on the bench outside and eat the cone. He comes out and smiles at me.

“ SHHH thanks again “ I kiss him and he just smiles. It was kinda silent because we were just eating.

“ So Caroline I need to tell you something…” He was silent and didn't say anything then.

“ Ok you can tell me anything. “

“ Promise you won't get mad? “

“ No...well depends on what it is but i’ll try not too “  He was silent for a minute.

“ Ok...At the party yesterday when Tori needed to talk to me alone….Well I told her no like twice but.... I have to date her for a week and after a week I either get to break up with her or stay with her. “ When he told me that I kinda got hurt.

“ Oh...thats cool….Nate told me to go to his house this Saturday for a “ Date “ and I thought he was dating Tori but she's actually dating you..”

“ Yea im really sorry I mean it's not serious...but Nate? I rather you not go to his house he's kinda dangerous. “ I kinda flipped out because he's treating me like a child.

“ Hows he's dangerous he's actually a nice guy, “

“ Not really...But I rather you not go, “

“ Maybe I want to go, “

“ Well you're not because I rather you not get hurt, “

“ Im not gonna get hurt ok, stop treating me like a child, I think I can handle things on my own. “

“ Well you even came to me saying you were uncomfortable towards him, “

“ At first, but actually he's nice. “

“ No actually he's a bitch and just wants to “ get “ with you “



“ Ugh whatever you got a date with Tori, if you wanted to be with me you would say no...and just ignore her “


“ Have fun with Tori I dont care...I'm going to Nates house like it or not, besides why would you care you got a girlfriend.  “


“ Ugh you fucking liar i'm outta here bye! AND TO LET U KNOW I WASNT GOING TO NATES BECAUSE I LOVED YOU BUT IT DOESNT MATTER NOW YOU JERK! “ I get up and instantly started running, leaving him behind.  I dont care now he can have fun with Tori see if I care. I started to cry because he hurt me but most of all I hurt him. Then I walked all the way home...alone.

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