Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


10. He likes me

( Carolines Pov )


   Ok I felt like I was drunk last night...That song is officially the “ Only listen when your down “ song. Today first day of Sophomore at Linkin Diamond High school. Its a great High school and you can basically do whatever. I get dress and head out to school. I start walking but stopped when a car swinged in front of me. Nate.

“ Need a ride? “ He says rolling down his car window.

“ Yea thanks. “ I get in and he locks the door and starts driving towards the school.

“ You ok you seem….upset? “ He says.

“ Yea….Im ok, “

“ Oh ok just wondering. I dont like it when you're upset. “ He looks at me and smiles and looks up ahead.

“ Uh yes you do, “ I say giving him an attitude. He laughs but doesn't say anything. It felt like he could read my mind which was scary because he started singing about reading people's mind. Just saying. But his singing the worst I have ever heard. Sounds like someone was either raping his hand or a cat just pissed on his favorite jeans, and he randomly screams his head off.

  Then this Barbie song came on through the radio and he started to sing it.

“ Are you a girl? Because you sure do sing like one….Or at least a girl getting sit on. “ He laughs at my rude comment.

“ Yea I mean I have a dick. “  I chuckle a little.

“ Didnt think you had one...Congrats welcome to Boyhood! “ I say smirky.  

“ Whats up with the rude statements today? What did I do? “

“ Not rude, the truth and your screaming singing is about to explode my head. “ I see the school but the traffic was bad, so we were probably gonna be here for a while.

“ You see this is what's so funny about you….You say something rude when you're upset. “ My eyes go big because that's not true…..Only towards him I do.

“ Totally….True statement! “ I say sarcastically. I was thinking about Dylan for a moment and tears streamed down my face.  

( Flashback )

Yea im sorry you found me. Wish you didnt, it would have been better not seeing you.

Hahah yea Im sorry I am an ass but im sorry youre a bitch sooo.

Can't believe he told me that…. It hurt but you know it doesn't matter. I wipe my eyes from the tears that sorrow along my cheeks.

“ Seriously what's wrong? “ Nate looks at me.

“ Why would you care? “ I keep on rubbing away the tears. He sighs and turns the radio off.

“ Maybe because I care about you, or maybe because I just want to know to help you out….Or maybe because I like you. “

“ If you care so much prove it.. “ We were half way through the traffic and I see Dylan and Tori holding hands getting out of Dylans car walking to the school. Nate turns to me and shows me a couple of bruises on his face.

“ I care so much I try my best to protect you… Dylan attacked me when I said I liked you. And he attacked. He was cussing me out and everything and I fought back saying if he ever hurts you he's dead. And I kicked him and he fell to the ground and I ran away. “ I felt really bad for him but I don't know if he was lying or not.

“ But he said you attacked him. “

“ I did after the fact he attacked me first. “

“ What a bitch! Im so sorry that happened to you….Just so because you liked me! Thats stupid you're not dangerous at all! “

“ Hahah I hope not, “ He puts his hand on my arm and I lean my head on his shoulder.

“ So you like me? “

“ Yea….A Lot. I was thinking that you’re basically like a drug that I get addicted with. “

“ So im bad? “

“ No you’re a good type of drug….A love drug….A drug that I want more of. “ I get off his shoulder and look at him and he smiles at me, with his white teeth. He smelled like apples and not that alcohol 4 days ago at the party.

“ So what are you saying? “

“ Im saying will you be my drug that cures my heart? “ I thought and thought. I really didn't know what to say I mean I don't like Dylan anymore. And I'm kinda hurt but Nates an actual nice guy. Dylan lied to me about everything and you know what that's what I hate about him.

“ Will you Caroline? “

It was hard but I didn't care...Having Nate around made me realize something, maybe I need to move on.

“ Yes. “


Ok If you got confused when Nate said how Dylan attacked him first. Actually that was all a lie and Nate doesn't want Caroline to know he actually attacked Dylan first. Isnt love great! 

Peave and love the bitches <3 

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