Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


28. Caroline

( Nate's pov )

 “ What do you mean you don't like the shotgun? “

“ I didn't really say I didn't like it. The whole thing was cool but practically scary. “ I was devastated.

“ How was it scary, I wasn't going to hit you. This shotgun costed $350 plus the dummy which was $129. I did that all for you to see how much I care. That dummy had a heart. “

“ Which you also shot and made it break. “

“ Well damn. I'm sorry. “ I get up from my bed and went to kitchen ignoring her.

“ Babe I liked it but it was quite scary. But I loved it. “ She corners me but tries to kiss me but I push her away.

“ Yea whatever. “ She just looks at me and I could see tears in her eyes. She walks away but goes to my bedroom. I fix myself a hot pocket and put it on the counter. I head into my bedroom and I see Caroline in my bed. She looks asleep but I highly doubt she is. I take off my shirt because i'm getting really hot. I go to her and crawl into bed with her. I could feel her warmth compacting into mine. She turns around and smiles at me. I reach over and touch her thighs.

“ I rather you not. “ She grabs my hands and put them on my thighs.

“ If you really want to touch me touch yourself. “ Sudden rush of anger came through her hair. I was practically worried.

“ Yea whatever. “ She gets up and stares at me.

“ Nate….You're being a bitch to me lately. “ I didn't want to talk.

“ How? “

“ Everything you've done made me worry and I kinda thinks that's stupid.”

“ Maybe your just stupid. “ I didn't mean to say that.

“ Probably. But at least I dont….Nvm “ I get up and look at her with a wtf u saying look.

“ At least you don't what? “ Her hair and eyes to change to yellow. Waht the fuck is yellow.

“ Nvm i'm going. “ I get up and stop her.

“ No let me out. “ I close the door and lock it and push her on the bed. I get on top of her.

“ Stop let me go! “

“ No not unless you tell me what your gonna say. “ I begin to touch her thighs again.

“ I SAID GET OFF OF ME! “ She pushes me off and kicks me in the dick. BITCH! She goes to my door and opens it.

“ I'm done Nate. I'm done with this relationship. I didnt want it to end like this but I hate the fact you're just no good for me. I hate worrying and I hate the fact you tried to kill Dylan one time and you made me into this. I'm sorry but I just don't love you anymore. Bye. “ She leaves and i'm holding my dick and only one tear strolls down.


( Caroline's pov )

  I seriously don't think I was mean enough but for some reason I'm glad I did it. I still kinda love him but something changed today and I don't know what exactly. Dylan's dating Tori so I guess I should tell Dylan. I look at my phone and its 11:09.

Dylan: Hey ( 2:43pm )

Me: Hey Dylan you still up? ( 11:10pm )

Dylan: Yea why?

Dylan: Caroline?

I stop texting him and just keep walking. I could hear something in the distance rustling. I stop and look around, but there's nothing there. I keep walking and a cat jumps in front of me.

“ Shit! Dumbass cat. “ The cat comes to me and rubs all over my legs. It was cute but for some reason when It was walking it kept looking at me, like it wanted me to follow it. I follow the kitty to an alley way. We get up this big hill and walk down it. Then the cat follows me up to the cliff. The cat stops at the edge and looks down. There's nothing down there but ocean. The moons gone and there's just stars. My phone keeps buzzing from Dylan.

Dylan added Michael THE s3xy to the chat.

Michael THE s3xy: Caroline where are you?

Me: I'm with a cat….At the cliff…..bye

Dylan: We’ll meet you there.

Michael THE s3xy: Why are you there?

It's been 5 minutes and I shut my phone off and sit at the edge of the cliff. I don't really care for Nate anymore, he just gets me scared to many times. I suddenly hear a big rustle and the cat runs away. I instantly get up and look around.

“ Hello? “ I see someone in the far distance but I couldn't tell who since it was dark.

“ Who’s there? “ They comes closer and there are a guy standing with 2 guys behind him.

“ Caroline. “

“ Who the fuck are you guys? “ I really don't know these people.  

“ No further questions. “

“ TELL ME DAMMIT YOU GUYS ARE! “ I step my foot up and they push to guys out and put a gun to their heads. They were tied up and tape was on their mouth.


“ Do any sudden movements and we will shoot. “ I don't do anything.

“ Caroline come with us. “

“ I WILL NOT! “ My hair becomes red and my eyes form. They look at me.

“ Haha I knew it was u. “ They let go of Michael and Dylan but two bodyguards are near them.

“ Caroline do you know you are dangerous of this world. “

“ How the fuck am I dangerous? “

“ Your power can destroy all of us. You hurt three of our men's and almost killed them. Infact you killed 4. Now it's time to kill you so we can have the world! We will not let you get in our way! “ He looks at the guards and they knock out Dylan and Michael. There's a troop of guys with guns. And all of a sudden Nate comes out with his shotgun.

“ Since she's your girlfriend, you get to finish her. “

“ No I w- “

“ DO AS YOU'RE TOLD! “ He slaps Nate and he comes near me and aims the shotgun to my head.

“ I'm so sorry Caroline. I love you. “ The guy comes over and stands by Nate.

“ Any last words Caroline! “ I look at them and smile.

“ Yea….Shoot me bitch. “





Thats the end of this book there will be a second love u all!!! Thanks for the likes and support!!!!

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