Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


16. Cafe


“ Androdix what the hell is that. “ Dylan says while getting cake for me and him.

“ Just a chemical that gives your body an energy that expresses your emotions in your eyes, hair, and nails. “

“ Is that it? Anything else to this theory? “ We sit down and he just stares at me and checks me out but as a formal way.

“ Just talk to Michael. Wait how about you talk to Nate ok he probably knows this better than anyone, and why he told his friends puncture a needle in my arm. I haven't talked to him since the fight. “

“ Basterd. Oh and that kick. I thought…”

“ Hey I didn't mean to ok I really didn't, to be honest I wasn't doing it. “ He looks at me confusingly.

“ Ok so Mr Kj says he changed our class project date and says it due before Christmas break starts. So we have 5 months. But I still think we should still work on it. “

“ Agreed. “  He eats his cake slowly.

“ Ok so our project is about…….Love. “ He stops eating and looks down. I touch his hand softly and he looks up.

“ Hey I got something for our intro. “

“ Ok say. “

“ Love has different meanings to it…..It could mean, romance, caring, kind, sweet, joy, happiness, feeling a great beyond energy towards someone that you never felt like before. Or broken love can be from….hurt, lied, fought, all the worst things that happened. “ He looks at me and smiles.

“ I've had a great feeling towards someone special before. “ I just look at him.

“ Im sure you have. “ I laugh. Things got ok with him we barely talked. I did most of the work when he just watched. It was 12pm and we’ve been in the cafe for 4 hours. I erased everything.

“ What are you doing? “

“ I don't know. “

“ Fine let me do it when I get home ok? “ I agreed and gave him the papers.

“ Thanks. “ He looks at them and looks away.

“ So how are you with Tori? “ He looked pretty shocked.

“ Actually me and her are going quite well. Haha last night I went over to her house--”

“ Ok thats good to know. “ He looks at me and smiles. His cute smile. Not his ‘ What the hell are you saying ‘ smile.

“ Haha we didn't do anything bad. Just kinda fell asleep. “ The way he said that made me jealous. I'm not a type of person who gets jealous. But i'm kinda getting sick and tired of him dating Tori. The way she treats me, and the way he acts. He's different now but still. He goes through his backpack looking for something.

“ I found this necklace. But i'm not giving it to Tori. “ It was pretty looks like the gem Dylan gave me a long time ago, then one Im still wearing for a promise thing.

“ Its pretty. “ That's all I say and that's I care about. I care about this Androdix thing, Lucy, and me and Nate’s relationship.

“ So how's it going with Nate? “ Like he actually cares.

“ Actually were doing good he promised he wouldn't drink anymore and he felt extremely guilty what he did. So he took me to the mall and stuff. “ He looks at me.

“ Do you really think he's gonna keep that promise? I told you and i'll tell you again Nates dangerous. “ He got me angry. I know how he is, but I don't need to be told again.

“ Listen here Dylan. I know how he is ok. He maybe a bit weird and crazy when he drinks but I still love that damn hottie. He's the best. And you can't control my life. I can. “ I saw my hair have highlights the color of red.

“ Calm down. I was just saying. “ I see my nails red too. And I bet you my eyes were red too. I try to stay calm but I was annoyed. I just sit there just looking at him.

“ Caroline please it's ok. I just fucking care about you. Why can't you see that? “ Why can't I see that! Ohhhh He just pushed it.

“ Maybe you shouldn't be a dickhead and hurt people's feelings you care about! “ I could tell he knew I was changing. I didn't like this change. It felt heavy and hot. Everything would burn except my head. I could tell that hurt him but he hurt me more than I hurt him. He gets up and gets his stuff ready to leave.

“ But…” He stops and turns around and starts to leave towards the door.

“ But what. “ I could feel myself calm down. He quickly turns and run towards me and kisses me for 10 secs. He kept kissing me but I pushed him away. My nails were blue but my hair was pink. I see my reflection on the glass mirror in the back of the cafe my eyes are a dark red. Like im having a mixed emotion. 

“  But that's how much I care. “ He walks to the door and walks out, leaving me behind again.



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