Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


22. Big trouble

( Dylan's pov )

  Tori sends me a big urgent text saying “ I'm mad at you and I need to talk to you right now! “ Well damn be that way. I don't know what I did wrong but ok.

Me: Ok babe

Baby: Hurry now!

 I go outside and put my hands in my pocket. I feel a box deep down in my pocket. I grab it and shove it out. Cigarettes and something crushed up in a little bag?  

“ How the hell did these….” I got confused and instantly shoved them back down in my pocket. Incase my mom and dad comes out and sees them on the ground. I get in my car and head for Tori’s house. I drive pass Walmart and KKF’s restaurant. I suddenly turn and head for Tori’s. When I get there Tori comes in the car and drags me in the back seat.


She gets on top of me and kisses me and kisses me and then slaps my face. I could see tears in her eyes.

“ HOW DARE….How dare you kiss Caroline….Not just once! “ I got a confused look on my face.

“ What the hell are you talking about. Why the fuck would I kiss Caroline. I told you i'm done with her. When you told me to pick. I picked you. I don't like her anymore. She's just a waste of time. “ To be honest, Tori crying is hitting me really hard and now I feel extremely bad. I can't believe I kissed Caroline but I couldn't help it. But Caroline's right I can control it.

“ Then why did Christina say you did. And she said she saw you on the beach with Caroline, kissing her. “ I got mad that I was being stalked.

“ Ok first of all your complaining while you're on top of me. Second there's no way I would've done that when I only love you. And third baby girl where's your proof? “ Her faced seem dumb structed. Dylan scores again!

“ I guess you're right. I'm sorry baby. “ She kisses me more and more.

“ I just….Love you….And only want you. “ She whispers in my ear and takes off my shirt.


 Ok….No we didn't have sex. Just a make out but no sex thank god. Anyways we get up front and I drive to anywhere that a road takes us. Tori was quiet at first, but she finally spoke.

“ So have you ever wondered if we had kids? “ What the hell.

“ No...Not really. Do you want kids? “ She looks at me but I just keep driving on a narrow road.

“ I mean yea when we get older. Like 18. Of course you’ll be going to jobs and getting money and i'll be watching the kids making dinner and you could do house cleaning. “ Sounds like a crappy life.

“ Sounds great but I want to do college when im 18. “

“ Oh thats right. Well just skip it. I mean college teachers just want the money. “ Ok that's not true...Maybe but still.

“ No I don't want to skip college. “

“ I think you should. What's better me or stupid learning? “ She starting to piss me off.

“ You forgot 2 words. “

“ Like what? “ She's starting to become a bitch.

“ Let me resay your sentence and you’ll find the missing word. “

“ What's better me the bitch or stupid learning? “ She got really silent. Too silent I look at her and I could see her reflection on the window. She looks like she's crying.  

“ So i'm a bitch? “ She wipes her tears off of her cheeks.

“ No baby I was just kidding. “ I kiss her and immediately started driving correctly.

“ I love you Dylan. “ I smile. You know what i'm done with Caroline. Fuck her if all I care. I have Tori. I need Tori more than anyone else. I don't care anymore i'm done with this whole I'm starting to re like you again. I know she doesn't feel the same. Ha I just don't give a shit anymore.

Caroline is just a wast of my time.


  Tori and I hear a little sound but we didn't know what it was coming from. I stop the car and listen. Tori looks at me but I keep listening. Sounds like a person's voice. I see a light coming out of Tori's back pocket. I reach in and it was her phone. She turns the volume up and someone was talking.

“ Hello? Anyone there? “

“ Hello! Hello? “ I say instantly acting like something's wrong.

“ Hi this is 911 what's your emergency? “ 911 WHAT THE FUCK. I hanged up and gave it to Tori. She looked shocked.

“ I didn't call 911. To be honest I don't even know how a butt can call 911. “ I laugh and just kiss her. We were pretty far away from our houses so if the cops do end up coming they basically can't get to us that quick. It was 4 minutes later and I hear sirens. I start up the car and drive.

“ Dylan stop. Were supposed to stop when there's cops. “ I keep driving ignoring Tori’s saying. I don't care i'm making my way out of this. Every turn I made and every stop I made they do the same. They're following me. One speeds up and traps me where I can't move. I hit the brakes hard and hold Tori.

“ GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW! “ We both get out and Tori raises her hands high. But I don't.

“ PUT YOUR ARMS UP! “ 5 cops outside with their guns aiming at me. I put my arms in the air.

“ DONT MOVE! “ I don't and neither does Tori. In fact Tori is scared. A cop comes to me and handcuffed me and shoves me against my car door.

“ What the hell dude! “ I squirm but twist my arms around. I get the pain and he lets go but puts my head smashed on the car. She checks my pockets and takes out the little baggy and a pack of cigarettes.

“ Look what we have here. “ 2 cops talk to Tori but 3 cops come to me.

“ Hahha a pack of cigarettes and a little bag of Marijuana. What were you thinking to do with this? “

“ Nothing in fact I didn't know I had it. I found it in my pocket and didn't know the fuck it was! “ He looks at Tori and goes towards her. He takes a pen and “ accidently “  hit the tip of his pen on her boob.

“ Leave her alone! “ He goes around her and checks her and I could see him touching her ass. She's shaking inside and I could tell. I get angry and kick the officer who was tying me down in the leg. I go over to the other officer and trips me and pins me down.

“ Maybe you shouldn't be calling girls bitches also. One of you called 911 and we heard the whole convo about you calling her a bitch. And now this crap in your pocket! “ He slaps me.

“ I swear I didn't know anything about those things being in my pocket and I was just joking about her being a bitch! “

“ Tell it to the judge! “ He shoves me in the police car and Takes tori to the other but she isn't handcuffed. Just then I see someone in the far distance, wearing all black but I couldn't tell who it was. The person runs up and kicks the cop in the head and pins him down on the ground, knocking him out. The person opens the  door that i'm in and pulls me out and I hit the ground. The person gets on the cop car and jumps in the air and slaps the other officer. The person comes around the other three cops and kicks 2 in the head and kicks one in the chest and ties them all together, where they can't move. The person comes to me and gets me up and slaps me. I couldn't tell who this person was it was difficult because this person painted himself/ herself in black and with black clothing. He/ she runs into the woods leaving no trace. But while he/she was running I could see a strip of long red and brown hair coming out of a black hat. I go to the knocked out cop and grab his keys. I go in the car that Tori’s in and she suggested we should just stay in here and lock all of the doors. And that's what we did and everything's lock and we should be safe...For now.


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