Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


12. At the movies but a weird feeling

( Dylan’s pov )

 Haha I don't. Ha! I don't care anymore Dylan. Ok you hurt me to the core. I literally cried for so long and you insulted me in front of Tori. Why does it matter anymore. I've had enough I didn't want this. But you led it into this...But you know it just doesn't matter anymore.

I don't care anymore Dylan!

  As she left with Nate, those words hurt me more than me not being her friend anymore. I remember her telling me….




Those stars look like you but you're just dorkier.

Haha you're funny.



Promise me no matter what happens we’ll always care and be there for each other.


I pulled out a box and opened it and put a gem necklace around her.

I promise and this is your promise necklace….But do you promise?

She pulled out a black rimmed ring and it said “ I promise “

I promise!


    Whatever happened to that promise? I look down and the ring was still on my hand from the day she gave it to me. I had this ring on for 1 year and never took it off. I've seen her wear the necklace all the time. She didn't care what it was she was never gonna take it off. It was a week later and I was gonna meet her on Monday to start on the project at the coffee shop, but I thought I had plans but actually I don't, so I need to text her on that.  Saturdays are usually busy for me and Caroline but I have plans tonight with Tori.

Baby: Ok I'm ready babe

Me: ok

Baby: See you soon love you :D

Me: Love you too.

“ Bye mom and dad going to the movies with Tori bye i'll be home at 11 “

“ BYE LOVE YOU! “ They both scream. I unlock my car door and head off to Tori’s house. I hit a red light, and just stare at it.

I don't care anymore Dylan!

I promise!

I don't care anymore Dylan!

I promise!

 Those words ate my heart bit by bit. 2 minutes later tears just flow down my face. The light turns green but i just sat there. I heard honking and beeping and that snapped me out of it and I finally drove. I didn't know why they were stuck in my mind and why I'm crying but fuck one of these days i'm gonna end up dying from this shit. I finally pull into Tori’s drive way and I can see her waving and screaming like crazy. Like she found her favorite chocolate bar that she hadn't seen in years. She hops in and kisses me. I kiss her back but with a little more passion. She smiles and enjoys her ride to the movies.


I don't care anymore Dylan!


I can't stand this feeling i'm getting. Too much for me to handle. My heart is hurting and i get chest burns. A tear streaks down my face. This pain is unreal... Hurts like never before.

“ Are we getting out? “ Tori says, while I park the car. She acts like she doesn't notice i'm hurting.

“ Yea…..” I quickly shuffle through my glove box and found chest relievers. I took 3 and gulped them down with Dr. Pepper.

“ You ok? “ I nod slowly.

“ yea right what's wrong? I saw dried up tears when you picked me up and I just saw a tear flow down your cheek and now ur taking meds. So what's wrong? “

I shrugged and got out of the car. So she finally notices but doesn't ask? Haha doesn't bother me. I could careless. Its funny how I seem different every since I started dating Tori but it doesn't bother me I needed some difference in my life.  She gets out and I pay for the tickets. She squealed when she saw candy.

“ Can I have 3 chocolate bars? “ I look at her.

“ Sure..” I pay for her chocolate bars and she runs off.

“ Wait where you going?! “

“ I'll wait for you in the theater. Buy popcorn and soda too! “ She runs in and I buy her the things she wanted. The chest relievers are helping a lot. I drink some soda and head into the theater. Tori wanted to see a movie called Frozen. Like what the fuck. I sit next to her but she wanted a seat down for her popcorn, drink, and candy.

“ Why can't I sit next to you and you put your stuff next to you? “

“ Shhh trying to see the movie! “ I just sit there...A bit mad. This is our 3rd date and shes gonna act like this.

 The movie started playing let it go and I immediately got up and went to the bathroom. I can't handle stuff like that. Just then my heart started to race and I started to cough a lot. I went to the sink and blood came up. My heart raced even more, I started to get a headache, I was really hot, and I got dizzy. I splashed water on myself and i woke up alittle. I ran to the theater and went to Tori.

“ Tori I gotta go home quick come on. “

“ Uh no, we came here just to see this movie, not because you got bored. “

“ Please Tori I need to go. I would love to see this with you but I….”

“ Oh my god! Ok damn let's go! “ She took my hand and jerked me down the theater stairs.

We got in the car and I felt really dizzy again. I opened my car door and threw up blood on the ground.

“ You ok? “

“ No ok Im fucking dying! Can't you fucking see that? “ I was starting to get pissed off.

“ Ok ok do you need meds? “ She starts to get the chest relievers. I grab her hand and snatch them out of her hand. I quickly close the car door and put on my emergency lights on and raced to Tori’s house. I get to her driveway and Tori gets out and so do I. I walk her to her door and I instantly fall and all I could remember was …...sirens, …….my parents, …...ambulance, ...Tori and ….


  A/N Didnt see that coming O.O  Love and pray for Dylan....Bitches 

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