Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


15. Androdix


“ Ok so tell me everything like what exactly happened? I need details! “ Lucy complains. Were in my room and she examines my eyes. I couldn't really remember anything else after I saw Nate and his friends puncture a needle in my arm. That's all I remember, felt like I was sleeping. But I was ok when Nate took me home. I tried calling Dylan but he never answered. He must of went home.

“ I told you, I kinda don't remember anything else. Expect the party, Applebee's and Nate and Dylan's fight. Oh and when Nate’s friend puncture a needle through my arm. That's what it felt like I fell asleep. But it didn't seem right felt like my body was moving. “ She looked at me crazy and looks at my arm.

“ Well there's the puncture mark. “

“ Did it hurt? “

“ No not really. “

“ That bastard he’ll regret everything he did! “ She says smiling.

“ I mean he didn't mean to he got carried away from the alcohol. He promised me, he wouldn't drink anymore. “ She looks at me crazy.

“ Promised? HAHAHA Girl you don't understand. ITS NATE! Whats wrong with you! “ I just laugh.

“ Besides you should’ve kicked his ass instead for kinda raping you. “ I just look at her.

“ That's the thing I wanted to but when his friend put that needle in my arm, it felt like my body was being controlled. “

Ha you crazy! “ She punches my arm laughing, without realizing my arm is sore.

“ OW! “ I just stop and stare at her. I could feel my arm pulsate and my eyes burn.

“ CAROLINE! “ Everything stopped. My arm stopped pulsating and eyes stopped burning.

“ What? “ She looks at me scarly.

“ Your…..Your….YOUR EYES! “ I just stare at her.

“ What about them? “

“ They were….Dark blue. “ I just stare at her and rush to my mirror.

“ Lucy they’re brown my normal color. “

“ But they were….” I just stare at her confused.

“ I think I need some rest so I'm gonna go. “ She gets her stuff ready and hugs me.

“ Text me ok? “ I nod and she leaves my room. I watch her get in her car and drive away. Blue eyes….That's impossible. I go to the bathroom and brush my hair. I finish and go through my bathroom cabinet and find nail polish. A bright blue will do pretty. I go to my room and file down my nails and polish them blue. 10 minutes later I hear my mom call me for dinner. I quickly blow my nails, and carefully run downstairs. She has food ready on the table and Michael was texting on his phone and dad was talking to mom.

“ Sit your ass down. And why is your hair turning dark blue on top? “

“ Huh? “ Everyone stops and stares.

“ Caroline! Did you put in highlights! “ My mom screams.

“ Caroline you know better. “ Dad says.

“ Wait…...I didn’t. WHat the hell are you talking about. “

“ You're grounded. Dont lie to us! Now get your ass down here and eat! And then go upstairs and stay in your room! “ Mom yells. I sit down and eat and don't talk to anyone. Michael eats but keeps watching me. I could feel my hair move around and I quickly flinch like something was in it. I just shove everything aside because everyone was staring at me.

“ You know what fuck it! Be mad at me for no damn reason when I didn't do anything! “ My mom studies me very hard. I could feel everything burn, my eyes, my arm started to pulsate, my hair I could feel it grow. I look down and I could see dark blue. What!

“ Are you wearing contacts? “ Mom says.

“ No why. “ I say calmly. Mom shakes her head and then looks at me.

“ Because I could have sworn your eyes changed to dark blue. “ Michael looks at mom.

“ I thought…..” He shushes me and runs upstairs. I just leave the table and go to my room. I look at my hair in the mirror...It has dark blue highlights in it. What the hell is happening. 5 minutes later I see it go back to my normal hair color. My whole head was brown my natural color and no blue. I look hard wondering what the fuck is happening. Just then I see my eyes change color to dark blue then brown. I quickly punch my mirror surprised it didn't break. I scream and fall to the ground. I scoot over to the back of my room and just sit there. Michael comes in with a book and sits next to me and opens his book to a couple of pages.

“ Androdix. “

“ Huh. “ He lifts my hair up and examines it.

“ It's brown. Yes you have Androdix. “

“ What the hell is that! A made up word? “

“ No it a chemical that gives your body an energy that expresses your emotions in your eyes, hair, and nails. It also makes you attack even better when you feel threat or angry.  It's very rare to get one and illegal and it's usually in needles but no one’s seen it even since the 1960’s. It was apparently banned from all over countries. This is impossible. You can also die from it if you're not careful. You can also sense danger around you, but you have to be a pro at this. I don't even know if you actually have it.  “ He looks at my nails.

“ Blue “

“ Yea I just painted them blue. “ He nods.

“ Well Nate....”

“ I know Dylan told me. Nate friends punctured a needle in your arm and you kicked Dylan's ass good. “

“ Wait what! “

“ Nothing but I nearly killed Nate. “

“ How can I get rid of it? “ I felt tears running on my cheeks. I could see the tips of my hair was highlighted neon blue. I go to the mirror and everything was neon blue. My hair was highlighted neon blue, nails were neon blue, and my eyes were neon blue. Michael looks at me.

“ You can’t “



Ok I know this is supposed to be romance but im putting action to it there is gonna be a second book to this but this book will have romance I swear. And Androdix is a made up word xDDD


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