Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


20. Alone...For now

( Dylan's pov )

 For sure I thought Tori was gonna run out of her house just to catch me, but that bitch didnt. She's starting to get on my nerve. Shes getting way annoying than she used to be. I also can't believe she made me choose. I was so close of breaking up with her. So damn close. But I slipped and she helped me. Im grateful I didn't die. But still pissed. It was funny how her sister squirted water all over her face. It was weird how she asked me when I was gonna take Tori’s virginity away. What the hell. I love Tori and all but i'm not ready for that.

 I'm in my car driving to a place that means so much to me. A place that was always happy.  A place that was always fun. A place that made me fall in love again all over. I drive and park my car to my favorite place. The beach. I get out and walk down on the hill. I could see the ocean calmly rushing over the shore. The sand was warm but soft. I sit on a rock where you could feel the ocean rushing over your feet. The ocean is cold with a little warmth. Me and Caroline would always come here. We would always have fun. But that stopped. I was always happy when I got here. Now i'm not. I'm alone. Nothing. I just lay my back down on the sand and just fall asleep.


“ Dylan?! “ I suddenly wake up when I hear my named called.

- Wha! - I finally got my eyes adjusted and it was Caroline. I was shocked. I didn't think she would be here. Not knowing that she would have followed me.

“ Dylan. “ I get up and she comes towards my way. I act cool like nothing happened.

“ Caro….Caroline! “ I say happily. She smiles.

“ Hey what are you doing here alone? “

“ Nothing just ….You know memories. “ Her hair changed colors to a faded pink. Her eyes and nails were also a faded pink. Is pink love?

“ Oh cool. I was walking but I saw someone and thought they were hurt. But it was you. “ I was shocked. Hurt? Nahhhh not me.

“ Well i'm fine actually nothing bad here. “

“ So how are you and Tori? “ She sounds jealous. But her mood hasn't changed by the color of her hair.

“ Where great. I love her so much. But I went to her house and things didn't go to good. “ She looked shocked.

“ What happen? “ I didn't really want to tell her how clumsy Tori’s sister is and make her assume that Tori’s family is bad.

“ Nothing me and Tori had an argument. “ I know lying is bad but I really think she shouldn't know.

“ About? “ Is she trying to interfere with our relationship?

“ Nothing just don't worry about it. “ I think I kinda hurt her. Because her hair color was kinda changing yellow.

“ Ok, well im gonna go now. “ I don't think she wanted to. But I sure didn't want to.

“ No! Please. Stay. “ She smiled and sat on the sand. I sit next to her and draw with my finger in the sand. I stop and she plays with my foot. She pokes my stomach.

“ DAMN! Those abs tho. “ I smile. I poke her stomach but she laughs.

“ Ticklish? “

“ No! “ She smiles. I love her smile. I tickle her all over and she wont stop laughing. I get on top but still tickling her.

“ Dylan!... HAHAH STOPPP! “ I stop because her eyes connected to mine and I felt different. I lay my hands beside her head. She wasn't laughing anymore, she was looking at me. My left leg was in the crease of her two legs and my right leg was on the outside of her right thigh. I couldn't help it but I kissed her. I kept kissing her until she pushed me away. But she wasn't instead she was kissing me like she was passionate. Her soft tender lips on my gentle lips. It's been 5 minutes and were still kissing. I couldn't take any longer, I kiss her neck and start to bite a little. I could feel her breathing kinda heavy. I start to kiss her collarbone. She stops kissing heavily.

“ Dylan….Stop.” I stop and look at her. She looks scared and her hair was orange.

“ This is cheating….We shouldn't be doing this. “     

“ I know but...I can't help it. “

“ Yes you can! You know this. “ I get off of her and she gets up.

“ I'm gonna go. Bye Dylan. “ She starts to go up the hill and leaves.

I'm alone again. But in a happier mood.


Peace and love the beaches ( <--- bitches xD )

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