Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


3. Almost

I was speechless didn't know what to say and all this time Dylan loved me. He was still holding me with his lips near my ears. He keeps holding on to me and carries me to his room, which is upstairs. He sits me on the bed and gets up and locks the door.  His room is a pretty blue and really big with alot of stuff hanging on the walls.

“ I hope you like music,” He says softly. He come towards me and lays me down and gets on top. One leg between my legs and the other leg outside of my left leg, holding my hands down, he looks at me.

“ You ok for this? “

“ Just a lot of stuff going through my mind….like you...loving me….for 6 years…..and now this… “ He smiles and kisses my neck. I close my eyes. Are we really going to have our friendship really ready for this….6 years...6 years and he finally tells me he loves me….6 years and he finally wants to show me. Thats like basically saying...your gonna wait until that ass of mine is plump…. what an asshole. I cut off the daydreaming moment but I didn't say anything because Dylan was working on my thighs, still kiss my neck. I move up towards the bed and he follows. I kiss him back and now were both kissing each other. He undos my pants and pulls them off. He takes off his shirt and mine.


“ No guy loves you as much as I do ”


Hes right no guys hasn't loved me as much as he did but he always cared for me as a friend and ever since my ass worked up...he starts to love me.. WHAT A PRICK!

I guess I was enjoying that he was kissing me because I was out for bit. Before Dylan takes off my bra I interrupt him.

“ … Stop….No just stop! “ He quickly stops and looks at me.

“ Whats wrong? Did I do something? “

“ You're just using me because you want my ass… you never loved me until it went into shape. “

It was a long minute pause between us.

“ No….your wrong...I actually liked you when I first met you...the more I got to know you the more I had bigger feelings for you...but you obviously can't see that. “ I think he got hurt because he got off and went to the bathroom. I cover myself with his blanket. He came out and gave me an envelope.

“ Dont open it until you think its time too, “ I didn't understand by what he meant but he said it better be a couple of months before I open it. He went over to his closet and laid his head on the door. I snuck up behind him and kissed him on the neck.

“ Thanks...Dylan.” He moved away and laid on his bed. I jump on top and look down at him. He covers his head with his pillow. I took his pillow and lightly hit him with it. Sooner than ever I was sitting on top of him hitting his pillow at him. He laughs.

“ Haha stop. “

“ Not until you smile. “

“ Oh ill show you a smile “ He turned me over and I was on the bottom this time.

“ Now we just need whip cream and a cherry, “ He died laughing.

“ Oh you perv! “ Sometimes I just want to strangle him. He gets off and throws me my clothes.

“ Sure is warm in here, “ He turns on the tv in his room and I put my clothes on the ground and snuggle in his bed and falls asleep safe and soundly.

“ Hey do you want…..oh “ He comes near me and I pull him down and sleep on his chest. I smile and fall asleep.

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