Manor Mystery *[{Interactive}]*

When 10 young people are alone in the wilderness after being the last survivors of a plane crash they decide to stick together and find their way back home. However when home seems so far away, what would you do if you found a desolate manor that could be the home of other humans that may know what way to go?

This is a Murder Mystery, an interactive book. So get ready to guess at who dies first...


2. People and Places

Here is the Rhyme that every death is recorded upon, you can begin to decipher clues from here on out.

Ten young people marched into the manor,

High spirits were cut when a life was lost to an airborne spanner.


Nine young people stood short and small,

As one more life was stolen from them all.


Eight young people stood frozen and surprised,

As one was held suspended from the cliff outside.


Seven young people wanted revenge,

Until the loudest could no longer defend.


Six young people isolated all alone,

Were surprised to find a dead iPhone.


Five young people, barely alive,

Didn't bring back enough food to survive.


Four young people saddened and lost,

Found using the manor kitchen had a deadly cost.


Three young people on their last chance,

Lost another to one final dance.


Two young people - one exceptional - one a fake, a fatal miss as the final one escaped.


Here are the ten survivors of the Plane Crash:


Caitlin Brooks - Innocent and introverted. Able to help others but doesn't think of herself. She suffers from a health problem that means if she doesn't eat consistently she becomes faint and ill. She generally puts others before herself.

Diana Gard - Loves social network, has unlimited 3G. She is incredibly dirty minded, but sometimes in unwilling to take risks.

Sarah Hettington - Afraid of heights, the eldest of the group. She is protective of everyone else, but reveals her scared side to only one or two others in the group.

Johanna Lord - Tiny and well-mannered. Clever and has wit, adapts easily and pleases people.
Eleanor Black - Generally happy, however she has strong opinions and fights her corner with ease. She is a great person to be around when you need help with a problem.
Georgia Freeda - Charismatic and jolly. Always up for a laugh and quite confident. Likes to sing, and acting comes easy.

Kathy Deen - Extremely confident, and therefore loud and always voices her opinions. Has the ability to get snappy and makes quick decisions. She can come across as a know-it-all or be the nicest girl you have every met. She can engage people with one word, a force to be reckoned with. Very Competitive!


George (Slayer) Hiven - sass queen, knows what he wants, how he wants it and how to get it. He wins people over with his jokes and sarcasm,  however he is very easily excited and can be competitive.
Thomas Dillion - persuasive and confident speaker, has a loud laugh and a big smile.  However he is intelligent and able to plan.
Samuel (Sam) Crowe - enjoys "banter" however usually comes off as in-your-face and loud. He can be extremely considerate and kind but sometimes doesn't notice the smaller things.


Start guessing ;)



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