Manor Mystery *[{Interactive}]*

When 10 young people are alone in the wilderness after being the last survivors of a plane crash they decide to stick together and find their way back home. However when home seems so far away, what would you do if you found a desolate manor that could be the home of other humans that may know what way to go?

This is a Murder Mystery, an interactive book. So get ready to guess at who dies first...


1. Let me Explain...

Hello there, I am the Ghost of the Manor. The host of my little game.

You see, ten silly little children have wondered into my house, something I do not agree with at all. They may be lost in the country hills but they shouldn't come running to me when their troubles get worse.

I am one of the ten, and I intend to kill them all. You see, we all were traveling across England on a plane to France,  and unfortunately our plane broke down. We crashed rather violently, and I lost my family. I found the other nine survivors and we began to gather food and supplies before trying to navigate this barren countryside. It's absolutely endless, however I knew around here there must be a house. It's England, so tiny, there can't be much space left over. Luckily we found what I now call My Manor. 

I want to live here in peace, to grieve. These people are starting to annoy me so much, and I need some space. So one-by-one, I will kill them. And you can try all you like to catch me out and guess who died first, who I am going to kill next, but you won't guess who I am...



Basically the rules are as follows:

-You can guess at any point who the Murderer and Escapee are. These are two different people, but you could also suggest how the escapee, escapes, and/or why.

-All characters are introduced in the next chapter.

-You can continue to guess as much as you like, it is interactive.

-Don't let others sway your view, reason with them. (That's the fun part)

-As you know, 8 will die, you can guess - at any point - the order they die in and how they die, and of course who they are.

Oh and they murderer is generally called the "Ghost of the Manor" as they do not know who the murderer is :)



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