Manor Mystery *[{Interactive}]*

When 10 young people are alone in the wilderness after being the last survivors of a plane crash they decide to stick together and find their way back home. However when home seems so far away, what would you do if you found a desolate manor that could be the home of other humans that may know what way to go?

This is a Murder Mystery, an interactive book. So get ready to guess at who dies first...


3. 1

When the plane crashed the only ten people to survive had all lost some one they cared about.  Some had lost their entire families,  some had lost a lover, some had fatally injured friends whom they knew could never survive. The group found each other among the mass of losses and decided that they should work together to get out of this mess alive. They were traveling to France for a holiday, however the plane didn't make it past England itself before breaking down. They stood in a large expanse of field, hoping that somewhere there would be a house, or maybe even a village. Some had complete faith whilst others were just following along because of their desperation.
After a couple of hours when the sun rest upon the hills if the horizon the group spotted a large manor in the distance. Up to this point they had barely spoken, no one found speaking easy when they had all lost someone near to them. The manor looked warm and inviting despite its dark, Victorian exterior. The group decided the stay the night as it was in their best interests to stay alive. The group had found a large room by the time the sun had gone down and decided it was time to get some sleep. Of course it was out of the ordinary but these people knew they had to learn to live together if they wanted to get anywhere.
"Hey, anyone still up? Know where the torch is?" A voice whispered. His face was lit up as another boy came over shining the torch at him.
"Sam isn't it?" The boy asked.
"Yes. And thanks...?"
"George, but you can call me Slayer" he smiled. Sam shuffled awkwardly to sit upright in the hastily made bed. It consisted mainly of peoples sweatshirts, some curtains, bed throws and even towels.

"Er, Cool... Slayer."

"Yeah, admit it sexier."

Sam gave the other boy a strange look "How am I supposed to say something sexy.."

"Don't worry, we'll work on it." Slayer rolled his eyes, the whites just visible in the reflection of the torch light. "So whats the matter?"
Sam looked down and thumbed his shirt "I need to go and ... y'know.. and I am too scared to go and hunt a bathroom down right now."

Slayer stared at him wide eyed before sighing and snatching the torch from him.

"Come on." Slayer whispered. Sam glanced back at the others, he counted them.


He must have counted wrong, he counted again.

Only 7.

Someone was missing. Although he couldn't make out who in the darkness, his only option was to follow Slayer. He cautiously turned around and was faced with an empty doorway to complete and utter darkness.

George was gone. Panic hit Sam hard as he ran wildly out the door and tried to guess which way he went. However, inevitably, Sam soon became lost himself.

"GEORGE!" Sam yelled... Silence.

Oh, for Gods sake! He thought to himself. Maybe he would respond to his pet name.

"SLAYER!" Sam blushed slightly with embarrassment in the dark. Still no response. Slowly, Sam took a step forward, hoping for anyone to make an appearance.

He heard deep breaths behind him.

"You better not wake anyone up, Samuel." The voice muttered. Sam froze, he pushed his arm out behind him and was taken by surprise when he felt someone snatch it. They pulled it hard, it felt like it was going to come out of its socket. Sam wailed.

"Sam. What did I just say? SHUT UP!" The voice was full with anger, and Sam had no idea why. He tried to distinguish if it was a boy or girl talking, however the muffled whispers made it hard for him to even believe whoever this was, was human.

"Let me go." Sam whimpered, he tried to face the thing attacking him, however just as he came face to face with the shadowy smirk he collapsed under the weight of something heavy and cold. Whatever it was striked his face, his back, his legs, his chest. Again and again and again.


Sam lay on the wooden floor, bloody and unconscious. Never to wake up again. The killer giggled slightly before covering again in the darkness of the shadows, for they had very much played in their favour.


The morning came, and the group awoke. All oblivious to last nights events but one. Only two beds were empty, those of Sam and George. They began by calling out their names, but at no replies the group decided to head out in search parties to find them.

George was found first by Johanna. Unconscious but breathing, sprawled out over a king-sized bed he had somehow found last night. After he was awake, the group inspected the room and eventually, Sarah felt something heavy and cold under the bed.

She pulled away the covers to reveal Sam, smeared in blood and totally, definitely dead.

"Oh, my gosh... Oh my gosh..." All she could say as the rest of the group started to realise his passing. Sarah began to cry, many of the group were effected, even George.

"Why would you do this George?!" Kathy Screamed. "Haven't you had enough loss in the past 24 hours? You had to go and add to that awfully long list?!" She was inches away from George and her red was red.


"It wasn't me. I don't know why, or how he got there... I was just trying to help him find a bathroom last night. I lost him and after searching for him for a while I was falling asleep as I walked." George explained. Kathy wasn't planning to trust that boy again.


"Who was it then?!" Sarah whispered. The groups looked at one and other, each sizing each other up. Kathy had a fixed glare on George. Only 2 people were missing and one of them was dead. Kathy thought. It had to be George.

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