One Directions Slave

Ali is a normal 14 year old girl. Or at least she seems like it. Red hair, brown eyes, and a sassy attitude. After getting stolen by One Direction, she shows them that owning her is gonna cost a bit more than expected- and their gonna show her that they arent as nice as she had expected.


2. 2.

" Nat. . . I know. Yes, I remember what you said about Jonty. He's not a bad guy you know. " I stretch out on Sarah's bed, and rolled onto my back, putting my hand on my stomach and staring up at the ceiling. " Alright . . . I'll see you, I guess. And Ali?" He says. "Yea?" I answer. "You still coming home tonight?" I sigh. "I cant. Gotta go to some stupid 1D event with a friend, so we'll probably stay at her house . I'll call tonight though." I say and hang up.


I sigh. Nat is my step dad and he cares about me. I like that, but he's too overprotective sometimes- although he has been acting weird lately. It's as if he's saying goodbye. I cant help but think. The idea is pushed out of my head as Sarah backs out of her closet, holding an outfit. " Here, you can wear these." She tosses the clothes to me and walks into the bathroom to get dressed. I look down at the clothes in my hands and gasp. " Sarah! I can wear these! They show too much."


I can here her groan through the door. " You can wear them and you will! Just try them on. For me, please?" I shake my head, groaning. " Ugh, fine." I say and slip the clothes on before she comes out. The clothes are a black crop top with the words #Be Yourself in white sparkly letters, really short white shorts that barely cover my butt, and black high heel ankle boots with white bows and zippers. I groan again.


" Cute! Sit down and let me do your hair!" I sit down in front of her vanity and she grabs a hairbrush. After brushing my hair and letting fall in glowing curls over my shoulders, she helps me put on some black scull earrings. " Do I really have to come?" I ask, my voice pleading. She groans. " Yes, because I'm not about to get stuck with Amy." I roll my eyes and smile, and we go to the car.


[ Skip car ride.]


We walk into Rue-21 and I  cross my arms and stop to let Sarah get further ahead of me, to avoid stepping on her flowing red dress, but she grabs my arm and pulls me forward. There is a long line of people that we have to wait in, and I cant help but think, I cant believe I'm waiting in a long line to talk to people I completly hate. I start daydreaming about going back home, throwing off these disgusting clothes, and climbing into bed.The line moves and I find myself face to face with 1D. Was I really out that long? Sarah is talking a mile a minute and the boys seemed a little exasperated. " Alright love, I think we all know how completely obsessed you are with us and how you have all of our posters and all that, but I think you better shut up and let your friend talk. Besides, it's kind of creepy the way you talk like that." I hear Louis say.



My mouth drops open when he told her to shut up. I looked over at my friend, and see a tear slip down her cheek. I stomp over to the table, grab the guy by the front of his shirt, and curl my fingers into a fist. " Listen you ugly bitch, my friend spent months saving up for this, and I wont have you opening your big fat mouth and ruining it for her. So next time, I suggest you shut your mouth and deal with it." Suddenly, I noticed that all the other boys were staring down my my crop top, and I made a disgusted sound. I was only wearing a small, black bra, so that was annoying. I dropped his shirt and turned my heel.


I walked over to were Sarah was still sniffling, and comforted her, putting my arms around her shoulders. She leaned into my shoulder. " Shhhh. Come on, lets go find a bathroom." She nodded, and I led her past the boys table, and into a dark hallway. On the left was the bathrooms, so I pulled Sarah inside and helped her clean up her mascara- stained face. " Can I be alone for a little while?" She sniffs, and I nod and leave the bathroom, anger still coursing through my body.


I decide to explore the hallway, so I walk around, opening doors and looking inside. Theirs something like a costume vault, a janitor closet, and some normal rooms with beds and stuff. Suddenly, I'm walking past this room with it's door open, and someone grabs me. " Let me go!" I yell, as whoever it is fumbles with something behind my back as I whrith in his/her grip. Then four more dark figures appear. " I swear, whoever you are I'll kill you, coax you back to life, then stab you a million times if you don't let me go! And I mean NOW!"


I try to elbow him in the stomach, but he swerves out of the way just in time. Then a hand appears in front of my face, with a cloth. I hold my breath. I'm not worried because I can last 4 min 46 seconds without breathing. " Relax love, and breath. It will all be over." I hear the Irish voice, then I see his face. Niall. I ram my body into the person behind me and listen carefully. By the grunt, I'm guessing Louis.


It's been 3 and a half minutes. Zayne comes forward and examines me closely. " Are sure she's not dead?" He smirks. I growl and advance to kick his ankle. Louis pulls me back roughly." Nope. Definitely not dead." He chuckles. " Get her to breath, lad. We have to go." Liam checks his watch. Suddenly, I cant take it anymore. I take in a huge breath. My mind starts to get fuzzy from the toxic, and the world is slowly going black. " Finally." I hear Niall's voice in the distance. . .


[ 3 hours later. ]


I groan and try to turn over, a million tiny workers pounding away at my head. " Good, she's awake." I shoot strait up at the voice, and everything comes rushing back. I bump my head on the roof of the car and fall back into the seat, groaning. I hear chuckles and I take in a deep breath, letting all out in a huff. I look around and scream. Something is wrong. Missing. I feel all over my body, feeling empty, then I realize.


I gasp and look down. I'm only wearing the black bra and shorts, no shirt, no panties. " What the -? I don't have a shirt, or panties. Why the heck do I not have a shirt and panties? I swear that if I have been raped, I will beat the person to death and hang them with a poisonous rope!" The boys shake their head as if disappointed. " You have not been raped, we were just checking out your lovely body." I draw in a breath. I bring my hand back, but Niall catches it before I slap his face. " I wouldn't do that if I were you." He says. "Back off!" I shout at him. I start to reach for the door, not caring that the car is moving, but Niall catches my hand.


He pulls me over Zayn, ignoring my protests, and sets me on his lap, holding me there for the rest of the ride. I felt like crying the entire time. I curse and struggle and refuse to do anything they tell me to do. " Ali, if you don't calm down this second you will be punished when we get home." Say's Louis from the drivers seat, glancing back at me. I stop moving for a second. " Oh? And what are you going to do?" I ask, my voice challenging. My confidence is drained when he says, " Spank you." 


" What?! No, you can't! I'm fourteen, not four!" I shout at him, and I slowly start to shake. The boy's notice, and I desperately try to stop as not to show fear, but the fact is I'm terrified. " Yes we can, and we will." Liam retorts. And, being my stubborn self, I continue to fight against them. " That's it!" Louis hits the steering wheel, causing me to jump, and pulls up to a house. " We're here, and baby, your in a world trouble." Say's Zayn getting out of the car. He bends back in and takes me from Niall, throwing me over his shoulder. 


I put my hands on his rock-hard back and try desperately to get him to let go. " Zayn! Put me down!" I yell at him, wiggling. I realize with horror that while I was passed out, we must have been on a plane, because all I can see is sand and grass in every direction ( pun NOT intended.) In desperation to get Zayn to let me go, I reach down and pinch his bum. He jumps a bit, but quickly recovers, shifting me on his shoulder. " Oh, two can play this game, sweetheart." He say's, and he grasps my bum in his hand, squeezing it. I gasp and squeal, wiggling around. The boys chuckle as we walk into the large house. No, make that a mansion. 


Zayn sits down on the couch, throwing me over his knee so my bum is high in the air. My breath hitches in fear- or is it something else? Better not be! I scold myself, but the truth is, I'm not sure. bringing his leg over both of mine to block any movement, and gathering my hands together behind my back so I can't move them, he rubs my bum lightly as the others take a seat on the couch across from us, and then gives it a sharp smack. I gasp, and I'm sure my face turned bright red. I can't speak, no matter how much I want to protest. " Now, little girl, you've been bad. Do you know what bad girls get?" He ask's, and I finally find my voice.


" No! Let me go this instant!" I shout at him, writhing on his knee. He chuckles, " No sweetheart. Bad girls get a spanking. And you've been very bad." He say's, and with that he starts raining down hard smacks. I start tearing up right away, but I hold them back. I lose track at about fifty, though I think it may have been ninety of a hundred. " Having fun sweetheart?" He asks, delivering another spank. " No! That hurts!" I cry, finally letting a few tears slip out. I try to stop them right away. " It's supposed to hurt sweetheart. It's punishment. Now, I want you to count these last ten." He says, and starts unbuckling his belt. " No!" I cry out, and my protests become urgent.


He doesn't listen, and slowly starts to pull down my shorts, revealing my probably already red bum. " No!" I shout again, and he presses the cold leather of the belt on my bum, slowly rubbing it. Then he holds it up, and brings it down as hard as he can. Smack! The fire I feel in unexplainable, and I'm shocked to the point were I can barely breath. He makes a tsk tsk sound. " I didn't hear you count, sweetie." He say's, bringing it down again. Smack! This time I count, fearing any more extra's. " O-one." I say, tears running down my cheeks. This continues on until he reaches ten, and by then I'm practically sobbing.


He slides my shorts off, and picks me up, holding me in his lap and rocking me back and forth. I wince as his jeans rubs against my sore bum, and I hate to admit it but his holding me actually felt kind of nice. . . No! Snap out of it! He's the enemy! I correct myself. But I can't shake the warm feeling I get as he whispers soothing things in my ear. . .










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