One Directions Slave

Ali is a normal 14 year old girl. Or at least she seems like it. Red hair, brown eyes, and a sassy attitude. After getting stolen by One Direction, she shows them that owning her is gonna cost a bit more than expected- and their gonna show her that they arent as nice as she had expected.


1. 1.

I laughed as my best freinds mom chased us out of their apartment with a broom, my friend running beside me. " Get out of here you naughty things! And Jonty, you can expect no dinner when you get home, you will be too full on those cookies you stole from me, no doubt!" She shouted behind us, we turned our heads and stuck out our tongues. It nearly caused me to run into a tree, but it was worth it! I could hear her grumbling behind us as we ran into the woods that seperated my home from his. We kept running until we came to our tree, a big apple tree with lots of good branches to climb on. It's realy a park, one of the only parks in our tiny city, that has a small forest.


I climbed onto one of the strongest branches and dug my cookies out of my pocket. I got a splinter on the back my leg from the tree and I winced as I pulled it out, drawing blood. Jonty climbed onto the branch right below me. " How many?" I asked him, counting mine. " Eight. More than last time, better." He replied. " Fourteen." I told him, sticking out my tongue. " I kind of expect that from a jungle girl. You always manage to snatch more cookies than me. Isnt that right, Alison?" He gave me a mistevious smile. " I told you never to call me that!" I yelled, reffering to my real name. I grabbed an apple from the branch above me, chucking it at him. He fell to the ground, landing on his butt, and winced.


"Come on, we have to go to school." I jump off the branch, landing on him. He grunts and tries to grab me, but I run. I'm a fast runner, a computer whiz, and I'm great at manipulating things into doing what I want them to do. We arive at the brown brick school a minute later. It's one of the largest buildings we have here, wich isnt saying much because we live six hours away from downtown, London. We are actualy connected by a narrow Island. Cool, huh? Suddenly, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, catching a glimpse of something black before it disapeared.


I shrug and turn back towards the school. My best friend is running towards me, waving her arms like a maniac, and Jonty is ignoring me as if he doesn't know me so he can act cool in front of his friends. I roll my eyes and steady myself, waiting for the impact of my best friend crashing into me. She does, and hugs my shoulders. " Oh my god! You have to come to the mall with me! You just have to!" Sarah shouts in my ear. I wince and pull away from the hug, rubbing my ear. " So, whats so important about going to the mall? We've been there millions of times."I pull out my phone and check my calendar to see if I'm fee. I am. " One Direction is signing autographs in Rue 21!"


I snap my head up and place my hands on my hips, frowning. " You know I hate One Direction. More like One Erection!  Their so horny all the time, especially that Harry- I don't know how you can stand that guy and his big fat ego." She gasps. " Don't be so rude! Their nice!" I roll my eyes. I reach up and tug my hair out of its ponytail, letting it fall down my back. I smile. Much better- that's how I like to be. Wild and free." Sure. Fine, I'll come. But don't expect me to get all sappy and shit about them- like you." She smiles. " Fine by me, girlfriend!" We walk into the school together, her chatting away about that stupid band.


[ Harry's pov.]


I watch her from behind the tree, angrily tugging at the hem of my itchy shirt. Of course Niall had to get the most annoying costumes ever. At least he managed to remember to make them black. I study the girl ahead of me, noting her round curves, the smooth way she moves. Nice butt. I think, then smile at my thoughts. She places her hands on her hips as her friend says something, and frowns.


I lean closer to catch her words. " You know I hate One Direction. More like One Erection! Their so horny all the time, especially that Harry- I don't know how you can stand that guy and his big fat ego." I chuckle at her words as her friend defends me and the boys. The girl we chose reaches up and pulls her hair from the ponytail, and it tumbles down her back like a waterfall.


I watch them at they walk into the building, and I wonder how she can stand her friend chatting all the time. Slipping my cell phone out of my pocket, I call up Louis, who is watching her from around the corner. " Did she agree to go?" I ask. " Yep." He says, popping the 'p'. I smile and hung up. I call the girls parents to see if they will sell her, and they do. I smile. This is going to be fun.





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