Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


6. texting

Liam's pov

I very worried about Niall since he sent us that text about having to miss meeting us at Simons house this year like we always so on break. And also coz it was it a text. Usually if he cancels he calls the person but he jut sent a group message saying he had lots of stuff going on at home so he would see us on tour. I know you think I'm acting like a girl but the thing is, he sent that text message last week and still hasn't reached out to any of us.

Liam Daddy Direction; To Niall Food.

LDD9:30 pm- Hey Niall I was just wondering how you are doing?

LDD10:00 pm- niall you ok?

LDD10:15 pm- R u drunk?

LDD10:23 pm- do you need me an the lads to come to your house?

LDD10:31 pm- Niall ?

Liam Daddy Direction; to curly boy, louist91 and zayn overweight m

LDD 10:35 pm- have any of you heard from Niall ?

CB 10:43 pm- you interrupted a makeout session so shut up. But no I haven't.

ZOM10:45 pm- no I didn't why? And did you ever notice my name almost says zoom.

LT10:47 pm- I like what your thinking harry;) and yes I have heard from Niall he said he was going to miss getting together with us.

LDD10:50 pm- stop flirting and joking around. See you all tomorrow.

Liam Daddy direction; to Niall food

LDD10:56 pm- Niall if you don't respond by eleven o'clock I'm buying a ticket to your house.

NF10:58 pm- I'm fine Liam just need to sort some family things out gtg ttyl. Niall.


Sorry it's so short and that I haven't updated in a while. Hope you like it:)

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