Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


2. school

Ava's pov

I walk into school wearing baggy pants and a over sized sweat shirt, to try and hide my fatness." Hey Queen of fatness! What did you have for breakfast? Everything from IHOP and dunkin donuts!" My ex best friend Avery aka the most popular girl in school yelled as I walked past her and her friends to my locker. Kids are laughing at my locker which avary and her friends had covered in adds for weight loss." We are just trying to help." Avery laughs as she walks past me.

~~~~~~~~~~ after school

I walk out side of school to the sight of almost every girl in this county gathered around a black car screaming names. I'm not surprised since lots of the kids here's siblings are famous. As I walk past the group some one yells." Hey Ava! Aunt Margret wanted me to pick you up and I also wanted to see my favorite cousin." Niall yelled. I hadn't seen home since Anna died. Witch was right after the x-factor. The group of fans all look at me and Avery says." You can't be serious. Queen of fatness would break your car if she went inside let alone went anywhere." The crowd of girls start to yell mean things at me." Shut the fuck up!" Niall screams." She's my cousin and let me tell you she's prettier then all you bitches." He grabs my wrist and takes me to the car. When he touches me I flinch internally from the pressure, but don't let him see it since who knows how he will react." You didn't need to lie to all those girls about me being pretty." I say." WHAT!?!?! Your not pretty your beautiful Ava you should know that." He yells. We continue the ride in silence.

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