Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


5. hospital

Avas pov

White. A white light. I start to walk towards it… then I see one of my favorite cousins." Go back Ava."" But I need you Anna."" Ava Niall needs you more then me I'm fine."" But everyone hates me at school…"" Ava just promise that you won't listen to the kids at school anymore."" But Anna…"

I start then I hear a beeping sound and Anna is gone. Then I hear someone crying." Oh Ava please wake up." The person crys.

" Sir are you sure you don't know what happened to her?" A strict voice asks. I try opening my eyes to see who's talking but I feel like someone sewed my eyes shut.

" I'm sure I-I j-just w-walked into her bathroom and f-found her l-like this." A voice stutters between sobs. That's when I remember…


Ava's POV

I climb the stairs after I got home heading to my room to change into a new pair of sweats.

After changing I head into my bathroom before I start my homework to change my bandages on my wrist. I bend under the sink when I hear her." Oh Ava. darling I'm very mad at you."" F-for w-what?" I stutter.

" For being born, related to Niall Horan and being fat and lazy." She says then kicks me. When she's done I'm covered in blood and bruises. Then we hear." Ava?" It was Niall . She freezes then jumps out the window. Niall starts to open the door. Then I blackout…


I finally open my eyes and see my parents and Niall gathered around my bed. My parents are sleeping while nialls on his phone. You can tell he's been crying since his eyes are puffy and red and his phone is buzzing but he's not even paying attention to it." N-Niall ?" I ask." AVA!" He yells pulling me into a hug. When I wince he quickly pulls away with a scared look on his face." Ava I'm so sorry…" I cut him off

Authors note ....

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating I'm going to try and update more often but school jut started so… well I hope you like it :)

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