Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


3. home

Nialls pov Ava's house

I sent Ava to her room then I barged into her parents study ." Why are the stupid bitches at Ava's school calling her the queen of fatness?" I yell.

" Well it was Avery's 13th birthday. You Remember avery right?" Ava's mother said.

" Who could forget."" Well Ava was always so good at baking so she made a beautiful red velvet cake. Since it was Avery's favorite. One of the boys tripped Ava and she fell face first into the cake. After that day she with your cousin Anna. Remember her? And Anna was always a little heavier then most the girls…" she said.

" How did you know about all this?"" Anna." Was all aunt Bella had to say. She was obviously still sad about Anna's death like the rest of us." Oh Niall .

I don't know what to do. Ava won't listen to us about it she used to always dress so prettily but now all she wears are sweats." Aunt Bella crys." Shh. It will be ok I'll figure something out before I leave."

I comfort her." J-just help a-Ava." She stutters.

I hug her them head up to Ava's room. I knock on the door but she doesn't open it so I walk in. Ava's not in her room but the bathroom door is open a crack." Ava?"

I ask pushing the door open slowly. The sight in front of me is so grouse I can't even scream...

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