Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


8. friends

Ava's pov

My parents are talking quietly to Niall and since I'm bored I go out in the hall way. Btw I'm in a wheel chair. At least I won't have to go to school.

Another persons sitting in a wheel chair out in the hallway so I quickly wheel over to her." Hi! My names Ava." I say you would think I'm a shy girl but as long as I'm not at school I'm totally out going.

" Hey! I'm Allyson but if you call me that I'll kill you once I get out of this wheelchair so just call me ally." She says laughing." So why are you hear?" I ask after chatting for a little while." Well I wanted to try jumping into the pool from my roof but I forgot to jump in the deep end." She laughs then asks me." What about you?"" I was beet up by for being born and related to Niall hiran from a pop band."

" OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams." I love One Direction so much."" The bands name is one direction?" I ask them burst out laughing." That is soooooo original." I say." Me and Niall had a club called one direction." I say as I continue laughing." Ally we got to go now." A boy who must be her older brother says.

" One minute josh. Ava can I have your phone number?" She asks handing me her phone." Of course you better text me ASAP." I. Say as I type my number into her phone.

After she leaves Niall and my parents walk towards me smiling." Ava we have great news." My dad says smiling. I was about to say something when Niall yells." YOUR MOVING IN WITH ME AND THE LADS!!!!!!"" Yay!!!!!" I yell even though I don't even like pop music.

After Niall helps me into the Car my phone buzzes

Ally cat😽: to Amazing Ava

Ally cat😽; r u going to the show in two days?🎤🎶🎧🎼🎸💿

Amazing Ava: yes r u?🎧🎤🎼

Ally cat😽:same!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😽

Amazing Ava: I'm also going on tour with them😂😽

Ally cat😽: lucky😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Amazing Ava: Ikr gtg ttyl😘😘😘😘😘😘

Authors note

Sorry the chapters so short. I'm starting my first 5sos fan fiction but sadly someone made me a beautiful cover and my phone won't let me down load it😔

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