Through the dark

Ava is bullied. Her cousin decides to set her up with his band mate. What will happen


7. dream

This chapter is dedicated to my loyal fan @ yungdirectioner. You are awesome for how much you love this story:)

Nialls pov

After talking to Ava for a little while she finally fell back asleep. I finally looked at the text massages and quickly sent Liam a text since the boys didn't even know I had a living girl cousin. I fall asleep in the hospital arm chair to be awoken by a nightmare.


I was driving to the castor house as quickly as possible since I'm already late for Ava's birthday. I pulled into the big drive way to only see my parents car, along with my grand parents in the drive way. I quickly jump out of my car with a feeling something was wrong." Mum? Dad?" I called as I run into the house." N-Niall ." My mum sobs. My grandparents are also crying while my fathers eyes are in a state of shock." What's wrong? Where is Ava? And every one else?" I asked angrily." A-Anna and a-Ava were driving home together when I drunk driver hit there car." My mum stutters then can't talk anymore from the tears." Ava's alive but Anna… Anna d-died." My father finishes.

Present time

I wake up to Ava's parents shaking me." Niall we need to do something about Ava. Should we send her to boarding school?"" No she would hate you forever. I think I have a idea." I whisper it to them invade Ava hears it then I walk out into the hall to call a very important person.


Ally's pov( this is a random person that might start showing up more and more;))

I'm sitting in a wheel chair in the hall waiting for my brothers to finish signing papers when I see a cute blond haired boy step out of a room with his phone in hand. He looks strangely familiar for some reason." Hey uncle Si… yeah family problems… so remember Ava?… yeah well she's going through a rough patch… yeah… she could?!?!… your the best thanks." He says smiling. Then he walks off.


Sorry it's short again I'm on my phone and it's breaking. But I'm getting a new one soon so yay!!!! Hope you like the chapter

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