The Dog Returns to Hell

A journey to hell and back by an unlikely creature. So, what would it be like to go to hell for a day? Well, it'd sound less exciting if everything in there is out to kill or torture you. But, yeah go ahead and
join Caleb as he traverse the Otherside and back. But it won't be the journey you expect it would be...and Caleb knows why.

This is a One-shot sequel of my earlier work Infestation . Here's the link:


2. The Cane, The Master, The Mission





The mist coalesced above the summoning circle like a phlegmy cough from a dying man. He sighed with relief, [that was a close one.] Before taking his solid form, he scanned the place. The realm they called "office" was scarce of humans.

Transparent glass called windows surrounded the realm. [It was one of man's peculiarities that the mist will never understand, giving names to everything they see. To everything they think they own.] 

The room was tidier than most of the place were humans inhabit. Recirculated stale air replaced the sulfur rich atmosphere he enjoyed earlier. Four human forms sat around the long wooden table at the center of the office with officious looking attires. 

He would've attacked them if he didn't know their true nature. Their masked was that effective. The four would've looked pleasant if real humans saw them or even interacted with them. He smiled, he liked the idea of this kind of deception. He didn't disturbed them as they discussed their future schemes. Curious, he listened as they spewed gibberish in human tongue.

" -yes Lord, it will cause a recession." The brunette woman said. "Then the rest well collapse as well. It will take with it other nations in Europe first. Slowly it will spread like cancer and affect the rest of the world. My calculations tell me that by nine months it will be in effect. No one will see it coming."

"Very good, Mammon. " The voice came from the the fourth person in the room. The one seated at the black leather chair his face cloaked by the shadow and the 'wretched' ivory cane in his hand. "And how about you?"

The lady with the bleached blond hair smiled and answered."So far so good my Liege. We've synthesized the submicroscopic agent and were currently testing it in one of our test site in Africa." She looked at every figure in the room with a hint of pride. "It will be adaptable enough and be three steps ahead of any vaccines that they could make. It will constantly mutate once introduced to our chosen patient zero. We estimate thousands dying in just the first week alone. It'll be worse than the bubonic plague or the smallpox combined."

"Brilliant as ever, Beelzebub. I like it." The master shifted and turned to another figure. "Ah now, how's your progress, Azazel?"

The man with the chiseled chin cringed; his voice wavered, "He still has my key mi lord." He looked away. "But I already ruined him. He will either be what he hates the most or he will spill the key's location."

"Tut-tut-tut. Make your move now my lieutenant or I will recall your avatar in this plane. I don't want to waste precious energy to maintain a freeloader." The leather chair turned towards the window. "Your brothers will be willing to take your place."

"But mi lord I still need... I'm sorry mi lord. I will see to it myself that the thief is crushed." Azazel said. "And the key recovered as soon as possible. He knows he can't ran forever I'll will get to him. No one can protect him. No one will stop me."

"Do you need help brother?" Belzebub said. Azazel scowled at the blonde. He crumpled the piece of document in his hand.

"Let him deal with it alone. He knows what is to be done to humans who interfere with the affairs of the gods." The master said. "And how about you Caleb?“

The mist was jolted into his solid form. His tail, wings and cloven feet formed first. Head, body, and clawed hands followed. From purple his hue turned to dark red. Thorns began to pop all over him, making him look like a cross between a red primate and a porcupine. "Master and Lords of Hell it is my honor-"

"Silence! I do not need any flattering from you, dog." The master said. "Why were you away from the site, answer me?"

"A human master. A woman with fiery red hair ambushed me. She tried to torture me but poor Caleb escaped with his life." Caleb the Imp said.

"Ah, mean to tell me that you killed her and disposed of her body?"

"No, no lord the filth had company with her. Very strong company." Caleb lied. "Insolent and filthy, ignorant foolish."

The Master's eyes flowed yellow in the shadows "Interesting..."

"My servants will investigate this matters my Liege." Belzebub said."-if you wish." The "master" ignored him.

"Find those humans and deal with them, imp." The chair turned. "I shall not have my plans aborted because of your foolishness. And one more thing… do not LIE in my face again dog." 

Lightning crackled and a bolt from the cane struck the imp in the chest. He crashed in the wall denting the metal logo of a fist with rays coming from it. He groggily collected himself and flew out the open window.

"Alas, it is true then that there is no rest for the wicked." The imp sighed and his eyes narrowed into a pair of slits. "Now, where are you woman?"





*****THE END*****




I wanted to connect things and introduce stuff in between my stories so I wrote this "very" short ones. This stories happened "after" Infestation/ R.O.U.S. but can be read without reading the others. Enjoy!

*The Dog Goes to Hell story, I came up with this story when I was looking at names and their meaning. Did you know that Caleb is the variation of the Hebrew Kalev/Kelev meaning "Dog". 

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