Remember to Forget Me

*Book one of the Remembrance Trilogy* "I love him, Niall," I say through my tears. "I just don't understand why he's so mean one second and then perfectly loving the next." "I know, mate- he does it to me, too. I always thought it was because he hates my family, but I'm not sure anymore," Niall tries to comfort me, pulling my sobbing and gangly body into his embrace. "It'll get better, I prom-" "He has a right to know, and I'm telling him. No more excuses, mate. You're losing him, and I am so not going to deal with what you'll turn into if you lose him," Niall and I hear Zayn say, coming down the stairs in Niall's house and walking to us with the boy in question trailing behind him. "Please, Zayn! I'll tell him- just please don't! I promise I'll tell him this month!" "No, you'll tell him in the next three days," Zayn demands, turning back to face the boy tugging on his sleeve. "Okay, okay... Just please don't tell him now." "Fine, but I'm going home, and don't even think about talking


2. Chapter II

{Harry's POV}
"El, would you please just tell me if he's okay? He's been in here for hours. Just at least tell me if he's okay," I hear a voice as soft as velvet beg. It sounds so familiar, but I just can't place it.

"Yes, he's fine, but he just needs to rest. He put a lot of effort into doing the things I asked and he was extremely tired by the end, so I let him sleep- just as you should do. Go home and do some homework, Tommo; he has to text you for his anyway," I hear Eleanor's sweet voice say, and then the first voice talks again, but it sounds more tired.

"I can't go home until my stupid step brother tells his friends to leave. You know the agreement that idiot and I made- no one knows we're brothers."

I process the sound of the velvet voice, and I finally figure out whose it is, but I'm shocked by who it is- Louis.

"Yeah, yeah, just go away, then. He's going to wake up soon, and I don't want you here when he does," Eleanor says, and I find myself wishing she would let him stay.

"Why's that?" Louis asks, and I can just imagine the way he'll push his hair out of his eyes.

"Because you saved him from Jason and then yelled at him, you twat. He doesn't need you blowing up on him right now. Now, go away, Louis, before I kick your arse," Eleanor threatens, and then I hear a small chuckle as the door clicks closed.

I wait for about three minutes before I finally decide to 'wake up' and move around. I attempt to sit up, but something is wrapped around my torso tightly and it distracts me.

"It's a compression bandage. Jason practically fractured your rib, and what was hurting was that every time you moved you'd hit the bruise, which is pretty black if I might add, and so I put that on there and nothing can hit it unless you take it off," Eleanor explains as she walks over to me from the small desk I hadn't noticed was in here before.

"You took off my shirt?" I ask, looking down at my semi-naked chest apart from the bandage.

"Yeah... Is that okay?" she asks, concern obvious in her voice.

"Yes, it's fine, but where's my shirt? And what time is it?"

"Your shirt is to your left on the counter, and it's four-thirty. You slept for just over three hours, but it's okay. I told your teachers you were hurt and used your locker story, then they said they'd excuse you but that you'd still have to do the homework. So I tried to help," she laughs, and I smile alongside her as I reach for my plaid shirt. "Oh, and I called your parents... Or at least someone named Gemma who said she'd tell your parents. Is she your sister or something?"

"Yeah, but she's been more of a mum to me than my mother has ever been," I explain.

"She seemed sweet," Eleanor says with a smile. "Oh! Gemma also said to tell you that if you don't bring your Land Rover home without a scratch and without you getting a ticket, then she'll only take your keys, but if you don't then she'll make you regret it."

I smile as I think of Gemma. She's taken care of me through everything; she's made me feel like I'm not so alone in this world.

"Okay, well, then I'd better get going before there's too many policemen out on the roads... and Eleanor, you've been a great friend to me. Is there any way I could repay you? It could be anything: a new car, a new wardrobe, a new computer- anything."

"You don't have to give me anything, Harry, but I do want one thing from your heart. Come and see me once in a while, okay? I'm always right in here, and I'm always here for you, okay? Remember that."

"Okay, El," I answer with a small smile.

"Good... Now get out of here, and be safe, please!"

"No problem at all," I say, and then slide my shirt over my head before jumping off of the table and walking through the big wooden door to the hallway.

Since it's been close to two hours since classes ended, the halls are empty. I walk the small journey to my locker while humming the beat to an Ed Sheeran song.

Once I've gathered all of my books into my bag, I sling the overloaded messenger bag over my shoulder and slam my locker closed. Oddly, even knowing that tomorrow may very well be ten times worse than today, I'm peaceful and happy, which is rare as it is, let alone with the day I've had.

I'm not legally allowed to drive for another year and a half, but I've been driving myself places for at least half a year. It's just easier than asking my parents for a driver. They bought me a car, and what other reason would they buy me a car for rather than for me to drive it?

After I've made my way through the seemingly endless hallways and to the glass front doors to the school, I debate on whether or not to wear a jumper. It's sunny and there's no clouds, but that means nothing in England, so I decide to search for a jumper of some sort in my bag. I've most likely emptied my bag of all its contents when I realize that I hadn't, in fact, brought a jumper with me today. I groan inwardly, and then start to messily stuff my things back into my bag again.

"Why are you here so late?" a female voice from behind me asks, and for once I don't even think about the fact that I have no clue as to who it is.

"I was talking to the nurse. Apparently I almost fractured a rib today. I'm really clumsy, so what can I say?" I lie easily, finally stuffing my last textbook back into the bag and standing up to face her.

She's quite pretty, and her blue eyes strongly remind me of Louis' eyes. Her hair has obviously been dyed to a bleach blonde, but her outfit is what hits me the hardest. She's wearing pure black Vans, skinny jeans, and a t-shirt I could've sworn I'd seen Louis wear before.

"Ouch, well, I hope it gets better and doesn't hurt too much. I've got to go so I can start my hour journey home, but have a nice day," she says, and then she turns to walk out of the front doors. I start talking before I think about what I'm saying again, and I'm not sure about this happy self of mine. It's taking too many risks.

"Are you walking home?" I blurt, and she only barely turns her head to mumble a confirmation of my thoughts. "If you wouldn't mind giving me directions, I could just drive you there if you'd like..."

She turns back to face me slowly, and I can't quite read the expression on her face as she walks back to me.

"You'd really do that for a stranger you met not even five minutes ago?" she asks, and I nod and look down to my shoes. Was offering a ride the wrong thing to do? "I'd love a ride, thank you."

I nod again, and then pull my bag onto my shoulder and give her a friendly smile as I start to walk toward the doors with her beside me.

"I'm Charlotte, by the way, but please call me Lottie," she introduces as we walk out of the doors.

"Harry," I reply, and then pick up my pace a bit because it's starting to drizzle.

"That's a very nice name," Lottie says with a smile.

"Thank you, and yours is beautiful as well," I compliment, and then dig into my pocket to find my car keys. "My car is the black Land Rover right there, by the way."

"A Land Rover? Wow, I've never actually been in one. What year is it?"

"It's a 2014- this year. My mum bought me it back in February for my birthday," I explain, finally pulling the keys out of my pocket and clicking the unlock button when we're about ten feet from the vehicle.

"Oh, wow," she says, and then we branch off with her going toward the passenger side and myself toward the driver's. "This is so nice. I can't believe you're just giving me a ride like this. It's very nice of you."

"It's really not a problem," I say as I climb in and throw my stuff into the backseat. 

"Are you sure? I could be a serial killer or something like that for all you know," she jokes, and I laugh as I start the engine.

"For some reason, I seriously doubt that," I chuckle out. "Which way to your house?"

"Do you know where Decade's Park is?" she asks, and I nod as I back out of my parking space and go toward the lot's exit. "I live on this farm-like place about a block or two down from there."

"Oh, wow. That's cool. So you're in the rich district like myself," I state, and she gives me a questioning look. "Oh, I, uh... I live over by the river. I'm probably only, like, ten minutes away from you."

"That's nice. How long have you lived here?"

"Only a few years. My mum's first husband, Des, who is also mine and my sister's father, died in a car accident when I was little, and then my mum remarried a man named Robin, who just happened to be rich and live light-years away from my hometown, so we moved."

"Oh, that actually almost sounds a lot like my family history... My dad actually just left when I was a kid. My brother and I were the only two kids alive when he left, and truthfully, I don't remember much of him. I was only a year or two old when he disappeared. A few years went by and my mother had Felicite, whom we call Fizzy, but then that guy left, too, when he found out my mum was pregnant. Then, close to three years ago, my mum met a man named Bobby, and she got pregnant again. Bobby asked my mum to marry him, and then she had Daisy and Phoebe, and then we ended up moving here to be with Bobby," she explains.

"Oh, that's nice... I think..." I trail off, hoping I hadn't offended her by saying that her mum moving around so much was nice

"Yeah... I'm just happy that my mum is finally happy. She's finally got what she's always wanted in life, and even if it's taken a few different homes and men, I'm still happy," she says, partially smiling. I'm looking at the road, but I can still feel her watching me as I drive. For some reason, I really didn't mind like I normally would have. It might've been the fact that she felt so familiar, and it might've been that I just spilled every part of my soul out to Eleanor; I don't really know, but something is making me feel slightly more confident.

"That's a really nice way to look at it," I compliment, and then take my last turn into the rich district of Doncaster. "Where do I go?"

"Take the left turn onto Rose up ahead and then my house will be down the really long driveway with the gate blocking it. I'll go unlock the gate for us, too, by the way," she answers.

"You're on Rose? Do you know Niall Horan? He's a really close friend of mine, and he lives at the end of a driveway kind of like that," I explain. She laughs, and I don't quite understand, so I just stay quiet.

"He's my stepbrother. Bobby, who's the guy my mum married, is Niall's dad," she says, and I'm shocked.

I guess I really shouldn't have been that surprised because I had known that Bobby had remarried a woman named Johannah, but I hadn't seen any other kids there aside from Theo and Niall. In all of the times I'd been there, I'd never even had a clue that anyone else other than the four of them lived there.

"Wait... Niall didn't tell you about us? He had said that you and Liam just didn't want anything to do with us and for us to stay away from you... Hence the reason I was so surprised you gave me a ride... Do you know about my brother, at least? I mean, I've seen you talk to him a few times, so you have to know he's Niall's stepbrother..." she trails off, and that makes me even more confused. Niall hadn't told Liam or me anything about other siblings.

"What's your last name?" I blurt as I pull up to Niall's driveway gate. Or Lottie's, I guess...

Her next words are so shocking to me that I almost kill the engine to the Rover and start crying right there in the driver's seat.


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