The Shanty McGee

"Welcome to Michael McGee's Shanty - where men are men and women are glad of it!" A humourous story about a shanty in the 1890's. Come and sing and dance with Mr McGee and his crew! *Contains mature content, dirty jokes and songs*


2. The McGee Shanty Anthem

"On the outer Barcoo - where women are few - and the comforts of home are quite scanty, on a road seldom crossed - 'cept by those who are lost - one Michael McGee owns a shanty.

"Michael McGee, that's me!" Mr McGee, a man with a striped shirt, black vest and jeans and a black bowler hat, stuck his thumb into his chest, looking around at all the men and women in the bar. He threw his hands out, saying, "And this here's me shanty! Used to belong to old Basher Brody over there-" he jerked his thumb at the barman "-but I won it off him in a card game. But I'm a nice fella, so I let him stay of as barman." There was a good-natured chuckle from the crowd. "Anyways, we calls it Michael McGee's Shanty!

"Now," he continued, holding up a finger. "From now on, whenever you hear those words, you respond: 'Where men are men and women are glad of it!' So, let's have a try. Welcome to Michael McGee's Shanty!" He then held a hand to his ear.

"Where men are men and women are glad of it!" the crowd hollered.

Mr McGee grinned. "Very nice!" he said. "And I'd also like to introduce me good lady and co-owner of this establishment, Mrs McGee!" He gestured to the little lady sitting on a stool behind him.

Mrs McGee stood up. She was a nice-looking lady, with a grey blouse, black skirt and a black hat with flowers sewn onto the side. She had a slight limp, waddling from side to side as she walked towards her husband. "Thank you for that, Mr McGee," she said, patting him on the shoulder. She faced the gathered crowd. "I see there are a lot of squatters here today," she commented. "I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of you squatters," she continued, spreading her arms out wide. She winked. "And your 'usbands, as well!" There was a roar of laughter from the crowd as the squatters shook their heads, taking a gulp of their beer. "And once again, welcome to Michael McGee's Shanty!"

"Where men are men and women are glad of it!" the crowd yelled again.

"Hang on, Mrs McGee," Mr McGee interrupted, and pointed to one of the tables. "I reckon this group over here sounded like a bunch of wusses." He gestured to another table. "This group over here was much better."

"No, I don't think so, Mr McGee," Mrs McGee argued, pointing to the table in front of her. "I think that this table over here was much more assertive."

Mr McGee shook his head. "Here, I'll prove it," he challenged. "My group - welcome to Michael McGee's Shanty!"

"Where men are men and women are glad of it!" the table roared.

"Not bad," Mrs McGee admitted, before smiling. "but get ready for this! My group - welcome to Michael McGee's Shanty!"

Determined not to be outdone, her group practically screamed, "Where men are men and women are glad of it!"

Mr McGee nodded his head. "All right, we'll call it a draw for now." The crowd laughed. "Now," he continued. "There is a piece of paper in front of you with booze prices, food prices, and the lyrics to a song. That song is the Shanty McGee Anthem!" He held up his arms for effect. "Now, we're going to start singing, and once you get the tune, feel free to join in!"

So Mr McGee, Mrs McGee, and two ladies down the back of the bar started singing:

"Have fun at your new celebration,
Be glad that you're footloose and free!
Be happy at your favourite tavern -
Come down to the Shanty McGee!

"Come down, come down,
Come down to the Shanty McGee with me!
Come down, come down,
​Come down to the Shanty McGee!"

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