Love Triangle

Nother one of those stories that might be successful.


3. Samantha

"Ciao bella! You must be Samantha!!"

I turned around and saw a skinny woman with a massive mole on her upper lip.

"You are verrrry early, Samantha!"

Huh. I only came two days early because my mum wanted to dump me at this place and then go off to some Tahitian luxury dining getaway.

"Yes, yes, now can she find her room and I'll head off?" my mum said and tried her best to persuade her into it.

"HM? NO," came the reply and the woman became surly. "You must, I insist, stay for the days and come to our opening ceremony."

"Can we just skip to the point already? I mean, I dyinggg to know who's my roomie," I smiled in a desperate attempt to divert her attention to me.

"Ya ya. You must know. Come with me and I WILL show you your room and let your blaterare mother head ooofffffff, as she insists." She led me away, I waved to my mum. 

"And this is what..."

Sorry, I half-nodded off as she lectured to me about discipline and the expectations of the school.


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