its his baby

Jenna is dating calum hood and her life is good until she goes to a party hooks up with niall horan and gets pregnate and then relizes that she fell for the wrong guy.


1. see you there

Jenna's point of view:

I was walking to my locker when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me close into a strong body. A pair of lips kissed my neck slowly. I turn around to see my boyfriend Calum Hood.

"hey". I say right before he kisses me on the lips.

"hey so I was wondering, Ashton is having a party tonight and I want to take wanna go".

"yah ill go''.

"k ill pick you up at 8". He says before he walks away to Luke.

I turn back to my locker when another pair of arms wrap around my waist I laugh cause I know it Calum,

"I know you'll pick me up at 8"i say sarcasticly.

" ok good ill see you then babe"

I turn around to see Niall Horan one of the schools hottest guys.

"oh i'm sorry I thought you were Calum" I say while I try to get out of his grip but I failed.

"now why would you think that when your going with me"

his face is right up to mine.

"well I would think that because he's my boyfriend and I am going with him not you". I say as i get out of his grip close my locker and start to walk away, but I hear Niall yell,

''see you there babe'' I role my eyes and just keep walking.

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