Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


4. Wake up!

Oliver Reed-

  "You like parties, huh?" I ask Thea as Juliet walks away. She doesn't seem like the partying time, and I understand that. Many times I just want to chill on a roof somewhere instead of attend a party, and in North Dakota, I was the party guy. Always organizing, putting together, attending all sorts of parties. Even I need a break from it sometimes.

  Not tonight, however.


THEA: I give him a crazy grin. “I was born to party. You could say that parties are my achilles heel.”


Oliver Reed-

  "These kind of parties?" I wave towards the craziness occurring behind me. People playing games with eggs, throwing them at each other, the loud music, the wild dance party that has absolutely no idea what they are doing...

  Not really what I'm used to, but hey, it's still a party. Even if it was somewhat sudden.


THEA: “Are you kidding? These are the best kind of parties! Absolutely no organization, people just being crazy and having fun. This is the type of party to lose yourself in.” I smile around me at the people dancing, laughing, and just being plain weird. This was going to be a wild night.  


Oliver Reed- Midnight came way too quickly. The party was fun, yes I have been to better parties, but this one was fun for being one at a school. I make my way back to my room, and on the way I notice many students were still partying. Predictable rebellious high schoolers. I smirk. Who am I kidding, I would be right there with them if I wasn't the new kid.


THEA:  I stumble into my dorm at 2 o’clock in the morning, soaking wet.

After Oliver left, a group of seniors dared me to sneak out of the school, which was locked and had alarms and cameras, and take a dip in the lake out back. Needless to say they were surprised when I pulled it off without triggering anything. Though we were wiped of our smirks when we ran into Blume in the hallway and we were all sent to bed with a detention the next day. I smirk, thinking about the faces of the boys as they witnessed me returning without an alarm bell ringing, they underestimated me big time... I strip of my wet clothes and throw on a dry pair before plopping into bed, falling into a deep sleep.


Oliver Reed- I watch the time pass on the alarm clock next to my bed. I'm just staring at it now.




  I can't stand it anymore. I throw down my blankets and walk over to the light switch. Turning on my light reveals everything that changed since the orientation. I have already seen everything, but I feel like going through it again.

   Five pairs of school clothes that seem to shine with their royal blue and silver coloring. The next day's schedule, which I already have with my school binder. And a note taped above my roommate's bed.

  Or, who would have been my roommate.

  The note says simply: "Michelle is unable to join Stonewood for a couple months. The room is yours." Michelle must be my roommate... If he was here. It's not a joke though, in the corner is signed Headmistress Blume. I think about what this means. A lot of loneliness, that's what I see. A lot of silence. I don't like either. Well, maybe I'll take it up with Headmistress Blume tomorrow.

  I turn off the light and flop on my bed again, this time feeling more comfortable. It doesn't take much time for me to fall into a deep sleep.


JULIET: I wake up to the sound of my alarm, which I had set the previous night. Groggily I push myself out of bed. I had to get up extra early this morning because I was told the school store would be open before classes start. Maybe Thea might like to go with me. I go over to her bed and prod her a little bit. “Hey do you want to check out the school store with me? I don’t know if you know this but we’re required to wear school mandatory uniforms. It doesn’t look like you own any,”


THEA: I wake from a wonderful, peaceful dream to someone telling me I have to wear a uniform. A uniform.  “Wha-” I sit up and see Juliet standing above me. I catch the rest of her sentence and nod. “Sure, sure. Lemme get dressed. Or, never mind, I’m going to go in my pajamas if I have to wear some stupid uniform. We need to find me some coffee as well.” I haul myself out of bed and throw my hair up into a bun, not bothering to comb through it. “Lead the way…” She probably thinks I’m drunk by the way i’m acting.

JULIET: I quick pull on some sweatpants and a tee shirt. Wow I must have looked creepy standing over her as she woke up. I hope I’m not making a bad impression. I’m only trying to help, right? I open the door and the both of us walk out, heading downstairs.


Oliver Reed- I allowed myself to wake up later than usual. There wasn't anything to prepare for anymore. I had my schedule, my uniform, I left enough time to find my class. But sleeping in later didn't make it easier for me to get up. It was still a fight against gravity.

  I try on the uniform, and I like to think it fits nice. Especially if I have to wear it for the rest of the school year. I suppose it would be bad if it didn't fit well. Grabbing my schedule, I exit the room silently. As I walk down the hallway, I can't help but notice the many voices from people's rooms. Must be nice to have roommates.


THEA:  Juliet and I return to our room 30 minutes later, multiple pairs of uniforms in hand. “I was not aware that we were required to wear uniforms, if I had, I probably would not have come to this boarding school.” I throw my uniforms onto my bed, groaning as I flop down on top of them.


JULIET: “Hey, it’s not that bad! You can always mix things up a bit. There are always loopholes in dress codes,” I say, as I throw on the standard uniform; white button up, black vest, and pants. I add a comfy blue sweater and pop on some pearl earrings. “See what I mean?”

THEA: I take in my roomates appearance. “Cute. Fine, I’ll make it work.” I stand and pull on the wrinkled uniform. Pulling the sleeves up above my elbows and pulling on my black converse. I pull my hair back into a messy bun and change out a couple earrings. I stare at myself in the mirror before pulling on some black ripped leggings and hiking the royal blue skirt up. Perfect. Now time for school...

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