Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


2. Stonewood At Last

JULIET: After what feels like forever, we pull up a long, winding drive. In front of us is a highly decorated wrought iron gate, with the large initials “SA” inbedded in the gate. “Stonewood Academy,” I mumble to myself. Here we go. An electronic sound buzzes from a metal codelock near the gate, and It slowly opens in response. The driver continues until we reach a large circular loop in the drive, and he pulls up in front of the school. It’s massive! A huge victorian manor decorated with (IDK). The driver opens my door for me and retrieves my luggage from the trunk, handing it to a man with a large cart in front of the school.

    “Don’t worry, your things will be taken to your dorm,” A elderly woman in a royal blue pant suit says to me.

    “Excuse me,” I stutter, slightly lost.

    “Let me introduce myself, I am headmistress Blume. You must be one of our new american students, Miss. Connolly, correct?”

    “Yes. That is me,” I say.

    “That is just perfect!” Well, I believe your packet has the information about your dorm number. The staff will be able to direct you if need be. Just remember official orientation starts tonight at 7,” Headmistress Blume says with a pleasant smile. I thank her and hurry up the steps and into the huge school. I’m completely taken massive arched ceilings rise above me, and everything is decorated so formally, though some modern touches are rather evident. In front of me are a massive set of stairs that rise and branch off in two directions, framed by two wide passageways on the main floor. I pull my packet out of my backpack and flip to my personal information. It reads, FLOOR THREE, ROOM 115.


THEA: I can’t stop staring. The taxi driver dropped me off a good five minutes ago, but I can't move from my spot.  Someone came a took my luggage, but as with the taxi, I held onto my hockey stick. My good luck charm. But after another good minute, I still can’t move. It’s a castle. Or something bigger. I’m going to school in a castle. A castle.  New and old students pile in the huge double doors, and I finally close my mouth and follow them in. All around me, british accents fill the air, people greeting friends from the year before, and eager freshmen talking to each other about the a cute guy.  I try to take it all in, but it’s too overwhelming. I shake my head, just find your dorm, Thea, then process this all.  I take out my packet and look for my dorm room number and floor.  Once I locate it on my information packet, I start up the large grand staircase that takes up most of the front room I stand in. But before I can take one step, I run into someone.

    “Oof.” I look up startled. I thought I was paying attention.

    “Sorry.” A boy, about my age with green hair says.

    “No problem, my fault. Rad hair, by the way.” He smiles, and I return it before turning and walking up the stairs. Three levels later, I arrive at room 115. I take a deep breath and open the door. Here I go.


OLIVER: I approach the Castle walls. It's not really a castle, but it truly looks like one. Anybody passing by would think "castle," if the Stonewood sign didn't sit at the entrance of the property and the school.

  So far, I have counted one American that I happened to bump into on the way in. Everyone else seems to be British. I can't help but smirk at their accents, I have always admired British people for the accent.

  I read off of what the lady at the entrance scribbled on my folder. Third floor, room 133, on the far side of the building. Dang, this place has three floors? What about classrooms? How big are those?

  I'll have to find out later. I make my way to my room. I just need to remember that I need to attend some school meeting at... I think it was seven... Either way, I better make it. That would be a pretty bad impression if I miss my the orientation.


JULIET: After much asking about, I eventually find my room. I open it, and to my surprize, find that it is rather modern compared to the rest of Stonewood. Two Stainless steel beds sit on either side of the white room, accompanied by a white desks, two closets and bedside tables. Each desk has books and a laptop computer. I pick up some of the books at a desk and find they all match up to classes, except one, labeled, “A HISTORY OF ADVANCED HUMANS”. It doesn’t seem to line up to any of my classes. Must be for some sort of biology or history class. I neglect it for now and turn my attention to my bed, my suitcase laid neatly on top. I begin to unpack my few things, putting clothes in the provided closet, and laying out personal things. Thats when I hear the click of a door, and I turn around.


THEA: I open the door, and find a dark hair girl staring back at me. Guess my dorm mate is already here.  

    “Hey.” I smile. “You must be,-” I look down at the packet, where it lists the girls name. “Juliet Connolly. I’m Thea Gray.”


Oliver Reed: My room is oddly silent compared to the rest of the school. I'm not sure what I was expecting, though. I should have a roommate, but I'm not sure who it is. Not American, though.

  It doesn't really matter, I must have arrived before him. I flip the light, revealing the comfortable small beds with white desks in front of them, complete with a lamp and drawers. A bookshelf on the far wall that I will neglect for now, and probably forever.

  I toss my stuff on the bed I choose, the one father from the door. On the other side of the room, the door hits the chair of the desk. Naturally, I choose the other side.

  In no time I am unpacked. I check the time. It's getting close to 7, I need to find out when this meeting is. I check out of the room, making sure my keycard is in my pocket.


JULIET: “Uh, hi!” I say to the girl with bright blue hair, Thea, “Oh, and yes, I’m Juliet. Look’s like we'll be roommates this year,” I finnish. I can tell the girl is american, just like me. What are the odds? I’ve only seen about five americans here, and all the rest seem British.

THEA: I laugh, and walk over to my bed, where my suitcase and backpack are set. “I guess we will be! Where are you from?” I ask as i start to unpack my things, setting my hockey stick against the wall.


JULIET: “Georgia, but not originally. I was born and lived in Alaska for most of my life,” I reply.


THEA: I nod. “I’m from Illinois. Born and raised. Never left the state until today, actually.”


JULIET: “Wow, quite the culture shock for you, isn’t it?” I reply, feeling derped. my eyes wandering to the clock placed on the wall above Thea’s head. 6:55. Oh great. “Hey I don’t mean to interrupt our first meeting, but isn’t orientation in five minutes?” She turns around and follows my gaze to the clock.


THEA: “Well crap, you’re right! I have no idea where it is either… We better get going!” I throw the handful of clothes I had in my hand and walk to the door, Juliet right behind me.


Oliver Reed: "It's being held in the ballroom," says a fellow classmate, pointing to the room. I enter the large room. I notice the room is separated into different sections, separated by country. America is farther in the back with only seven seats. I take a seat, I am the first American here. Everyone else is slowly filing in.


JULIET: After some asking around, we finally arrive at the ballroom. I take my seat in the back as i’m directed, next to roughly fifteen other Americans and two Brits.


THEA:  I take a seat in the back, next to my new dorm mate. Conversations die down as a weathered lady takes the stage.  Her voice is strong and commanding, and yet I can still hear kindness in it.

“Welcome to Stonewood Academy!” Cheers raise up, and I join, a smile spreading across my face. “ I am Headmistress Blume.” She gives a wide smile at the applause that comes at her name. “Now, before we get to the fun stuff, I have a few announcements…”


Oliver Reed: Great, one of these speeches. I try to get as comfortable as possible and survey my surroundings. I especially like the banners. Many colors arranged in such a fashion to create some story I can't make out. I turn my attention back to the person talking.


JULIET: The headmistress continues her speech. “As you all know, we have returning students and new students this year. As always. What is so special this year is that we have reached out our special testing program to america,” Some of the students in front of me turn towards the back and snicker a little. “You might have already noticed these students and I ask that you make them feel very welcome, along with our british scholarship acceptance,” Heads turn towards the small group of brits at the end of our row. “Now, to those of you here off scholarship and our previous year students, I ask that you be sensitive to the fact that our new students may not know the in’s and out’s of our school,” The snickers from in front of me become more distinct.


THEA:   I frown at the other students. What could be so bad about this school that they laugh at our ignorance? The headmistress continues. “Now for our new students, you might not know why, or how, you came to be here. But I will tell you this, we did not accept most of you for you grades,” Murmurs break out around me. “But for your abilities. Your special abilities. I trust you will learn more about that in your classes, but for now, we have a little party planned to welcome you.” Shouts go up from some of the older kids, and Blume gives them a sharp look. “Please be back in your dorms by 12. Classes start tomorrow.” Special abilities?...

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