Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


6. Panther Teacher

Oliver Reed: "The heck is going on?" I mutter mostly to myself. How does any of this make sense? This can't be real.

  "Now," continues Mr. Whaver, "I need the name of an animal. Any animal, it hardly matters." Everyone stays quiet. Is there some catch?

  "Hippopotamus," says the loud British student. A few chuckle, and I think the boy intended it to be a joke, but everybody seemed to be too confused to think.

  "Something slightly smaller, if you please." He says.

  "Black Panter," a British girl says from the back of the room. What happened next is hard to explain. It looked like... Quickly, he was aging. Really really fast. He became hunched over and began growing hair, so much hair, all over his body. Suddenly, he is on all fours, seeming to continue to age. Then he stopped.

  Standing in Mr. Whaver spot was a panther. Massive in size, muscular, and black. It howls at us, naturally causing the class to freak out; standing on desks, running at the locked doors... Where did Mr. Whaver go?


THEA:  I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Do I need glasses? Am I still in bed dreaming? That had to be the answer, because what I'm seeing does not make sense.  Mr. Whaver just- just transformed into a prowling black cat. And I don't mean your average house cat, I mean a huge rutting panther.  I suck in a deep breath as the slick cat stalks down the the row of desks, pausing to growl at me. This can’t be real. But a thought creeps foward from the back of my mind, so buried I almost forgot it was there. Almost.  “This isn’t real…” I say out loud, digging my nails into my arm as I try to wake myself from this nightmare.


JULIET: I can tell Thea is not taking this craziness very well. She’s shaking a bit. Somehow that seems quite out of character for her. I watch the cat slink, low on it’s haunches until it reaches the end of the room. Sure, I can believe that my teacher just transformed into a huge, scary beastie, but what I can’t believe is that I’m somehow a part of this big, freaky mess. I shudder at the thought my my body contorting as the teachers had. That must be an awful feeling. Suddenly, the panther starts to stretch out his body, hair slowly receding and muscles contorting until I find myself staring at Mr. Whaver on all fours.


Oliver Reed: There is no way this is real. I know it is, but what just happened can't occur. It's impossible.

  "You just witnessed 'shape shifting' in person," he says, bringing himself to his feet and making a show of dusting himself off, seeming to ignore his shocked and terrified students. "Now, my shape shifting is slower than normal due only to my old age. I can shapeshift into anything. That is my power, it's what Hypothixis lets me do. This power is special to me. It doesn't mean nobody else has the shape shifting ability, but it's not the same... I won't get into that now, that was just to silence the unbelievers." I want to laugh. I want to walk out right now. I want to yell "stop messing with my head!" Instead, I wait to see what happens next.


THEA: I can’t seem to stop shaking. But it's not because I find this impossible. No its because I know it is.  When I was four, my parents  hired a nanny for me while they were working, they never trusted the day care systems. While my nanny was there, I would sometimes catch her doing… abnormal things, such as pointing at a certain object and having it float into her hand. As young as I was, I just brushed it away, but it always lurked in the back of my mind. My levitating nanny.  So that's why, as I shake in my seat now, I know its not from disbelieving, but from believing.  That's why, I tentatively raise my ring covered hand into the air, and ask the question at the back of my mind.  “What are our powers?”


JULIET: “Ah, that is a very good question Miss Gray. Unfortunately, we don’t know, exactly. The test you were all given is only able to determine if you test positive for Hypothixis, along with medical records and other such research. Your ability is still yet to be determined,” Mr. Whaver says in response to Thea’s question. I was wondering just the same thing.


Oliver Reed: "So we learn what our powers are here? How do you learn our powers?" I ask, being the first person to talk since the panther act. I can't believe this is real. Maybe the better way to say that is I can't believe it's real, but I have already made that clear.

  "It's easier than you might think. Most of you probably have some idea of what your power could be; maybe the power is temperature resistant, in which case you would feel less pain to the dramatic changes of temperatures that would usually cause substantial injury to humans. Little experiences like this that have occurred in your life makes your powers easier to pinpoint."


THEA: I ponder over over what our teacher said. What is my power? I drum my shaky fingers on the table. The power to be overly awesome?  I have no stinking idea.   “Any more questions?” Mr. Whaver asks. I hear an american voice from the row behind us speak up. “This is all fake crap. I want to go home. I didn't sign up for this!”

Mr. Whaver nods his head.  “Of course, if any of you would like to leave, we will gladly let you. with some memory erasing, of course.”  His smile is grim, but a little amusement shines through. He likes watching us squirm...


JULIET: I cringe at what Mr. Whaver just said. Erase our memory? Is that even legal? Of course it isn’t, but then again, we’re trapped in a room with a crazy teacher who can turn into a man killing panther. I’m pretty certain there’s some law against that. “Well, if everyone is now on the same page now, how about I give you all a tour of the school? I’m not talking about the sorry excuses for classrooms like the which you’re in now, if that’s what you’re thinking. We’re going to be digging into the real Stonewood Academy,” Mr. Whaver says with a smile.

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