Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


3. Orientation

Oliver Reed-

  Wait wait wait... What did she just say? Special abilities? Timeout! I want to call out. Can you please elaborate on that? That's too big of a statement to be thrown out there like that! Similar to when your on way out of the doctor's office and he calls out to you, "oh, you'll probably die tomorrow!" My reaction is naturally wait, what?

  Now, this meeting was fairly normal until that point. Reference to the new students, returning students, all normal. Then us new students not being accepted because of grades (which I kind of already figured), but because of special abilities. What special abilities do I have? Like seriously, can I, like, do homework really fast? Instead of making a scene, I sit quietly, trying to look like I was expecting this so the other brits would quit laughing at us Americans.


JULIET: Suddenly, All the students get up from their seats and start clearing away the fold up chairs they had just been sitting in. It’s a lot of commotion and chaos going on before me; the party is happening right here! In the ballroom! Once all the chairs are cleared, some being pushed to the side of the room,  fold up tables are brought in, along with large rolling carts full of food and drinks. That’s when the music begins to thump in my ears. This is all so sudden! After a statement like which the headmistress just made, you would think there would be some sort of explanation for those out of the loop, a.k.a me! I look around at the sight before me, teenagers dancing, eating, and having fun. I for one was not having fun. Everything was happening too fast.


THEA: “Well, that was interesting…” What was all that about special powers? I mean sure, I can cook a mean omelet, but I wouldn’t classify that as a ‘special ability’. I look around and see the green haired boy I ran into earlier today standing a few feet away. I walk over to him and say, with sarcasm. “So whats your special ability?”


Oliver Reed-

  I look over to the girl that just approached me. I believe she is the one I bumped into earlier. "Ha, I was thinking it had something to do with gymnastics or something," I shrug and smirk. "Maybe they want us for the Olympics."

  The party started rather quickly. However, I really don't feel like partying. I feel like what she said about being accepted to Stonewood not because of grades but because of special abilities was more like a punch to the gut.

  I take a deep breath. "What was that about? Not being accepted because of grades, but because of... what did she say, was it special abilities?"



I shake my head. “I have no idea. I mean, I kinda didn't expect to be accepted because of my grades, but I don't know why else they would. I mean, I suppose they could have accepted me because of my hockey skills,...” I hadn't thought of of that theory before…   


Oliver Reed-

  "You play hockey?" I ask. I can tell she plays some kind of sport. She is more muscular than average, a little bit shorter than me, and a few piercings. The piercings tell me that she probably has a rebellious background.


THEA: “Yep. Pretty good at it too, not to brag or anything.” I smirk.


Oliver Reed-

  I laugh. "Is that your roommate over there?" I point to who I think is this girl's roommate. I saw they were walking together earlier today.


THEA: I turn and see Juliet. “Yep, that's her.” I catch her attention and wave her over. “By the way, I’m Thea. Thea Gray.”


JULIET: I’m kinda lost. Since they took away the chairs, I got divided from Thea. I look around a bit until I spot her, standing next to a guy with green hair. They seem to both be looking at me. I walk up to the pair, introducing myself to the guy, “Hi, I’m Juliet. I think I saw you earlier, sitting in the same row. I don’t suppose you know anything about what is going on, do you?”


Oliver Reed-

  I scoff. "No, I have no idea what's going on. That was quite the statement she just made. And then the disappearing act." I look around for perhaps the seventh time, looking for Mistress Blume. She isn't there. "Anyway, the names Oliver. Nice to meet you, Juliet. And you, Thea."


JULIET: “Same to you, though I hoped you might know something. Anyways, how do you two know each other?” I say gesturing to Thea.


THEA: “I ran into him on my way to finding our dorm.” I smile at the boy, Oliver. “Hope I didn't give you any bruises, hockey player and all.”


Oliver Reed-

  "It would take a lot more than that to bruise me," I laugh. I put my hands on my hips like a superhero, looking into the distance.


JULIET: “So anyways, the headmistress said we would learn more about these so called “special abilities” in our classes tomorrow? What do you two have first period?” I ask.


THEA: “Um, I believe mine is ‘The Study of Mortals’. Interesting, right? Like, what am I going to learn about mortals? They make it sound like we arent already ‘mortal’.”


JULIET: “That’s interesting... I have the same class as you first period. It’s probably some sort of study in human biochemistry or phycology I’m assuming. I certainly didn’t have a class with the same name back at my old high school in Georgia,” I say, pondering the subject.


Oliver Reed-

  "I'm not completely sure about my classes yet," I jump in. "But I am pretty sure I have that first class too. I have no idea about anything after that, though. I believe my schedule should have been delivered during this meeting."


THEA:  I nod. “This school is not what I expected, let's say that. Have you meet your dorm mate yet? Is he a Brit?”


Oliver Reed-

  "No, I haven't met him yet. I don't think he is American though, it seems like all of the male Americans have already been put together. So, more than likely, my roommate will be a Brit." Someone turns up the music way too much. Is this what normal parties are like? I guess I'm too used to North Dakota parties.


JULIET: “Hmm, well that should be interesting to meet him. I wonder when he will show up?” Everything is becoming so loud it’s hurting my ears. I’m a music person, but the stuff they’re playing right now is just downright annoying and loud. “Hey, Thea, I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay around here. I might head up to the dorm soon and finish unpacking. It’s all just a little... too loud in here.”


THEA: I laugh, yelling over the noise. “Okay, I might stay and party for a little, meet some people, be crazy! I’ll try to be quiet when I come up.” I give a wicked smile.


JULIET: I can imagine Thea as the parting type. Her wild blue hair says it all. “Okay. I’ll see you later then. Maybe we can catch up and talk a little more about ourselves later. I would love to get to know you better, seeing as we have to put up with each other all year,” I say, giggling a little.


THEA: I laugh. “I would love to, too! Alright greeny, don't tell me you’re not a partier too.”  


JULIET: “Well, It’s not exactly my thing...” I say, drifting off.


THEA: “You look exhausted. You might want to skip unpacking and crash right away.” Concern coating my words.  


JULIET: “Yea... I just might take your advice on that,” I say. “Well I’ll see you later then,” I wave goodbye and walk out of the ballroom, into an hall. Once I walk down a ways a the music starts to dull, I hear someone talking. I see it’s the headmistress and a tall dark haired man with a pleasant face.

    “Julius, I need you to be extra careful around these new students, it’s just the tests-” She says, cut off my the man I assume is Julius.

    “The test can’t tell us everything. It might not be one hundred percent right about the newbies having multiple abilities, we just don’t know! I’ll help them manifest and teach them how to keep control. It will be fine, I promise.

        “I trust you Julius, and I trust you will be responsible if things go wrong,” Headmistress Blume says, “I placed them in the same core classes so they might learn from each other and work together. We both know what happened to... Luke. He was powerful, but he didn’t know how to play nicely with others or how to depend on and work together with his colleagues.” Julius only nods and walks away. I can only stand aghast, more confused than ever. I seriously need some sleep. Maybe I’ll be able to better focus in the morning, after I sleep on everything I’ve heard.

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