Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


11. Mysterious Abilities

JULIET: "Now," Tiffany says, "how about we try out your fighting skills! You may just have a gift for it!" I shrug, but I'm still very uneasy. No blood.

"Uh okay, but am i going to be fighting you with your super strength and everything?" I ask cautiously.

"Not if you don't want to. I can see if Li will fight you. She heads the karate room down the hall. She is super good about judging other people's limits as well. I'll go and talk to her. Stay where you are," I sit at the bench and watch Tiffany walk into the middle of the match that had been going on in the corner. They don't see her coming and she accidentally gets kicked, but it doesn't seem to phase her, invincibility powers and all. She continues to talk with one of the fighters, and they are soon walking in my direction. My hands start to sweat. I've never fought before. This could seriously go wrong.

Soon Tiffany and the girl, a short Asian with spiked, short black hair, are standing before me. Li, as Tiffany called her does not look threatening in the slightest.

"Hello!" Li says. She's most definitely British from her accent.

"Hi," say, mustering my best smile. I know I have to be brave, but this is just not my strong suit!

"So you've never fought before? Not even with your siblings?" She asks me.

"Nope. Only child. My parents are pacifists," I say decidedly. I do not want to be here.

"Well then! I guess we have a lot of raw material to work with! Don't worry, I'll go easy on you," at that, Li pulls me to my feet and brings me to an empty square mat. "Okay," she says. "I'm not going to teach you anything just yet. I want to see where you are first. I send a couple harmless kicks and you doge, fight back, or block. Easy!" I want to say something, to back out, but I realize it's to late. Li has a determined look on her face and stands in a fighting position, knees bent, and fists up. I think of something suddenly. What is Li's power? At that thought, she comes at me, her leg sweeping out towards me a in fast but graceful arch. Instinctively, I step back, avoiding the hit. "Good!" She says smiling at my horror stricken face. She continues. "Now a little faster this time!" Before she can finish the sentence, she swings her other leg out in a surprise attack and it barely grazes my knee as I back away. I try to copy her stance, bending at my joints. Is this actually supposed to help? She comes at me again but this time things are different. Her fist flies forward and smacks me in the shoulder, but there is no pain. Suddenly it is happening again, the same thing repeating over in my eyes, but this time I step to the side, avoiding the blow. That was really weird! She looks a little puzzled, but continues. This time another phantom blow hits lands on my head without any pain. Is her ability to go all ghosty, because I thought it just looked like her arm became transparent. Again, the move is replicated and I quickly duck, dodging the blow. "Are you sure you never fought before? I haven't been able to land a blow on you yet!" Li asks, and I shake my head no with a shocked look on my face. "Well I guess I'll just have to take things up a notch," she says, and slowly her body rises, literally, into the air, and slams into my chest feet first. Again no pain and no effect on me, and it looked as if she became invisible. Now she is coming at me again, rising into the air, fully and completely opaque.


Oliver Reed: I take a sudden deep breath, jerking my head up. Was I sleeping? That's what I feel like. Like I had a well deserved power-nap.

  I'm in complete darkness again. Reaching my hands forward, I quickly find a wall, and then a door handle. Opening the door lets some light into the room, but it's not enough to see everything in it. It hardly matters anymore, I exit the room with a spring in my step.

  Mr. Whaver isn't here anymore, I should probably find him. And while I'm at it ask how lunch is served... I'm hungry.

   I exit the long hallway, and nearly run into Mr. Whaver.

  "Oh, I apologize, Oliver. I didn't see you there."

  "Sorry, I was in a hurry... To find you, actually."

  "Is that so? Did something go wrong?"

  "No, no," I say, trying to put him at ease. "I found my power. It's called... 'dreamscaping.' I can, like join someone's dream and edit or recreate the world, or something like that."

  "Dreamscaping, huh? That's not a bad power. But it doesn't explain how you moved or deleted things while you slept back at home..."

  "Jerome also said that. He said to be careful, that I have more than one power. Dreamscaping is only a minor power, I have a power much more powerful regarding something that can delete something else."

  "Ah, and the only reason why you 'erased' things at home was because of your unknown power, but the timing was due to your sleep related power, correct?"

  "Exactly." Mr. Whaver really knows his superpowers. "Although if dreamscaping is only a secondary, it may mean your 'main' power is quite stronger. You just prepare for a power that may be difficult to keep under control, do you understand?" I swallow. Here I was, thinking having a second power was a good thing.


THEA: I blanch. "What!? You mean that woman is your mother?"

"Adoptive, yes." That explained why he looked nothing like her, with his blue eyes and obsidian hair. "She adopted me when I was young, maybe four, and nobody at the orphanage wanted me, saying I had caused some catastrophe. She adopted me on a hunch, and turns out she was right." I push the tray of food away, stuffed.

"I never got your name. You took off before I could ask." He smirks.

"I like mysteries."

"So you aren't going to tell me?"

"Nope." I glare at him.

"That's a little unfair, you know my name, why can't I know yours?"

"Tell you what, the day you can beat me in a fight, I'll tell you my name."

"That's not fair either! You've probably been fighting since you could walk!"

He gives me one of his infuriating smiles. "Life's not fair, Gray. You'll soon figure that out."

The door opens and two heavily muscled men come in, bearing no weapons, but I expect they are a weapon in themselves.

"Ah, mother must have order a bigger room for you, and these are your escorts." He waggles his eyebrows at me. "I call them the steroid brothers." I suppress a grin as I stand, and the 'steroid brothers' take up a post on either side of me.  "Alright Gray, this is where we part, but I promise to visit if you're stuck in isolation for a while."

"And what a joy it will be." I reply sarcastically. The men start to urge me out the door, but I pause, turning back to the unnamed boy. "Could you tell Juliet Connolly and Oliver Reed where I am? Or like that I'm not dead or something?"

He smiles. "Sure thing."

"Thanks." I say, Before being lead out of my cell, only to be shoved into another one.


JULIET: Li tries to slam into my chest, as she did before but more menacingly. Again, I dodge it. I can tell she is becoming slightly frustrated. That's when an idea hits me. Maybe I'm seeing her moves, like a ghost before she actually executes them. Could that be why her first moves look  phantom like and don't affect me? She comes at me again and the same thing continues to happen, over and over again until I'm weak with the exhaustion of dodging rapid fire blows. She almost seems angry at this point. She goes for another blow, this time rising in the air and coming at me head first. I dive out of the way, forwarned by the phantom like vision of her actions. "Ow!" She yells. I realize now that she hit her head on the ground. She seemed so nice at first, but now she is fuming. When she rises again, I notice an awful drip of blood falling from her forehead. I start to feel the dizzying sensation of faintness, but I don't fall over. I blink a couple times through blurry eyes and I feel fine. Strange. I always faint! Li goes for another attack but seems confused at the same. Her phantom warns me of her attack but instead of dodging it this time I fight back, sending a fist into her shoulder. "How do you like that!" I yell ferociously. She cries out suddenly. This isn't me. I wouldn't do that... but somehow it feels right. She gets back into her stance and we continue to fight. I kick her before she has the chance to attack. "Think you can laugh in my face with your fancy moves? I'm not scared of you!" I shout. I realize I'm drawing a bit of a crowd, but it doesn't matter. She returns the move and catches me off guard. I had been paying more attention to the gathering crowd than the my opponent, so I missed her phantom for move. She firmly continues her kick, rising off the ground and landing me on the floor, her feet placed firmly on top of me. I grit my teeth and yell angrily  Rematch!" She doesn't listen. She only looks down at me strangely.

"You eyes turned red during the fight. Do they normally do that?" Li asks calmly, releasing me. I don't reply. I just get up and walk out of the room and into the main training center.


Oliver Reed: "Yeah, I guess I understand..." A power that can't be controlled? That must be a pretty awful power to have, if you walk around hurting people.

  "On a separate note, how was your time with Jerome?"

  "It was good... He's a strange person, always changing his clothes. I can't tell if he is serious or completely joking."

  "Oh, that's Jerome all right." Mr. Whaver laughs. "He is a goofball. He pretends not to be, because he thinks when he people think he is serious about his weirdness, it's funny. He gets somewhat lonely in that room in the back. He doesn't get company as much as everyone out here," he motions to the room behind him, away from the hallway that holds Jerome's room.

  "That makes sense, I guess." I nod.

  "You know, his power is interesting. He can join dreams, create his own, invite people to his dream, edit his dream, and monitor other's dreams. He like to use him if there is a power we need to test that can't be tested in the real world."

  "That also makes sense."

  "Anyway, I'm afraid Juliet ran off and did something she wasn't supposed to. Have you seen her?"

  "I haven't seen Juliet since everyone split this morning."

  "Hmm... That's not good."

  "Oh, is that her?" I ask, pointing. She seems to be storming down the hall towards us.

  "Correct," he says slowly. "She doesn't look happy..."


THEA: The room I'm pushed into is bigger than the last, with white washed walls that reflect the light in the room, making me squint. A bed is pushed up against the wall, and a metal chair sits in the corner, and like in the other room, four security cameras occupy the corners of the room. I silently turn them off as I flop onto the surprisingly soft bed, bored out of my mind already.


JULIET: Looking up, I see Oliver. What does she mean I have red eyes? Like some sort of infection? I'm fuming, but I'm trying to keep myself under control. "Oliver!" I shout. "Hey! Where have you been all day you ditcher!" I'm not exactly mad at him, but I've been lonely and confused all day long, and I'm sick of it. I need a friend, if I can call him that after the short time I've known him. But I feel a strange connection to him. The same feelings go towards Thea as well. Almost as if we are all being drawn together. Weird? Maybe? But hasn't that been today's theme?

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