Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


10. Confinement, Confusion, and Conversations

THEA: i don't know how much time has passed, all I know is that when the door opens, I take in a deep breath, crawling from the dark hole I had escaped into when the panic had set it. Two brown shoes stop in the doorway, and a male voice speaks.

"Why, pray tell, are you on the floor, Miss Gray?" Mr. Whaver. "I would know, of course, but it seems that the cameras have stopped working in this room." I drag myself up into a sitting position, and I can feel my skin crack from the dried tears that had streamed down my face.

"Why did you lock me in here?" I ask, my voice hoarse from the screaming and yelling nobody heard.

"For your on safety as well as the safety of the other students here." He gestures to a seat at the table, and when it becomes evident that I'm not going to move, he moves the chair to face me, taking a seat in it.

"Unlike your fellow American friends, we know nothing about your power. Only that you are very powerful, and if you even edge over the line of good and evil, you will fall into darkness."

I manage to smirk. "Good and evil? Really?"

His face is grim as he answers. "This is no joke Thea. You have the power to kill. Not many have that. And those that do often get carried away and let their power control them. Kids who were once our students killing their friends, left and right." He braces his hands on his knees. "You already almost killed a student, and with a Minor power at that. If you step out of line again against a fellow student, the school board will not hesitate to put you down."

Fury rises up from my gut. "Put me down?! Like an animal!? What would you tell my parents, huh? How would you explain that their daughter died while in school!? If you dare threaten me again I'll-"

"You'll what?" He cuts me off, standing up. I rise too. "You'll suck the air from my lungs like you did to Marcus!? We never, tell our students that they are monsters, never. But Thea, you will become one if you let your power control you like this. We might not know what it is, but we knows it is powerful. And that makes you powerful. But you have to use it for good." I continue to glare at my professor as he turns and walks out of the room, shutting the door in my face, once again..

JULIET: I walk down the metal stairs, thinking slowly about everything that had happened. I realize now Stonewood has good intentions for everyone, but I just can't help thinking that I don't belong here. Everyone else has such a cool powers and I can do is shoot a gun, if that even is a power at all. I've never even shot a gun before today. Maybe that's how it feels to everyone? Maybe it was the scope? I don't plan on telling anyone about my ability until I learn more about it by myself. So far Charlie, the boy at the shooting range knows I can shoot super well and the old woman somehow for sees me having great power, but I can't know for certain about her. It's just all so confusing. I don't feel like myself and I know there is something different about me. I see things so differently now. Is that supposed to be a power? Getting dizzy from looking at stuff? I rub my arm sub consciously and look down. That's when it starts all over again. Through the rough metal grate of the stairs I can see the ground looming before me, zooming in and out, boggling my mind. I suppress a scream rising in my throat. No! Not now! But It's too late. My head is exploding with the images and patterns of the floor flashing before my eyes. In and out, in and out. I can see each miniscule crack in the ground. Now I can see the tiny holes in the porous cement. Closer and closer my eyes dig into the ground until I begin to see past it all oddly. I see wires and drain pipes wiggling through the dirt beneath the cement. It's all too much to handle, to see, and I lose control of my body. I can feel myself tumbling down the metal stairs right before I black out.

Oliver Reed: I laugh. "Your imagination?" He can't be serious.

"Stand up, if you please." I stand up as does he, my school uniform suddenly looking plain in comparison to the other guy... who I still don't know the name of.

"Let's see... I picture a city... No, no.. A cabin, in the middle of a plain. Tall grass surrounds the cabin in such a way nobody could possibly live there, yet it seems inhabitable. Beautiful sky, clouds rolling in from the southeast..." The guys continues to give random descriptions, and I don't know why.

Then, the emptiness around me changes. I'm in a field, with every description he is using... Cabin, Sky..

"Lightning rolls in, powerful wind..." He continues, and his voice comes to life in this... in this world.

The wind is so heavy I feel myself being pulled from my feet. I try to run to the cabin and find that I am indeed able to do so. I'm not sure why I thought I couldn't, but I can still move freely. Opening the door reveals a bland small wooden cabin, complete with a kitchen, a dining room, and a few chairs oddly placed in the corners of the room. I shut the door, and it begins down pouring outside. I see this from the window next to the dining room table. Turning, I find the man sitting in a chair with a newspaper, now wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt. I swear he just appeared there.

"This is my imagination. What I say goes, no matter how absurd it is. If I imagine it, it's imagery comes true in this world. This world is separate from the world we live in, a different dimension even. It's hard to describe, but it's believed you have a sleep related dream, since you managed to delete things from existence in your sleep. You must understand, however, that you are here for a reason too, do not get lost in my... Amazingness." He smiles, and I'm too dumbfounded to speak.

Did he just construct all of that, with his head?

THEA: I had succumb to another panic attack by the time the door opened again. I still didn't know how much time had passed, and didn't really feel like asking, but when I lifted my head to growl at Mr. Whaver, I found a blonde staring down at me instead. The Headmistress.

"Pick yourself off the floor and sit in this chair like the human being you are." I'm surprised by her harsh voice, and that's what makes me stand and lower myself into the cool metal chair. "Ah, much better then the floor, am I right?" She takes the seat opposite of me and continues without waiting for my reply. "As you know, I'm the Headmistress. I do apologize for throwing you into this room, but some of the teachers are, well, afraid of you. We don't get many students who can kill with their power." Her calculating brown eyes take in my tear stained face, and the makeup that must be smeared everywhere. "I would have had them put you in a larger room if I had known you were claustrophobic." I shrug. A little late, lady. "Anyways, I am here to help bring out your power."

"Wait- aren't you afraid of me too? Can't I hurt you as well?"

The Headmistress laughs. "Oh honey, you would be dead at my feet before you could even lift a finger against me. Shall we begin?" I swallow. I'm starting to regret accepting this scholarship...

Juliet: All I can see are fields of grey blank wheat, just like the color of concrete. I turn around desperately, confused about where I am. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, bright light flashes for me. I see me self appearing through the bright light, but I look different, smaller. I must have been five at the time. I'm standing in the kitchen with mommy, and she is cooking. I try to see over the counter and look at what she is cooking but I'm too short. She turns toward me and smiles, saying "you want to be my little cook? Here," she brings a chair from the dining room table and helps me to climb onto it. Once I look at the counter top, I find I've topped over, my mom catching me in my fall. I'm completely unconscious. The light is the field focuses on my mother, and the food behind her, a thick slab of red, juicy, bloody meat awaiting a marinade of maple brown color. I look at the little girl, me, laying in her mother's arms gone completely pale. I remember this happening. I hadn't wanted to eat meat for weeks. Slowly the light fades and I find myself blinking rapidly. I was now face to face with a blond girl, staring at me.

Oliver Reed: "We now begin the testing." Everything around me disappears, and I'm surprised I still have my feet on solid ground. The cabins gone, the whole environment is gone. Everything then reappears in a bright light. This is because the room I'm now in is shockingly white.

"The names Jerome," the man says. So that's his name.

"Mine's Oliver, but you already knew that."

"Correct. Now, your first test." He summons a pipe to his hand and examines it. He then proceeds to throw it at me. No time to dodge, I only brought up my hand to try to reflect the pipe before it landed in my gut.

It hits my hand surprisingly hard, despite the weak throw.

CLANG! The pipe falls to the ground and quickly settles.

"The heck was that for?" I ask, gripping my throbbing hand.

"That was to check to see if your ability is to be passive in dreams. Obviously, that's not the case."

"Yeah, no kidding..."

"Now, I want you to create your own dream dimension."

"Say what?"

"This is my dream dimension," Jerome says, waving at the white room. "I simply invited you to my dream dimension. Now I want you to try create your own." The white walls disappear, and I'm back to seeing absolutely nothing.

"How do I do that, exactly?"

"You will know if it's your power." His body disappears, and I suddenly feel so alone in the darkness.

THEA: Over the next hour, the Headmistress has me try a number of different 'triggers', trying to find one that will unleash my power inside me. But every single one fails, and by the end I'm exhausted and tired and cranky.

"Can't we just continue tomorrow?" The Headmistress looks up from her papers.

"No. Not now that we know you can kill. Once we know your power, we can take the proper precautions and then you can go sleep." She picks up a ballpoint pen and hurls it at me. It of course, hits me in the head. The Headmistress just crosses something off her list.

JULIET: "Hi!" The blond girl says, looking strangely at me.

"W-w-what?" I mutter, confused. I suddenly realize I must have been dreaming, asleep from when I fell and blacked out. I try to move my head up, but I feel a sharp pain in my cheek. I move my hand up to my face and it comes back wet with blood from a fresh cut. I think back to my strange dream and it makes a bit of sense now. I have always fainted at the sight of blood. Strangely, the sight of my own has never effected me. "Who are you?" I ask the girl who still continues to stare at me. She quirks her head, almost like a dog, but soon begin to speak.

"I'm El. Or at least that's what they call me," she smirks. "Mrs. Flanigan found you passed out on some stairs and wanted me to come and heal your cuts after you woke up." She smiles, and I try to muster one back.

"Thank you," I say with slight unease.

"No problamo! Now you just hold still. This could take a minute," at that, she rests her hands on my stomach, breathing in deeply. I feel a warm, pulsing sensation vibrating out of where she layered her hands. I watch her in deep concentration and suddenly, she begins to change, her body shimmering and wavering like a phantom. She had become semi-transparent and her body is made up of what looks like floating gold dust. I can still see the familiar outlines and arches of her body and face, but she has become ethereal. Her shimmering body rises above me, but her hands stay stationary. She smiles.

“Strange to see for the first time, isn’t it?” She says, and I nod in agreement. “As I said, I have healing abilities, but when I heal others, their pain is transferred over to me, unless I go into my phantom form. In this form, I can feel no pain and nothing can hurt me.” In this form, El’s voice sounds echoey and almost vibrates. It’s strange but beautiful. Is this what all powers are supposed to be like? Slowly, I can feel the cuts and bruises disintegrating from my body. I didn’t realise before just how badly I was hurt. “Now,” El says, “I should take away most of the pain, but there might be a couple slight scars for a few days, but It’s nothing to worry about. They will go away on their own time,” at that, El begins to sink to the ground. Her body slowly loses its shimmer and becomes opaque and human again.

“Wow! Thanks! You’re gift is amazing. You are so lucky,” I say thankfully.

“Maybe...” She replies uncertainly, “but, I’m usually not allowed to get into any fighting because of it, and I love hand to hand combat. I go on large group missions sometimes, but I stay in ghost form so no one can hurt me but I can still heal,” She smiles at the statement, as if happy she can help others.

Oliver Reed: Alright... Create my own dream dimension... How do I do that?

Let's see... Focus... In the past, I have been in control of my dreams. I simply willed something to happen, and it did. So maybe if I 'will' a dream dimension to exist, it will...

I close my eyes and focus. Usually, when I'm in control of my dreams, I don't have to shut my eyes, but this place has a sense of reality to it, I can't seem to focus like I can in my dreams unless I close my eyes.

I 'will' my dream to exist. It's as simple as that, it's a mere thought, and usually that's all I have to do. Did I do it?

"Okay..." I mutter. I 'will' myself to be at a party. They are often my favorite dreams to construct. But nothing happens. I try again, with the same result.

So, my power isn't creating a dream, obviously. I need to talk to Jerome again. Where is he?

I swivel my head, and the world around me changes. I'm back in the white room with Jerome, his back turned to me, standing at the center of a bunch of holograms. He runs his chin with his thumb, like he is perplexed.

"I couldn't do it," I say. It seemed inevitable that I would scare him, he obviously doesn't know I'm there. What happens next happens so quickly...

"WOAH!" He spins around quickly, completely shocked, eyes wide. He thrusts his arms up, and I feel myself being bounced into the sky, breaking through the white tiled ceiling. I continue to go up, the air is sucked from my lungs. Of course, what goes up must come down. Horrified, I begin free falling.

THEA: "Okay, I've had enough." I say standing from my chair. I'm sick of having things thrown at me and being forced to do ridiculous things. "Obviously, I only have the electronic thingy and the air choker powers, so if you would excuse me, I'm starving and would like to leave." The Headmistress just calmly looks at me, and I feel phantom fingers begin to crawl into my mind, latching on and taking control of my body. I tell my legs to move and walk out of the door, but they disobey me and sit me back down in my chair.

"You don't leave until I say you can leave. You are a danger to this school Thea, I can't let you walk out of here without knowing the extent of what you can do." I try to glare at her, try to curse her name, but my face and mouth won't obey me. And it's making me really, freaking, mad. "Now, I'm going to let you go, and when I do, we are going to continue our little trials." She gives me a moment before the fingers release their grasp on my mind. I glare at her, hate pulsing through me. She invaded me. She took control of my body. Mine. I feel wispy fingers crawl up my legs, up my back. But they aren't the Headmistress, oh no, there are mine. Slowly, black shadowy figures rise from the ground, taking form into rotting monsters from the earth. My Monsters. The Headmistress's eyes go wide as the monsters lunge, a scream echoing throughout the room.

JULIET: I’m sitting up now and feeling much better after the healing and drinking some OJ. El was certainly right about the scars though. I large one covers a side of my face, but it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. I hope she’s right about it disappearing in a few days. I try to think back to when I fell but I can’t seem to remember. I look down suddenly at my watch and suddenly realise what time it is. 12 o’clock? That can’t be right! Class started at 7 and stops in 3 hours, not to mention lunch in thirty minutes! The time has certainly flown by, but then again, I did pass out twice, discovered I have weird talent with projectiles, and met an impossibly old woman. Could this day get any weirder? No. I don’t suppose so, but at this point, anything is possible.

Soon enough, El comes back into the room in which I sit, bringing a older woman with her. “This is Mrs. Flanigan Juliet. She is the one who found you on passed out on the stairs,”

“Then I must owe you a big thank you for bringing me here and asking El to help me,” I say, genuinely appreciative.

“It was no problem at all. Stuff like that happens here all the time!” She says silkily, smiling. Her words are a bit concerning, but I’m only happy she helped me so I ignore it. “Although,” she continues uneasily, “might I ask how you ended up like that on the stairs? Did you trip and hit your head?”

“No,” I reply, not sure exactly what to say, not wanting to spill just yet about my strange sight. “I just got really dizzy and passed out. I didn’t eat this morning so that may have affected me, I suppose.” She nods understandingly, but I can see she doesn’t totally trust my explanation. I’m a terrible liar, and I always feel bad about it afterwards.

“Do you get dizzy often?” She asks.

“No, not often,” I lie again.

“I see. Are you feeling much better now?”

“Oh yes! Certainly! El was such a big help,” I say, turning towards the smiling blond girl.

“Indeed. She certainly does her part for this school. Now, I know the effects of Elenor’s powers are immediate, so I don’t suppose you would be too concerned about getting back to class?” She says, and I nod.

“No, not at all! Thank you for the help,” I say and I’m guided into the wide open basement that makes up the training rooms. In the distance, I see a couple students clustered around Mr. Wheaver. Unsure where to go next, I begin to walk towards the group.

Oliver Reed: Skydiving is scary by itself. Free falling without a parachute is beyond horrifying.

I'm struggling for breath as I break through cloud level. Ground level is completely white, but I can make out white building straight below me. I can't breath. I'm going to suffocate. I hardly care for the hundreds of feet I pass as I cover plummeting back to ground level.

Slow down. Stop. I can't breathe.

I'm gasping for air. I want only to slow down and breathe. I need to stop.

Like a wish come true, I feel my decent slow down, and I take big gulps of air. Opening my eyes I realize I am still falling, but much slower. Like I'm falling in slow motion, yet everything functions at normal speed.

It takes a minute, but I reach the hole I was thrown out of. I go through it, entering the room where Jerome is.

I continue to float to the ground until my feet touch the white tile on the floor. Jerome approaches me, he seems angry. I can tell by the sudden thunderstorm he is creating just above his head.

THEA: It takes me a moment to realize I'm the one screaming, and another to realize that the Headmistress is smirking at me, and the monsters that were once attacking her dissolved into the shadows.

"I haven't seen a Shadow Bender (anyone have a better name?) in a long time. In fact, we've never had a student who could manipulate shadows at Stonewood until you." I take in a deep breath. A few minutes ago I could collapse from exhaustion, but now I'm buzzing with adrenaline and another feeling I can't quite place. I feel alive. Like I've been living in the dark my whole life until this moment, until the moment when I embraced the shadows around me.

JULIET: I walk up to the crowd of students surrounding Mr. Whaver. They seem mostly to consist of older students who are all laughing, supposedly at a joke told by the teacher. Mr. Whaver funny? I didn't think that was possible. He sees me and welcomes me into his small group, which soon disperses.

"Ah, Juliet! How has your day been in the training rooms so far?" He asks me curiously.

"Um, good I think," I say, trying to make the words flow out right. He looks a little puzzled but continues.

"It's strange really, how successful this new batch of students have been at figuring out their powers. At least eleven of your twenty fellow classmates have confirmed, at the least, minor powers,"

"Minor powers? I didn't know that was a... Thing?" I say, confused.

"Oh yes. Or at least a student has discovered a minor aspect to their gift. The phrase minor power is thrown about so often, most people don't really understand what it is. It's the ability to have multiple powers. It not very common, but some students at this school have them. Now, there is a specific difference from related powers and minor powers, but that's a rather complicated concept..."

"No, I think I understand the difference. There's a minor power being that the person, well gifted person, has a substantial superhuman ability that is lesser compared to the average, or weaker. Thus continuing, there is the minor power being of a sense similar to the main power but could be concluded as related and not separate due to the technical nature of the ability being as..." I want to continue, but the teacher cuts me off.

"Quite a substantial mind you have there Miss Connolly. Is this a possible power of yours?" He says, almost hungrily.

"No, no! It just helps me better understand things if I say them out loud. I'm usually a good student. I wouldn't say it's anything special or a superhuman gift of any sort," I say, slightly embarrassed.

"Ah, very well. I don't suppose that you have encountered any sort of power of any level in the training rooms?" He asks, trying to hide his interest.

"No, unfortunately,"

"Hmm..." He replies. "Well it should show up within the week. Usually being around such a surplus of your own kind causes the powers to manifest free of constraint. Our training rooms are also specially designed to help powers to show. Of course, you have always had the powers within you. It's part of your genealogical DNA, but at such a young age under so much culture compression, your powers are not easily able to show. We hope to provide outlets with our training rooms for those who still need to experience triggers for power manifestation. Of course, our manifestation tactics are different with everyone. Some cases are extremely difficult to handle, and some just appear willingly and harmlessly. However, once you've found your power, you can continue training and strengthening it,"

"Wow. That makes a lot of sense. I wish you told everyone this earlier. It could have made my day a lot less stressful," I say, relieved. The teacher smiles. Maybe there's a softer side to Mr. Whaver? "Thank you for telling me this Mr. Whaver. By the way, have you seen Thea anywhere? I haven't seen her since we split up earlier..." I ask, becoming more concerned by the minute. The smile on his face falters at my question.

"No, I haven't seen her," he says, but I deter the slight unease in his voice. Is he lying? What reason would he have to lie?

"What about Oliver?" I ask, thinking suddenly of the green haired boy.

"That's a question I do have an answer to, but you might not want to disturb him at the moment. I believe he's in the middle of a power break through."

"Really? That's sounds amazing!"

"Yes. He's in the room over there," the teacher says, gesturing across the expanse, "but I wouldn't completely recommend-."

"Thanks!" I say quickly and rush off. It would be great right about now to have someone other than an adult to talk to.

Oliver Reed: "FIRST OFF," Jerome shouts, "NEVER do that again!"

"Do what?" I ask as calm as possible. I could be yelling at him for launching me into the air, but he wants to yell at me for scaring him.

"NEVER sneak up on me like that!"

"Uh, alright... I figured you knew, ya know.. It is your dream and all..."

"That's the good news!" He says enthusiastically, throwing his hands into the air. "Your power has been discovered!"

"It has?" I ask, suddenly interested. "What is it?"

"First off, you must understand nobody can enter someone's dream like you just did. That's one part of your power. The second is you edited my dream; I never slowed you down when you were falling, that was all you!"

"So that's my power?"

"Indeed! The ability to join and edit someone else's dream. It's called... 'Dreamscaping.'" So that's my power? Is this why I'm here?

THEA: "How-how did I do that?" For the first time today, the smile reaches her eyes.

"You felt angry and threatened, and your power must have responded. Now that you've unlocked it, we can strengthen it and help you control it." My stomach rumbles and I make to stand.

"Well since we discovered my power, can I go?"

"I'm afraid not. You see, yes we have discovered your power, but we can't do anything to protect the students from you at the moment. I will immediately have someone engineer something to restrain your powers, but I'm afraid you are going to be stuck in this room until then." I glare at the Headmistress as I slump back into my seat.

"So I'm in like, house arrest? Locked in a cell until you can stop my powers?"

She smiles sadly. "I'm afraid I have to think about the safety of everyone, and right now you're a bomb, ready to explode at the slightest comment."

"I can control my temper you know, I'm usually quite mild." She laughs as she stands.

"That's not what your file says. Arrested last year for- what was it, ah yes, participating in a fight club."

"That was a bad day for me."

"Well, I still can't have you roaming the halls. I'll have some lunch brought in." She smiles at me before the steel door is closed in my face for the third time today.

JULIET: I'm getting closer to the room Oliver is supposedly in when something catches my eye. I see across the way a room unlike any other. From the looks of it, if has no separate roof from that of of the main basement complex. It's walls are also strange, linked wire fence, like that you would place around a backyards perimeter, except much taller and dauntingly rimmed with razor wire like a prison yard. Curious somewhat, I approach the strange structure. I'll catch up with Oliver later. Something is calling me to this place.

I enter the gates of the sectioned "room" to find myself in the middle of a large matted area. The wall I had been looking through is lined with a long metal bench not unlike those you would find in a baseball dug-out. The room is huge and decently filled with people either fighting in a match or watching one. I walk over to one side to find buff males in nothing but royal blue athletic shorts boxing. To me, boxing equals blood, something I try to avoid at all costs due to my unadulterated tendency to faint at the sight of the substance. I walk to the other side of the room which is populated the lesser. There's seems to be some sort of basic karate match going on in the corner of the room. Everyone else is either practicing some sort of fighting style or resting. I walk up to a girl sitting on the metal bench and sit down next to her.

"Hi," I say, almost shyly. I'm usually not very good with this sort of thing but this is a new school, and I'm determined to put myself out there.

"Hey," she replies, "are you new here?"

"Yes. Scholarship student actually," her eyes widen, but she smiles in understanding.

"I know how that feels. I was brought here on scholarship too, although most of the kids here can't attest to that,"

"Really? I haven't met any alumni who were were on scholarship yet," I say and she smirks.

"Yeah. It's kinda a rough situation, but trust me, you'll like here after the first couple weeks discovering your powers. That can be difficult," the girl says, reminiscing.

"What was it like for you?" I ask, curious.

"Well, I had some difficulty with my power so I had to go through a lot of special training," she pauses uneasily. "My ability is super strength with invincibility attributes. Unfortunately when I came here, I was super out of shape, gangly as a twig with practically zero muscle mass. I was anorexic and went through a lot of dark places. It was awful at first what they put me through. Physical training for hours, nutrient IVs, seclusion... But trust me, it was all for the best. To be honest I've become someone I never dreamed I could be in the time of one year, but it was hard. And I know some people have never gotten over their experiences," she points slightly to a boy down a ways from us who looks strangely familiar. I realize he was the boy that was moving fire earlier today.

"That guy?" I ask under my breath. She nods.

"Yes. His abilities are all fire related. He can move and command fire to his will and he in impenetrable to any sort of burning. However, his training was brutal and he's never been the same since,"

"Wow. That's rough," I say.

"Yeah, but most students don't have it so bad. You'll probably be fine. What's your name by the way?" She asks me.

"Juliet Connolly. And you are?"

"Tiffany Baker."

Oliver Reed: "Dreamscaping," I repeat. "It sounds cool!"

"However I have some good or bad news, it depends on how you look at it..."

"What is it?" What could be bad about what just happened?

"Your deletion of objects in your room has NOTHING to do with Dreamscaping... you have another power, stronger than dreamscaping, that is capable of deletion. The only reason you're deleting-things-close-to-you problem happened while you were sleeping is because you have a dream related power."

"So... I have another power?"

"That's right." He takes a step closer to me, and lowers his non matching sunglasses so I can see his blue eyes. "Understand, Olivier, very few have more than one power. It makes you special. Do not let it get to your head, or it will be the end of you." Wow, that picked up fast... Be humble, or death will come my way. That's great.

"My job is done. Continue looking for your other power, it holds a greater threat than this dream situation."

"Wait, how do I... Enable it?"

"Activating your power is easier than you think. Try joining someone's dream tonight, since you can't create your own. Remember, a second in a dream is eight seconds in reality. It's a good tip."

"Now, do you doubt Stonewood?" Honestly, I have little doubt. Everything that happened was so real, so vivid. Everything I saw before was so real and vivid... Stonewood is simply an answer to an unanswered question.

"Guess not," I say.

"Good. Until next time, Oliver. I think we will meet again soon. But until that day comes," he salutes for whatever reason, "careful with your power." And the world around me disappears.

THEA: A few minutes later, my cell door opens and the boy who had healed me earlier walks in with a tray heaping with food.

"I didn't know what you would like so I-" He stops as he takes ok my sour expression. "Oh, are they keeping you in here for the whole day? That's rough. I had to stay in isolation for a couple days as well. It sucked, drove me out of my mind,- and I'm not helping, am I?"

I glare at him as he sets the food in front of me and takes the seat that the Headmistress had occupied. "No, you're not." I look at the food in front of me, grilled chicken sandwich, a garden salad, some pizza and even grilled fish, which I push to the edge of my plate in disgust. "Why were you put in isolation?"

The boy blushes a little. "Well, I kinda destroyed part of the school." I raise an eyebrow as I dig into the chicken sandwich. "Yeah, well, I control storms see, and one night, I was having a nightmare, and my powers decided that was as good as time as any to show themselves, so they took form of a tornado and ripped down half of the boys dorms. Thankfully, no one was hurt but, they still put me in isolation until they could figure out how to subdue my powers until I could control them." He shrugs and puts his feet up on the table. "But besides being bored out of your mind, you should be fine in isolation."

"I'm claustrophobic." I say around a bite of the pizza.

"Oh. Well, um... Maybe they'll move you into a bigger room. This is kinda cramped."

"They better, I don't think I could sleep in here." He smirks.

"I'll put in a word, and you'll be in the best and biggest cell we've got."

"Oh? And what makes you have such authority here?"

He shrugs. "Not much, except my mom is the Headmistress."

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