Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


12. Alone No More

Oliver Reed: "Ah, there you are, Juliet," I say, waving at her approach. She looks a little fumed, and her clothes are slightly dirty.

  "You didn't enter the Dream room, did you, Juliet?" Mr. Whaver asks. I can't help but remark how or why Mr. Whaver spends so much time with us. If I had to make a wild guess, I would say Thea, Juliet and I all have multiple powers, like Jerome mentioned. We need special care because they want to make sure we can control them.

  Wow... Look at me, already I am looking at things from a Stonewood way of life..


JULIET: “Why? Was I not supposed to go in there?” I retort. He only stares at me, suddenly puzzled.

“Well, it's not always the safest...” he says, seemingly uncertain of himself. “Juliet, have you seen any manifestation of your powers recently?” He looks me in the eyes, concerned.

“Well if you’re concerned, no, I did not go into the ‘dream room’ to see Oliver. I found something else to do,” I say blatantly. “Now, is there anyway I can get some food around here?”

“Yes,” Mr. Whaver says, “but first I think you should take a look at yourself in the mirror,” I give him a funny look and I can tell Oliver is looking at me strangely. The teacher takes his phone from his pocket and points the mirror like metallic back towards me. I take a look and step back in horror. My irises are pure red.

“Wha-a-a what?” I stammer. “What’s happened to me?”

“I'm not sure. Im guessing it has to do with your powers though. Some powers are like that. When they begin to manifest, they change your physical looks. One of my students, Carith, is like that. After her powers manifested, she began to notice tiny green scales on her legs and feet. They might look a little weird, but they allow her to walk up walls and cling to ceilings,” I look at Mr. Whaver in horror.

“Will I get green scales too?” I say, panicked.

“I wouldn’t assume so.”


Oliver Reed: "Honestly, that doesn't sound that bad." I laugh. Then again, green is my favorite color.

  "If you are concerned about receiving that power, Juliet, consider the chances just as small as getting any other power. The chances are quite slim."

   "What's in the power booklet for red eyes, Teach?" I ask, using the nickname I came up with for teachers. Juliet's eyes are still red, but it seems like they are fading, fading back to the normal color. I really hope she hasn't had reddish colored eyes this whole time, and I am just now noticing it.


JULIET: As Mr. Whaver talks, I suddenly notice the shiny watch on his arm. Looks expensive. That’s when it begins to happen, just as it had earlier. My vision blurs, but slowly returns to normal again. I feel a little light headed and Oliver and Mr. Whaver are staring at me. “W-w-what is it?” I stammer uncertainly.

“You’re eyes are back to normal, although then again, their regular color is slightly abnormal compared to most,” He says. I know he is referring to my slightly strange indigo eyes, but red? How could I have had red eyes? That thought jolts my memory of me fighting Li. What have I done? Why did I fight back so suddenly and aggressively? That’s not me... Mr. Whaver’s words stir my thoughts.

“I’m not sure what your power is related to red eyes. Physical changes in color like this don’t affect the body in any specific patterned way so it could mean anything. You might mean that you can fly for all we know,” he says. Fly. More bad memories. “Are you certain you haven't had any strange power manifestations recently? Even if they seem minor, they could be a part of a bigger power or even be a separate second power, as in rare cases,”

“No. I don’t think so...” I say and he nods. “But might I just be so inclined to ask if I can get some food around here? I’ve been trying things all day and I forgot about breakfast,” I say with a lopsided grin.


Oliver Reed: "Indeed, I have to agree with you. This place is like an amusement park, only better!" I give a sideways grin to Mr. Whaver, and he smiles.

  "Yes, yes. The cafeteria. Right this way," he says, leading us down the long path, passing all of the power rooms on the way.

  "We better find Thea," I say. "I haven't seen her since we all parted... Where is she?"


JULIET: “I don’t know...” I say uncertainly.

“I hope you’ll find our cafeteria's food selection much to your liking,” Mr. Whaver says, cutting off our conversation. “Due to all our exceptional and powerful students, we have created special meal plans for everyone. Although, because it’s the first day and we don’t know the extent of either of your powers, you will have the choice of selection,” Selection sounds pretty good to me.

Soon, we are in front of a metal door. Its unlocked and we all enter easily. I guess it’s another elevator and my assumptions are correct. We slowly begin to rise. Mr. Whaver speaks as we move up. “We would rather have our cafeteria closer to the training rooms for convenience, but due to mandatory checks, we have to keep the food upstairs.”

Soon the floor comes to a rest and we approach the door in front of us. Mr. Whaver opens it and we find ourselves in a large open room filled with long, wood tables in traditional style and many students. There are benches along the long sides of the tables and two ornate head chairs at each end. Mr. Whaver notices my looking. “These tables are hundreds of years old and have been in this castle since it was first built. Of course, we reinforced each one for stability,” he says looking fondly at the ornate and vintage furnishings. “The table heads,” he continues, gesturing to the detailed, large seats at ends of the table “are given to those who have shown exemplary ability in a recent mission. It’s a great honor at our school and you will find many students can be highly competitive for the position. We find it is good to give our students goals,” he finished proudly. The chair idea is a little strange, but I can somewhat see his point.

We continue our little tour to the kitchen which is only separated from the dining hall by what I can only describe as a long, black granite topped bar in front of which many students wait in gathered crowds. There is an entrance on each side of the barricade. From what I can tell, the kitchen is huge. It is full of everything a master chef could ever want, along with many cooks. “There are several different lines in which students receive their food, according to their scheduled meal plan. Of course, we try to cater as best to the students needs as possible, so although they will be eating the same as most in their same group, slight altercations can be made, according to taste and allergies,” Mr. Whaver says.

“It seems very well planned out,” I say, slightly overwhelmed.

“Indeed. Not to mention that we have some of the best cooks in all of England! Now, you two may go in any line you see fit today and until we figure out your powers completely and find you two a health and eating plan. Just tell the cooks that you’re new,” I shrug and look at some of the various lines. In one, they seems to be serving roast chicken and some sort of salad with slight variations from person to person. Another line serves serves fish and sides of vegetables and some sort of pudding. I continue down the line looking at the various meals being served. There is a huge variety and I have a hard time deciding. Finally, I settle into a line serving what I believe is steak salad, along with some indistinguishable sides.


Oliver Reed: So far, this cafeteria is very, as Juliet put it, ‘well thought out.’ It’s quite the system going on here. Didn't Mr. Whaver say something about the best chefs in England? All of those famous chefs on TV have the british accent, so if Stonewood employs the best chefs in England… Lunch is going to be pretty amazing.

    Amazing is definitely the proper word. I split up from Juliet to find my own food. The smell of the cafeteria is worth mentioning. It is an interesting aroma, it is like the smell of your ten favorite foods right under your nose. Each food individually smells great, but together with other great smelling food is simply interesting.

    It doesn't take me long to find the Burger area. Really, it’s the ‘Meat’ line, but I see burgers, and that’s the only thing I’ll be getting here. The line moves quickly, and I get to see the chef. He certainly looks like a famous chef, he has the right mustache, and the way he flips the burgers are… masterful. His name tag say Mark, but I won't get into conversation with him now. Another time, perhaps.

    Out of the burger line, into another food line. Right now, I have two loaded burgers on my plate. It is probably a good idea to get some healthy food too, so I then get some fruit and vegetables.

    I exit the line and find an uninhabited table. I sit down and begin eating, keeping an eye out for Juliet. Someone I can't identify begins walking toward me, eyes locked on mine. I try to look as casual as possible as he begins talking.

    “You Oliver?” He asks.

    “I am him, yes.”

    “Your friend, Thea, tried strangling someone and was put in solitary confinement for the safety of all the members at our school. She wanted me to let you know."

  "Solitary confinement because of her power?" I mean, it doesn't sound unlike Thea to strangle someone. Not to death, of course, but out of anger, reacting oddly. I'm kind of assuming this because I hardly know Thea. But about the strangling thing, in this place where inhuman powers is the big hoot, her accident was probably power related.

  "Yeah, so we think."

  "Alright," I respond. An idea is already formulating in my head. I pile my small mess on my plate and stand up. "Can you take me to her? I'll be joining her."

  "I beg your pardon?"

  "Oh come on, it shouldn't be that hard to wrap your head around friends wanting to share lunch together, is it?" He pauses.

  "Well, as long as it's just you..."

  "Oh, that's right, Juliet will be joining me." I find Juliet in the crowd, call her name, and wave her over. "Take us to jail cell, if you please."

  "You really don't know what solitary confinement is for, do you?"

  "Oh, I do, I just really don't care."

  He looks at Juliet as she approaches, then back to me. He shrugs. "Your funeral. Follow me."


JULIET: I eventually find my way to Oliver who is standing with another boy who looks about our age. They seem to have been talking and I know something is going on. “Hey, what’s happening? Who’s your friend?” I ask Oliver, gesturing to the boy curiously.


Oliver Reed: “He told me Thea was put in solitary confinement for trying to kill some guy,” I shrug with a smirk. “He is going to lead us to her so we can have lunch together. Sound good?” I already begin backing up, I don't want to lose him in the crowd. I have a feeling he will be waiting for us.


JULIET: I am still a little uncertain, even after hearing Oliver’s explanation but I follow him anyways, my food tray in hand. We both follow the boy a door and he unlocks it. It’s the same one we used to enter the dining room earlier. Slowly, the elevator kicks into motion, slowly sinking. “Hey, who are you?” I ask the mysterious boy. He smirks.

“Because you’re friends with Thea, that remains to said,” He says nonchalantly. The kid makes me a bit nervous in all honesty.

“Oliver,” I say suddenly as the elevator descends, and he turns toward me, “about earlier, do you know why Mr. Whaver asked me if I went into the dream room? I wasn’t quite feeling like myself earlier when he asked so I kind of just put it off. What is the dream room and why were you there?” I don’t mean to intrude really, but i’m curious. My world has become pretty weird recently and I’ve only been trying to understand it to the best of my abilities.


Oliver Reed: "I think it has something to do with interrupting someone's training," I respond quiet enough so the boy we are following can't hear. "Just like I shouldn't walk into your room while you are mid-training.... But, in a sense, I think it's a room that needs to be taken more seriously. The guy in there can, like, take people to his dreams, where he can control the dream... he is the creator in that imaginary world. I would imagine someone coming in unannounced could be a problem? It's hardly a guess, I'm not sure."


JULIET: “He sounds a bit psychotic to be honest. You could really mess with someone’s head being able to bring them into dreams,” I say, slightly humored. “I guess it could be an interesting power though. Have you have any progress with discovering your power yet?” I ask, curious.


Oliver Reed: "Hardly Psychotic. Certainly psychological, since everything about the power occurs up here," I tap my head for emphasis, "but not psychotic. It could be... wild, since literally, your imagination is the limit, but I'm unaware of it causing brain damage." I pause, and think about it. There must be instances where the dream controller guy doesn't leave the dream and the actual dream dimension person wakes up... What happens then?

"Actually," I correct myself, "I'm not sure about that. It's improbable something like that would happen. And about my power, yeah, I did find my power. So we think, anyway."


JULIET: “What? You found your power already?” I pause and stare at him, trying to figure it out. It doesn’t look like he has any physical power related alterations... so far. “What is it? What triggered it? Is it a cool power?” I say, pounding out the questions.


Oliver Reed: "Hey hey hey now," I say, calmly. "I can't just tell you what my power is just yet... I'm not sure if it should be kept a secret. But to answer your question, yes, I think I learned my power, and it shouldn't be to hard to think of the general idea of the power..." Actually, she probably already figured it's something dream related. I kind of just left the room after epically failing that agility course... Either way, she wouldn't know exactly what it is.

It's not that I don't want to tell her, I just feel like for now it should be kept somewhat of a secret. I don't know, I'm probably paranoid, but you never know. "Anyway," I start again, "yeah, it's pretty sweet."


JULIET: “Well whatever it is, it’s probably pretty cool,” I say sighing. The mysterious, unnamed boy stares at us listening. He makes me nervous. The elevator has stopped the door has opened, but the boy gestures for us to stay. He punches some numbers into a metallic keypad, and slowly the door closed with a slow, hydraulic whine. The elevator continues to decend. “Wait? There’s another floor under the basement?” I ask the boy, but he ignores me and tweaks around a bit with the keypad. The elevator has accelerated to an extreme in the last few seconds. Suddenly It slows, and I wobble on my feet from impact. The door in front of us slowly opens and Oliver, Mystery boy, and I step out into a cold, large room, a clear wall cutting it in half. On the other side sits a familiar blue haired girl, crumpled into an ugly mess.


THEA: I’m lying on my side, knees pulled up to my chest, and shudders racking my body. It seems I have run out of tears, the last of them leaving my face crusty and stiff.

    The walls are closing in.

Pressing closer and closer until my breath comes out in short gasps. I don't know how long I’ve been in here, minutes, hours,..days. The room they put me in is only slightly bigger than the last room, and the fluorescent lights reflect off the stark white walls, giving me a headache to go along with the claustrophobia I was cursed with.  

All I want to do is collapse into darkness, but my body refuses to let me seek shelter. I focus on trying to breathe.

Breathe in, breathe out, in, out.

A silent whoosh and a soft click alerts me to the door being opened. Maybe they are finally going to let me out…

I sit up, turning to the door.

“They insisted to come and see you…”  The Headmistress's son says.

A weak, crooked smile spreads across my lips at the sight of the two students in front of me. "Took you guys long enough."


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