Take A Chance

Paige and Marley had always been the best of friends. But now they’re in their third year of high school, and they’re feeling something more for each other. Something that neither of them have ever felt before. So Paige goes to her aunt, whom is married to another woman. She can always get advice from her, no matter what on.

Paige has never felt this before, and she’s majorly confused. When she does tell her aunt how she feels, she tells her to ignore it, and says nothing more. This makes her even more confused. Why would her aunt who is a lesbian, tell her to ignore her feelings, like some judgmental Christian parent?

It makes no sense, until she investigates further. She finds out that her aunts fiancee died years back. But why would her aunt keep her from the girl she is falling for? And will she do anything and everything to stop them from being together?


1. Paige

~~It was the last day of summer and I was lying by the pool in my family's backyard. Marley should have been here soon. When we texted earlier she said she had to do some last minute school shopping to do with her mom. I heard the gate open but I didnt bother opening my eyes because I knew it was Marley. Once I heard the gate shut I said

"Hi Marley."

"Hey." She said, her footsteps got closer.

Next thing I knew I was soaked with water. I opened my eyes and looked at Marley. She was holding empty bucket and she grinned. Her blonde hair was in loose curls, while my hair was tied back into a high pony.

"Why did you just do that?" I asked as I sat up.

"You looked hot so I thought I'd cool you off." She said as she set the bucket down.

"So you thought it would be a good idea to pour a bucket of water on me?"

"Yeah." She said "let's go in the pool!"

"Okay." I said before I took off my sunglasses and got up from the chair I was sat in.

I had my bathing suit on while Marley was wearing a gray tank top and jean shorts.

"Do you have your bathing suit on underneath your clothes?"

"No I thought I'd go swimming in my clothes." She said sarcastically

"No need to be sarcastic with me."

"Well don't be stupid." She said as she took off her top revealing the top of her bathing suit, it was a cool bathing suit, it was blue and had an Aztec pattern on it. My bathing suit was a reddish orange color with a zebra pattern on it. Once she took her shorts off revealing the bottom half of her bathing suit she smiled at me, I smiled back. She turned away from me, ran and jumped into the deep end of the pool. I ran and jumped in after her. I stayed underwater for a couple seconds before going up for air. The water felt good, it was nice and cool. Perfect for a hot day like that.

WhenI came up for air I saw Marley swimming towards the shallow end of the pool when she passed me on her way there she splashed me and I laughed before I swam after her. When we got to the shallow end she made her way to the basketball hoop we had by the pool. The basketball hoop wasn't originally made for the pool it was one of the small plastic ones that kids played with when they were little. So after me and my brother outgrew the basketball hoop my parents put it by the pool, which was a great idea because everybody who swims at our house loves it.

"Let's play horse." Marley said as she grabbed the small basketball next to the base of the hoop.

"okay, who goes first?" I asked

"me of course." Marley said

"fine." I said "make your shot."

She smiled and backed up a couple feet from the hoop and shot the ball. The ball easily made it in the hoop. I laughed and grabbed the ball.

"that was lame." I said

"oh shut up and shoot." She said as she moved so I can shoot from where she shot.

I shot the ball and it made it in just as easily as hers did. We kept playing, I ended up winning.

" I win again!" I said as I did a victory dance.

She fake smiled and said "yay for you Paige."

"that's right! Yay for me!" I said as I continued to dance badly.

She splashed me and I stop dancing and splashed her back. We had a short lived splash fight because she ended up getting water into my eyes. She made her way over to me and asked if im alright. I look at her and said

" you got water in my eyes and they're burning a little bit."

She got closer to me and looked at my eye. Marley had the prettiest eyes, they were a blueish- gray color.

" your eyes are little red, if yout put some eyedrops on your then they should feel better."

"okay dr.chance, I will go do that." I said before I walked over to the stairs and got out.

I grabbed towel once I got out and wrapped it around myself before I walked inside. I went and get myeyedrops from the bathroom. When I went back outside I see Marley sat on the edge of pool looking down at the water. She looked up when the door opened.

"Are your eyes feeling any better?" She asked

"Yeah they feel better.." I said as I walked over to her. " so how was shopping with your mom?"

"Good I guess."

"You guess?"

Marley went on and told me about how her mom brought her to half the stores in the mall. Which was totally an exaggeration, there's over a hundred stores in the mall it would take a while to go into even half the the stores. She also told me about all the clothes her and her mom bought. She's happy that she's got so many new clothes for this school year but she wishes she didn't have to do all the shopping on one day.

After she told me about her shopping adventures we hopped back into the pool to swam a little more.

After we finished swimming and dried off we headed up to my room so she could help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow.

She laid on my bed while I looked through my closet to find an outfit. I take out my pink jeans and laid them on my bed next to Marley. She looked at them before she got up and walked over to my closet she pulled out a gray tank top that has cat whiskers and said meow.

"Wear this with those jeans." She said

"Okay, what are you going to wear?" I asked

" I'm going to wear this new peach colored Teirid tank with my light wash Jean capris."

"Nice." I said

"What do you want to do now?"

"We could watch a movie." She suggested.

"What movie?" I asked

"How about Frozen?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Great, I'll put the movie in:" she says before she walked over to the tv and got the movie. She put it in the DVD player and we plopped down on my bed. We both loved Frozen so we sang along to the songs. When the movie got to Love Is An Open Door we got up and started to dance to it as we sang.

".. I mean it's crazy.."


"We finish each other's-"


At the end of the song she pretended to propose to me like Hans proposes to Anna in the movie. I go along with the movie and say

"Can I say something even crazier? Yes!"

We fell back on my bed as we laughed loudly, but then she does something I never thought she would do in a million years. She kissed me.

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