Take A Chance

Paige and Marley had always been the best of friends. But now they’re in their third year of high school, and they’re feeling something more for each other. Something that neither of them have ever felt before. So Paige goes to her aunt, whom is married to another woman. She can always get advice from her, no matter what on.

Paige has never felt this before, and she’s majorly confused. When she does tell her aunt how she feels, she tells her to ignore it, and says nothing more. This makes her even more confused. Why would her aunt who is a lesbian, tell her to ignore her feelings, like some judgmental Christian parent?

It makes no sense, until she investigates further. She finds out that her aunts fiancee died years back. But why would her aunt keep her from the girl she is falling for? And will she do anything and everything to stop them from being together?


3. Paige {3}


After math class  Marley and I headed to lunch, we had brought our lunches like we usually did. She had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I had a bagel. We ate and about ten minutes into lunch our friends Kendall and Jason came over and sat with us.

"Did you guys see the new guy yet?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah, he's in our math class. His name is  Maxton."  I said

"Isn't he cute?" she asked smiling

"Uh babe, I'm right here." Jason said

"I know, but  there's no harm in noticing someone's cuteness."

Jason rolled his eyes as he began to eat the pizza he bought from the hot lunch line.

"He is pretty cute." I said.

"Whose pretty cute?" A  voice said. I looked up and saw Maxton standing at the end of our lunch table.

"No one." I said quickly

"Mind if I sit with you guys?" He asked "I don't really know anybody else."

"Sure." Marley said "These are Kendall and Jason, our friends. They're dating."

"Cool, how long have you two been dating?" Maxton asked as he sat down next to me.

"A year and two months." Jason said after he finished his pizza.

"Nice." Maxton said "the longest relationship I have ever had was four months, I broke it off because she cheated on me."

"That must of sucked, I'm sorry." Marley said

"It's fine, it's not like it was your fault."

The five of us chatted until lunch was over. After lunch was done Marley and I headed to Science. We we're both taking Physiology. When we got to our Physiology class room we found two empty seats and sat next to each other.

"You and Maxton seem to hit it off." Marley said as she got out a notebook.

"Yeah, I guess." I said as I got out my own notebook.

"You guess?" Marley said

"Yes, I mean he's friendly and stuff."

"He's definitely friendly to you." Marley said quickly

I looked at her and said "what?"

"It was pretty obvious he was flirting with you."

"He was not!"

"He so was."

The teacher walked into the room. The teacher was a woman. She had black pixie cut. Once she got to the front of the room she said

"Hello students, I am Miss Winter. Just to get this out of the way we will not be working with the cat until October, first we will be working with the rat."

Everybody had a sigh of relief, we knew what we were signing up for when we chose that class, but I didn't think any of us wanted to work with the cat right away.

"First we are going to go around the class and introduce ourselves, then we will go over the syllabus I'm going to hand out." Miss winter said as she picked up a stack of paper from her desk.

One by one we all introduced ourselves and then we read the syllabus. After that she handed out our first note packet and we did a couple pages of notes.

Once  the last bell of the day rang Marley and I headed to the bus. When we were almost home Marley asked

"Want to come over to my place? I think my mom is making tacos for dinner."

"Oo yum!" Sure I said

"I know, so do you want to?"


I texted my mom and told her I was going over to Marleys house. We got off at our stop, which was my family's driveway and walked next door to her house. We walked up the driveway and Marley opened the garage we went inside.  Once we got inside we were greeted by Maggie, Marleys dog. Maggie was a Pomsky, a combination of a Pomeranian and a Husky.  Maggie was so cute, she was small dog but not teacup sized. She had dark eyes but her body was like a huskys.

"Hi Maggie!" I said when she ran over to me.

She licked my hand when I tried to pet her. I looked over at Marley and said

"See this is why I want a dog, they're always excited to see you."

Marleys mom must have heard me talk from the kitchen because she said"Hello Paige!"

"Hi Mrs.Chance!" I replied as Marley and I walked to the kitchen.

"How was your guys first day of school?" Mrs.chance asked

"Good." Marley and I said at the same time, we looked at each other and laughed.

"Well that's good." She said "I made some brownies." She added as she put the plate of brownies in front of Marley and and I.

"Thanks mom!" Marley said to her mom before she grabbed a brownie and took a bite.

I grabbed one and took a bite as well.

"This is so good." I said after I finished chewing.

"Thank you, I thought I'd make you girls a special snack because it's the first day of school."  Mrs Chance said as she smiled at us.

After we finished our brownies Marley said

"Paige and I are going to head up to my room, call us down when dinner is ready."

"I'll do that." Mrs.chance said

Marley and I headed up to her room Maggie followed us up the stairs. Once we got to her room I plopped down on her bed and said

"Today was so long."

"I know right?" Marley replied "But we got through it."

"Barely." I joked

Marley laughed before saying "hey, at least the new guy likes you."

I looked at her "Your saying it like he didn't like you."

"I didn't mean it in a friend way, I meant it in he seems to really like you."

"Will you shut up about that?" I asked

"Maxton and Paige sitting in a tree.." She started

I grabbed a pillow and threw it at her. It hit her in the face. She pretended to fall backwards dramatically, which made me laugh.

"You are such a weirdo." I said as I looked at her.

"Sure I'm the weirdo." Marley said as she took off her earrings. They were small peach colored studs that matched the shirt she was was wearing.

"You are." I said "so what do you want to do?"

"I don't know." Marley said "any ideas?"

"We could do our nails?" I suggested

"Okay, I'll go get the nail polish." She said before she left to go get the nail polish.

I looked at my fingernails, they hadn't been done in a couple weeks. There was still a little polish on my nails from the last time I painted them. A couple minutes later Marley came back in with the nail polish and some other stuff for our nails. When she put the stuff down I saw she brought nail polish remover, cotton balls, two nail files and a pair of nail clippers. We started to do our nails, I painted mine a light pink and Marley painted hers a light blue green color. After we painted our nails we let them dry before doing anything else. After our nails dried, my phone vibrated. I grabbed it from the bed, and checked it. I had a text from Kendall.

Hey Paige

Hey what's up?

Not much you?

I'm at Marleys house, we just finished painting our nails.

Nice, the new guy is on my bus.


Yeah, he lives a couple blocks away from me.

Is his stop before yours?

Yeah, so now I know where he lives haha

You're such a stalker.

Whatever, Jason just texted me. He wants to hang out got to go!

Okay see you tomorrow!

After I texted Kendall the last message marley asked

"Who was that?"

"Just Kendall, she just told me that Maxton is on her bus and now she knows where he lives."

"That sounds a little stalkerish." Marley said

"I know!" I said "that's what I said!"

After I said that Maggie, who had been laid by the door came over to me and plopped down on my lap. I petted her between her ears.

"You're so good with dogs." Marley said

"I know." I said

Marley just rolled her eyes and took out her phone. I heard her ringtone for text messages, which happened to be Homer Simpson saying D'oh.

"Who are you texting?" I asked basically repeating what she had asked me.

"Rachel, you know that girl from math class that I was partners with?"

"You already have her phone number?"

"Well we just kind of clicked and I already know a lot about her because of the questions so we exchanged our numbers."

When she said that I got this weird feeling, was I jealous? No, why would I be jealous because Marley made a new friend? Unless somewhere deep down I thought of Marley as more than a friend. Nope not possible, Marley and I are just friends and that's how it's going to stay.

Marley and I talked about random stuff for a while. Sometimes we get so off topic from what we were originally talking about we forget what we talking about in the first place. After we are dinner I headed home. When I got home I said hello to my parents and brother before I went up to my room. I read for about an hour, I started getting antsy after that so i grabbed my laptop and went online. When I got onto Facebook I saw that I had new friend request, it was from Maxt- I mean max. I accepted it, obviously, I didn't want him to think I wasn't nice. After I looked at my other notifications I posted  a new status that said

First day of junior year went good

I added  a smiley face before posting it. I saw other statuses from my friends about  their first days and I liked  a couple before going back to my profile. I lookef through an album I made on Facebook from the summer I was going into sophomore year. Marley went on a vacation with my family for two weeks. There was a lot of goofy pictures of us in that album. We went to the Disneyland and other parks around there for a couple days before we went to Arizona. I clicked through all of the pictures which took a while since there was over a hundred just in that one album. I watched YouTube videos after that for a while. When I started to feel tired  I looked at the alarm clock and it said nine fifty-five. I closed my laptop and I got up to get ready for bed. I ended  up falling asleep sometime around ten thirty.

"Paige...Paige...paige?" A female voice said softly

My eyes fluttered open and I saw the bright blue sky, I sat up and saw that I was In a meadow of yellow flowers. In the distance I saw two figures.

""Paige...Paige..." A male voice said softly this time.

I stand up from my spot on the ground and saw a dirt path that went to the two figures in the distance. I started to walk down the path towards them. I wanted to know who those figures were. I couldn't remember where I had heard those voices from before. As I get closer to the figures they become clearer and it becomes obvious that they are facing away from me. There is a female on the right and a male on the left. The girl had long blonde hair and had on a flowing white dress, no shoes. The guy had brown hair and was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans he also didnt have any shoes on. When I got close enough to them where they could probably here me I said


Both the male and the female started to turn around but before I could see their faces everything got blurry.

I opened my eyes again and saw that I was still in my bedroom. I had been dreaming, the female and male in my dream seemed familiar somehow but I couldn't tell who they were.


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