Take A Chance

Paige and Marley had always been the best of friends. But now they’re in their third year of high school, and they’re feeling something more for each other. Something that neither of them have ever felt before. So Paige goes to her aunt, whom is married to another woman. She can always get advice from her, no matter what on.

Paige has never felt this before, and she’s majorly confused. When she does tell her aunt how she feels, she tells her to ignore it, and says nothing more. This makes her even more confused. Why would her aunt who is a lesbian, tell her to ignore her feelings, like some judgmental Christian parent?

It makes no sense, until she investigates further. She finds out that her aunts fiancee died years back. But why would her aunt keep her from the girl she is falling for? And will she do anything and everything to stop them from being together?


2. Paige {2}

~~I'm frozen in shock, no pun intended. She pulls away quickly and looks down.

"Sorry I didn't mean to do that." She says blushing

"Umm.. It's okay." I say blushing as well.

Why did she just do that? I'm so confused right now. Neither of us say anything for a while. we just stand there not looking at each other. Marley is the one to break the silence when she quickly says

"I think I'm going to go head home I'll see you tomorrow."

She grabs her stuff and leaves before I have time to reply. I look at the tv, Frozen is still playing. I grab the remote and turn the movie off. My mom walks into my room with a basket of what looks like my clean clothes.

"Why did Marley leave?" She asks

"She had to finish her summer reading book." I lie

"You guys had summer reading?" she asks putting the laundry basket on my bed.

"I didn't for my English class be she did for her class.

"Hmm, okay we're having dinner at five thirty, make sure you put your clothes away."

I nod and she leaves closing the door behind her. I sit on my bed and think about what just happened. My lips still feel kind of tingly from the kiss.

Marley left before we could even talk about the kiss. It feels weird thinking about that word and Marley in the same sentence. I have to think about something else. I grab a random book of my shelf and start to read it unfortunately it is a romance book, it makes me think about the kiss even more so I put that book down and grab a fantasy novel about a siren who is goes to live on the surface to study humans. It's a really good book so far.

After I read a couple chapters of the book I start to put away the clothes that my mom brought up. I hum a song while I put a way the clothes. Humming it singing always helps me not think about things. By the time I'm done putting my clothes its almost time for dinner so I head down to the kitchen where I see my brother setting the table and my mom cooking. I look to the family room and see my dad watching tv. I go over to him and ask

"Whatcha watching dad?"

"Just the news, nothing else good is on."

"Anything interesting happen?" I ask

"The shelter in town is having an adoption fair in the park next Saturday."

"Really? We should go!" I say smiling

I've always wanted a dog, but my parents never wanted one so I have been dogless for my whole life. It's tragic, it really is.

"We could go look."

"Oh my god really? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I say hugging him

"whats going on?" Ashton asks walking into the family room

"We're going to the dog adoption fair at the park on Saturday!" I say smiling at him

"are we getting a dog?" He asks

"We may." My dad says smiling

A little while later mom calls us into the kitchen to eat dinner. She made spaghetti and meatballs, one of my favorite meals. After dinner I head back upstairs to my room. I go to my dresser and get out a pair of form shorts and a tank top before heading to my bathroom to take a shower. The main bedrooms in our house have a bathroom attached to it. They thought ahead when they built the house, two teens and one bathroom on a school day would not work out in this family. It's different in Marleys family, Marley and Lizzie share a bathroom but Lukas has his own. Marley is also three years older than Lizzie so they don't wake up at the same time for school.

Oh god school, is it going to be weird between me and Marley tomorrow because of what happened earlier? I hope it's not going to be weird but that's probably not the case.

After I finish cleaning myself off I get out of the shower and dry myself off, then I get dressed into what I grabbed from my dresser. When I walk back into my room I see my phone has a couple text messages from Marley.


You there?

I'm sorry about earlier, I don't know what got into me.

I pick up my phone and unlock it before texting her back.

It's fine, I understand. Maybe next time something like that happens don't run away so we can talk about it.

Got it :)

I might be getting a dog this Saturday!!!

Your parents finally agreed?


Well.. what?

Well my dad said we could go to the dog adoption fair on Saturday, and he also said that we may be getting a dog.

If you get a dog on Saturday text me when you get back home so I can come over and see it!

Who else would I invite over? Lizzie?

Lizzie wouldn't be able to anyway she's got a date.

After we texted for a while I plugged my phone into charge and turned on the tv. I watched Family Guy for a couple hours before going to sleep. The next morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I got out of bed and started to get dressed into the outfit Marely helped me pick out yesterday. After that I went downstairs to eat breakfast before coming back upstairs to finish getting ready. Once I'm all done getting ready I grab my backpack and head out the front door. Marley was waiting at the end of our driveway. She smiled when she saw me. I smiled back at her.

A little while later the bus came and we got on, we sat in our usual seats four rows back on the right side. We had already compared our schedules and we had a couple classes together, Math, Science and U.S History. After the bus drops us off at school we headed to our first classes, she has Art first and I have English first. So she's in the middle part of the school and I'm in the west part of the school. We won't see each other until second block.

We did the normal things you do in English on your first day, read the slyllabus , do introductions and so on. After english I headed to Math. We were both taking Algerbra Two and Trig. When I get into my math classroom I saw Marley sitting in a chair by the window, there was an empty chair next to her so I went and sat next to her.

"Hey!" I said "how was art?"

She turned and looked at me before she said "it was good, there's a lot of people I know In that class."

"Like who?" I asked

"Kendall, Jackson, Marie, David and a couple other people."

"I didn't think David was an art guy."

"He's probably just there to fill his art requirement."

We talked until the teacher stood up and walked to the front of the class.

"Hello class, welcome to Algerbra Two And Trig. I am your teacher Mr.Stiles." he said as he looked around the classroom. "We won't start our first unit until next class, today will just be about getting to know each other, get in a pair with someone you don't know and fill out the sheet of paper that in going to hand out in a minute."

Right after Mr.Stiles said that the door opened and a guy walked in. He didn't look familiar.

Mr.Stiles looked at the guy

"Hello, and you are?" He asked smiling

"I'm Maxton Grey."

"Ahh you are the new student."

"Yeah... Sorry I'm a little late I had to ask where the room was."

"It's okay she a seat, we'll be pairing up in a minute."

Maxton sits down in the row next to Marley and I. He is a pretty cute guy, he had medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. When Mr.Stiles told us to pair up I got up and walked over to him.

"Hi, I'm Paige, want to be my partner for the activity?" I asked as I looked down at him.

He looked up at me and smiled "sure, sit down."

I smiled and sat down in the seat next to his. I looked over at Marley and saw a red haired girl talking to her. Marley gestured for the girl to sit down next to her and the girl sat in the seat I had previously sat in. Mr.Stiles started to hand out the sheets before he got to us I took out two pens and handed one to him. He took it and smiled at me. After Mr.Stiles handed us our sheets I started to ask Maxton questions.

"What is your full name?" I asked

"Maxton Alexander Grey." He replied

"Where are you from?"

"Phenoix, Arizona."

"Ooh an Arizonan."

"Do you have any pets?"

"Yep I have four pets."

"Four pets? It must be a zoo at your house."

"Pretty Much, I have a ferret, two dogs and a cat."

"You have a ferret? Aren't they mean?"

"Mocha isn't, she's the sweetest thing. And before you ask my sister named her."

I asked him all the questions on the sheets writing down all the answers, after that he asked me the questions. After everybody had asked their partners the questions Mr.Stiles called each of the pairs up to tell the class about each other. Marley and the red haired girl went before Maxton and I went up. I learned that the red haired girls name was Rachel Wilks. The end of math class came fast and before I knew it was time to go. When I got up to leave Maxton said


I turn and looked at him before I said "yeah Maxton?

"You can call me Max."

I smiled at him "Bye Max."

"Bye Paige." He replied

A/N: the math teachers name has nothing to do with teen wolf, I don't watch that show. Even though Maxton is played by Dylan O'Brien (is that how you spell his name? Idk ) I was thinking about Whose Line Is It Anyway and I thought of Ryan Stiles.

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