To the moon (Muke Clemmings) completed

What if you had the chance.
The chance to do something worth saving someone you love or yourself?
What would you do?
When band mate Michael Clifford decides to stand up to his abusive dad. Things take a turn for the worst. When he is placed in a coma.
Whilst in the coma Confessions are made between close band mate Luke Hemmings. Although Michael can hear and see everything.


10. Photos

Luke's POV

2 months and nothing. The only hope I have left are the photos on my phone.

The ones that have earn't the comments from our fans. MUKE AF.

I laugh a little. Before coming across a photo of us. It was when we were using each other as puppets. Doing hand gestures for each other. My hands were loosely wrapped around your waist.

The corner of our lips touch. My eyes close, forcing myself from kissing you roughly. You don't know how badly I kept from pressing you to the wall, to feel your lips against mine.

Your green flannelette, and dark chocolate brown hair compliment your perfect green eyes.

Now, it just feels like a distant memory. Eating hospital food for two months is a small price to pay. I've never left your side. Well, room.

They've given up arguing me about going home, and have now given me a bed, beside yours.

The fam have been so supportive. There's a new # going around social media. #fightformikey

I have constant people asking how you are or if your going to make it. I'm so confused. I don't know how to answer.

I don't realise I'm crying until a cold droplet explodes on my hand. Mike, your killing me.

Sorry guys. School holidays are in a few days so hopefully I will be able to update more. Maybe depending on if I go out or not. Properly not.

Thanks for sticking with me :) xx

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