To the moon (Muke Clemmings) completed

What if you had the chance.
The chance to do something worth saving someone you love or yourself?
What would you do?
When band mate Michael Clifford decides to stand up to his abusive dad. Things take a turn for the worst. When he is placed in a coma.
Whilst in the coma Confessions are made between close band mate Luke Hemmings. Although Michael can hear and see everything.


8. bullet wounds

Sorry for late update guys, I was in the hospital.. Long story short I thought I broke my collar bone again, but didn't and they don't know why it so badly hurts. I'm in a sling for a few weeks and i don't know how often I'll be able to update so enjoy this chapter.

Luke's POV

I never knew how much my life could change, with Michael still in a coma, Karen still struggling, and the boys bugging me to go home.

Why can they understand, I need to be here for him. I need to know if he will be ok.

I look down at his pale face, lifeless. His body unstable and frail.

It breaks my heart knowing there is nothing I can do to help him. I care for this boy.

Cold wet tears hit the white tiles with a splash. For a a moment time seemed to slow down. As cliché as it sounds it happened.

I sigh half clearing my throat.

'If only you knew how much I care about you.' A faint whisper. That's all that escapes my lips.

I bit my lip ring, holding in light sobs.

I'm not going to cry, not this time. Not today.


I wish I could go back in time to stop this from happening. To stop the bullet.

I would of taken it for him. I would of stopped this from happening.

It's been 2 long weeks of worrying and sobbing by Michaels side. Wondering when he will wake up, and when I can hear his voice speak to me again.

So I can say the words wanting to spill from my mouth.

I run my hands up the metal rails of the bed. I sigh softening my voice before speaking the 4 words I've been waiting to say for years now.

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