To the moon (Muke Clemmings) completed

What if you had the chance.
The chance to do something worth saving someone you love or yourself?
What would you do?
When band mate Michael Clifford decides to stand up to his abusive dad. Things take a turn for the worst. When he is placed in a coma.
Whilst in the coma Confessions are made between close band mate Luke Hemmings. Although Michael can hear and see everything.


7. Broken

Michaels POV

How? How is he still awake?

It's been 2 days now and the only sleep Luke has gotten was the catnap on the floor, earlier.

He meets his hand with mine, interwinding our fingers.

I wish I could respond. Just by gently squeezing his hand. Letting him know I'm ok.

God, why did this have to happen to my family? To mum? To me?

Luke's eyes scan my lifeless body. My arm with 3 different needles connected to different drips.

My forehead (where I got shot) wrapped in a bandage.

God I'm so, so, Broken.

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