To the moon (Muke Clemmings) completed

What if you had the chance.
The chance to do something worth saving someone you love or yourself?
What would you do?
When band mate Michael Clifford decides to stand up to his abusive dad. Things take a turn for the worst. When he is placed in a coma.
Whilst in the coma Confessions are made between close band mate Luke Hemmings. Although Michael can hear and see everything.


1. broken

Michaels POV

'Don't touch me!' I scream hitting his strong hand away from me.

'Listen here you fuck up, your my son and you do as I Fucking say!' He slaps me hard on the face.

'I'm fed up with mum and I living with your shit! We deserve better!' I yell as I punch my farther a face. No, not my farther, a complete stranger. Someone I wish I hadn't been conceived by.

'Shut the Fuck up boy!' He retaliates, pushing me against the wall, both hands around my throat.

'There's no escaping this Michael. Your mother is un cautious, unless you want her dead you'd better listen to me boy!' He spits in my face.

There's no question, I have to do what's right. 'Then take me, leave mum alone and let me call an ambulance for her, just don't hurt her.' I let a tear escape and hit the tiled bathroom floor.

'Glade you see it my way, boy.' A smirk spears on his face.

'One problem.' He pulls out a gun pointing it at my mothers head. 'She's already de-' I grab his hand and face the gun to my head as the trigger is pulled.

He lets my body fall and hit the face of the tiles. I feel dizzy knowing I've lost a lot of blood. My 'father' leaves me to die. Dropping his phone on the way out. I slowly reach for the phone dialling 000.

'Hello?' The person answers the phone.

'Hello? Are you there?' They ask again.

'H-e-lp.' Is all I'm able to say. My surroundings fading a dark black colour. I look over at mum as she slowly awakes.

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